How to type a cuff @ on computers and phones 100% Ok

The @ character is no longer strange to us when using phones and computers. However, for those who are new to computers or phones, certainly do not know.

To help you type the word shackle @ on computers and fast phones, find out in detail through the article below with to get a quick answer.

Instructions for typing a cuff @ on computers and phones

I will detail each device. You look

Typing the word a cuff @ on the computer

To type the characters in the computer, you use the keystrokes simultaneously Shift and keys 2, then the word @ will display.

How to type a cuff @ on computers and phones

Pretty easy right.

Typing the word a cuff @ on the phone

On the phone is easier, just press the number icon ? 123 to switch to the numeric keypad and characters Now you will see the @ symbol, click to type the word @ out.

How to type a cuff @ on computers and phones

Most phones today from Iphone, Samsung, Oppo, ... are used like this at all. Should follow instructions is OK.


Above is the How to guide type the word shackle @ On computers and phones, hopefully you will do it quickly and remember this way to type other characters as well.


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