Justin Sun is alleged to be a fraud in China and investigated for illegal fundraising and money laundering

Justin Sun has been under immigration management since June last year. But how he used to leave the country and suspend his orders remains a mystery.


Justin Sun - Founder of Tron

TRON founder Justin Sun was put on the list of immigration management from China

According to the latest news from Caixin, since June 2018, the watchdog has issued an immigration management order for Sun and others.

The state-sponsored internet safety committee recommended arresting Sun for involvement in illegal fundraising, money laundering, gambling and distributing pornography.

Caixin reported that:

“In July 2018, when he left China, Justin Sun learned he could not leave the country because of immigration management orders. But since Sun livestream himself is in San Francisco at the beginning of the evening of March 28, it means he is abroad. According to Caixin, a summary of all the clues and Sun left the United States at the end of November 2018. "The method he used to leave the country and how to bypass or postpone immigration control remains a mystery."

The report also showed that when Sun met industry insiders in the US in March this year, he asked if he could return to China?

The "Immigration Control Order" is to prevent foreigners or Chinese nationals from leaving China due to a certain case in order to avoid performing legal responsibility with the judiciary. This procedure applies security measures to restrict exit at the country's border gates.

Restricted subjects include Chinese nationals and foreigners (those without Chinese nationality). Relevant ministries can carry out "immigration management" as long as they have basic criminal or suspected grounds without filing a complaint.

Subjects will be restricted from leaving the country if they are in the country; If they are abroad, the corresponding measures may be taken upon entry into the country. In other words, it is true in every case. Therefore, if the ministries are on the list of immigration restrictions, there is no question about where the subjects are and do not conflict with the fact that they are abroad.

So, where is Sun? And what did he do?

Whatever the reason, Justin Sun is currently the focus of the Chinese cryptocurrency community. In it, HashKeyhub's Head of Marketing Molly had an article about Justin Sun with unfriendly words.

Surprisingly, at the bottom of Molly's Tweet, a lot of people expressed hostility to Sun.

“Justin is Evil monster tumors of the world electronic money ”

"He was a tongue-in-mouth, telling me I was wrong (what does he hear in CHS?)".

Everyone seems to agree with Molly's views on Sun.

Meanwhile, Sun still tweets frequently and has no specific response to public comment.

Moreover, it seems that Justin Sun is trying to start a fight with ETH when he deliberately reposted the post about the very bad joke between him and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

“A person looks like step out from the matrix and the other one seems infinite endurance”.

Thuy Trang

According to the AZCoin News

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