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Are you going through hard times with your work? You are confused every day because you do not know how to pour money into your wallet?

I used to be like that. For many people, I understand how careers are associated with their egos and their pride. When I could not find a job, the feeling of depression, anxiety and uncertainty because of the uncertain future surrounded me all day long.

I have been unemployed three times (including 2 times I have been unemployed in 6 months) and one of 1.68 million unemployed people in the UK.

Looking back on those crisis days, I wish I could come back to give me a few words. And I hope one of those words can help some people who are going through this stage.

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#first. You are absolutely valuable

I am not my job, neither are you. Income does not define who we are. Having no job and no monthly salary doesn't prove useless.

Question from people around “What are you doing? How much is the monthly salary? ” Just a social question. It is not a question for people to find your value in this society. It is not a medal placed on the chest of a shirt to rank and compare you with others.

It is simply a question only.

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (1)

Income does not define who we are. Salary and employment are not a measure of your worth

Whether or not it is less important than yourself. For those who truly love and appreciate you, you are really important to them, not the work you are doing.

#2. If the rice is not eaten, the rice is still there

During the time of unemployment, when you make a little money, you will feel like you need to spend on something right away?

Do you think that if you don't use the money, someone will take it and you return empty-handed without losing the opportunity to show to those around you that you have money?

Stop thinking that. Rice does not eat rice is still there. It won't be touched by anyone if you leave it in a bank account.

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (2)

If possible, pay more attention to your bank account

When I have some money, I really want to call my friends to show that the money is back. And then I wasted money on Jagerbomb glasses, lest my friends dislike me when I went out without having fun.

If only I could skip the habit of swiping the card to show who I am. If you're the type of person who fears your partner doesn't like you just because you have "meningitis", make it clear to them that you are short of cash.

If it's really your friend, they won't attack you, they will even offer to help you. If not, then you already understand.

# 3. Review your account balance

Review all the services you have signed up for, and stop unnecessary ones right away, because it's draining your finances.

For example, services from a bank account that you have not used for a long time. Each month, VND 22,000 for the bank to keep money is enough for a morning cup of coffee at a nice cafe view.

If you find your finances are tough, try to save to hang out until the job returns.

In the beginning of unemployment, every morning I woke up with an expensive mink coffee cup, but gradually I changed my habit with a green tea jar, it was much cheaper but still helped me stay awake.

# 4. Try to get up before 10 am every day

Watch TV, play games until 2am, go to bed and wake up at 1pm the next day.

There was no impetus to get up early every day, I soon became a night owl during a time without work.

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (3)
Try to wake up before 10 am to protect your biological clock

When I was unemployed, I tried to reach my goal of getting out of bed before 10am. Not for showering, not for making great breakfast for yourself, just getting out of bed.

Although sleep is great, if you change your personal clock too far, you can get into the habit of working later than everyone else.

Sending your CV at 11am instead of sending it before 16:00 is more noticeable to employers. So try to keep your schedule as a regular commute.

# 5. That's okay, if there are days when you don't do anything

During the time when I was unemployed, I watched all 5 parts of the movie “The Light of the Friday Night Lamp”, the two films Bojack Horseman, 4 parts of "Detective Lurther", 3 parts of "Metamorphosis".

My point is: It does not matter if this is a time of rest and a day of enjoyment.

Finding a job is important, but taking care of yourself is more important.

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (4)
It doesn't matter if there are days when we don't do anything

There are days when we don't need to do anything. Those days just look through the job postings, try to take a day off without thinking about it and find a way to treat yourself nicely.

Through 5 Program sections Ru Paul’s Drag Race I have learned something very logical. "If you cannot love yourself, how can you love others? ”.

# 6. Get out of the house several times a week

Someone once said there are two ways to develop a creative mind: Read more and go more.

My advice? Do both of those things every week, or every day, that's too good. Grab a book and go outside until you find the perfect place to sit and read.

Come to the place where you really feel peaceful inside and stimulate the senses to work again. Listen, look around, be absent-minded, take your phone and take some pictures if you like.

Please come to the library more! It's actually quite similar to the Netflix service, except you're looking for a book. Take advantage of it while it's still free for you.

# 7. Write down all your thoughts on paper

On days of unemployment, everything for me was so faint. Monday is no different from Saturday.

Because there wasn't so much to do, there were a lot of thoughts hanging around in my head, and the most effective solution at the time was to write down all the voices in my head.

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (5)

Writing everything down on paper will help you to organize your messy things in your head and find an easy way to solve them

Just writing everything down on paper will help us to organize everything. Writing miscellaneous things in your mind helps us calm down our thinking. When everything is clear on paper, you can rearrange and find ways to solve them more easily.

#8. Ask friends to review your CV

Sometimes friends find your strengths better than you. If you're struggling with your CV, let them help you.

Ask them about the right job vacancies for you. Regarding your CV, where do you need to edit it and have you missed any information about yourself to fill in?

Sometimes you will be surprised because the strengths that you do not notice are the highlight for the CV. Do you know how to dance? If yes, please include and express your own personal preferences.

Consulting with friends is a way to help you look at your talents objectively.

# 9. Make time for people who can support you

An interesting scene in "Doctor Who", when Eleventh Doctor was asked why he could let his friends meet him at the worst moment (in the movie, Doctor is an intelligent, extraordinary, capable hero. undertake any task).

The Doctor explained, he let his friends see him at a time of decline because he knew his friends were always there for him - "Even if it does collapse, I will come back and they will still be there"

He added: "Remember, friends are the best thing for me."

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (6)

You are never alone during this time. Perhaps, it is quite difficult and scary to admit to friends about sadness and insecurity in the absence of work.

All you can do is be honest with yourself and get yourself out of there. You will be quite surprised by the kind action from those around you.

#ten. Take the time to learn something more

There is rarely free time, no deadline, no one pushes him to do anything. This is an ideal time to freely learn what you like.

Exercising your brain by learning new things every day will help keep our minds from slowing down. You can also use this time to learn new things or find more certificates to color your CV.

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (7)

Sometimes we need a long time to expand our knowledge. So, spend more time studying every day!

Here are some websites aggregating free courses. You can find more international certificate courses from the ones below.

However, instead of forcing yourself to study every day, just schedule a few regular days of the week (just like taking extra classes). This will reduce stress for you more.

It is important that you are trying to develop yourself and that it is one of the best things you can do right now.

# 11. Try to get out of the negative state

"We wish all the best for you" is one of the most clichéd wishes for me. It is used a lot in rejection emails, and if you have received multiple rejection emails it is a torture wish.

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (8)

Help yourself out of that state. Learning how to get used to rejection and downplaying it is one of the most difficult lessons. I used to get angry and wanted to respond to negative emails to emails that disappointed me.

After receiving quite a few refusals, I made a list of the candidates they chose to see if they were better than me, whether they were worth the position than me. But no matter how angry I am, work goes on and I can't find a suitable position forever.

It's okay if you feel frustrated, angry, depressed, but don't let negative emotions lessen your enthusiasm, tiredness, and distrust. Be patient, it will be your turn!

#twelfth. Tell someone if the situation is getting worse

After about 4 months of being unemployed, I cut my own hand and had to go to emergency. While a nurse covered my wound, he inquired about my life problem.

I told what I was going through, how I was living, how I was in crisis because of my lack of work, and how I was feeling. And so, he gave me a phone number for assistance.

I-uoc-i-know-this-som-hon-hon-when-con-that-career (9)
"Sometimes you just need a pair of ears to listen, rather than sweet words"

If the situation is getting worse, just say it. Talking to strangers sometimes gives you new advice and perspectives. You are never alone, so go out and find a new solution.

# 13. You will get better day by day

It can take weeks, even months or years, but we are always changing from yesterday. All you can do when you run out of energy and feel no way out is to keep trying.

Trying to move forward. Try to get out of bed and aim for the target. When you are at the bottom of your life, you will not go any further and you will have to go up. Its life is like a sine graph

It is difficult, you may stumble, and you may collapse but you can learn new things during this time of crisis. As long as you keep working, you'll get where you need to go. I am sure of you, and maybe this is an important turning point that will change your life.

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