Remove the inactive widget from the list in WordPress


Remove the inactive widget from the list in WordPress - Widgets provide a lot of participation, sharing information on any WordPress website. These small tools include the ability from sharing social profile pages to embedding feeds directly from platforms like Twitch.

However, it's easy to accumulate many inactive widgets when you change them for better tools later. But how easy is it to delete the inactive widget list at WordPress?

In fact, that is just an inconvenience. It helps you organize your website and keep it organized.

Today, I will show you how to delete a list of widgets that do not work in WordPress, as well as some other functions that you can do with these tools.

Edit Widgets in WordPress

Before you start deleting widgets from your website layout, you'll want to consider editing them to fit your needs. For example, you can easily make a widget appear only in certain areas by using the "Visibility" option next to the save button.


There are, in fact, countless things you can do with widgets if you have the right plugin. From customizing the tool interface to deleting gadget titles, you have many other options besides removing the tool from the WordPress gadget list.

Delete a Widget from the Sidebar

Suppose you are absolutely sure that you want to remove widgets from the sidebar. Just drag and drop gadgets from the sidebar into Widgets Software.


This will immediately remove the tool from the website user interface and bring it to the Widgets area not working.

Also note that widgets are likely to be deleted if you lose the sidebar to which they are attached.

For example: assuming you have the left sidebar user interface on your website. What if you changed to an interface that no longer supports the left sidebar? WordPress will place the widget in that sidebar into the inactive area.

You see the Sidebar widget is not working. If you want to keep this tool, you will need to drag and drop them from the inactive area and then into the sidebar that the interface you currently support.


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Delete inactive widgets from WordPress

Over time, it is possible to accumulate a lot of widgets in the inactive part of the website interface. Not only does it clutter the pieces, but each of these elements occupies the database you have.

If you are absolutely sure you no longer need these tools, you can easily delete the inactive widget from the list at WordPress.

At the bottom of the list, click the "Clear Inactive Widgets" button.


If you need to delete the inactive sidebar tool, click on each extension to expand the options.


Click "Delete".


Widget will remove completely from the list.

Why do you want to keep widgets inactive list in WordPress?

Perhaps the biggest benefit to not removing inactive widgets from WordPress is for convenience. What happens if you have a custom custom HTML utility with encoding that you don't save? Perhaps you have the perfect custom tool to fit the website you own.

Before you remove any of these tools, it's always a good idea to make sure you get rid of what you absolutely don't need.

All ready for convenient implementation. When you delete inactive gadgets, they will disappear. So take some time to make sure you won't delete anything you need the next day.

Keep WordPress admin screen organized

Removing inactive widgets from WordPress list helps keep the bottom of your website organized. It simply cleans up the layout and makes it easier to organize widgets. Just remember not to remove what you will need in the near future.

What are your favorite widgets in WordPress? Share with us in the comments section.


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