The best social content locking plugin for WordPress 2020

Let's say you produce great content. And search engine traffic brings the majority of your visitors to your site as a start.

People who have chosen specifically to search for a specific keyword or keyword sequence. And the readers that search engines bring to your site are inclined and interested in your content.

If you produce good content, especially the kind that you feel is personal or professional, then you have the right to expect something to come back.

But if you're having trouble creating social media traction and significant traffic, despite producing great content, maybe we need to provide an incentive for people to share internal content. Your content more often.

We can do this by moderating access to your content for social sharing. Let's take a look at some of the best content locking plugins that allow visitors to pay with social shares!

OnePress Social Locker

Social Locker For WordPress is a premium plugin that locks your best content to share, like, an advantage and tweet. You can lock out a lot of content, it can be text, audio books, videos or printable pdf documents.


You can choose to lock the content at the end of the article or the whole content of any article and only reveal intros to tempt users to share content, if they want to see the entire article. You can also use the same blocking content to grant access to promotional codes. The settings of this plugin provide quite a lot, in terms of choice and allow you to choose when and where the plugin will selectively block content.


The plugin provides content locking based on sharing options with 8 different social networks. They will soon add Pinterest and Instagram to their selection. You can also choose to block content, for example you can only blur the locked content.


Integrating the plugin with Google Analytics allows you to see how many people have used the lock, how many people have bypassed the locked content, how many have left your site after seeing the locked content, and which social networks they divided. Sharing your content and even locker weaknesses can contribute to increased bounce rates.


Therefore, this plugin is quite impressive and comprehensive in its ability to successfully block selective content and track the effective benefits from the analytics dashboard. You can use Free version of the plugin or premium version. The free version supports Facebook Likes, Google 1+ and Tweets, the premium version has 5 other social media sharing options, 5 additional topics and multiple social tracking buttons. With the premium version, you can disable content locking for registered users, delay locking & locking, exporting leads in CSV format, and obviously you get support.

Plugin Social Share & Locker Pro

Social Share & Locker Pro is basically a two-in-one plugin that handles all your social sharing requests and it also comes with a social content locking module.

SocialSharePro & ContentLocker

The social sharing features of this plugin are great, but that's not the focus of this article. We are interested in its content locking features. With Social Share & Locker , you can set a timer on your keys to prevent content access after a little delay. The plugin has 8 content locking themes at its disposal.

Content locking is only enabled for Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Linkedin. But if you get the majority of your social shares from the aforementioned four social media channels, there's nothing to worry about.

Social Locker - Increase Traffic

Content search engine is a search engine friendly tool for all content types that support four major social networks. Social Locker - Increase Traffic Get the user who previously unlocked the content and also signed up for use if you want, its content unlocked in such a case.


You can create any number of content keys and edit them to suit your style and make them fit your site with Tinymce.

A few things & final thoughts

Now, usually, I have introduced you Like Gate and two other WordPress content locking plugins on Facebook (Facebook Viral Content Locker for WordPress, Like 2 Unlock for WordPress). But unfortunately, Facebook decided to remove apps that encourage social sharing.

So, like Gate, to try and break rules, use cookies to allow readers to access and online as a certain Facebook page when access to content is granted. Not quite the same as the previous content locking plugin requires social sharing to access.

On August 7, 2014, Facebook announced that all encouraged sharing via Facebook was not allowed. They believe it does not make a positive contribution to their network when sharing is encouraged by artificial incentives. Please make sure all social networks with which you enable content locking enable it. Be sure to follow their guidelines and policies when sharing to access content.

Personally, I think that if you work very hard to create a hundred eBooks and you don't even charge for it, then you can definitely make a profit from it at least in the form of sharing. society. That being said, enabling content locking on the particular content you have worked very hard to create. If you spend your website with locked content, it will confuse people. Imagine if every other post on the blog Compa Marketing lock? … Exactly! Using content keys is minimal and effective.

Want to add social sharing to your site in other ways (not related to content locking)? Check out these helpful articles from other WPExplorer authors:

I hope you find the best useful Plugin article in my opinion to use to block content based on social shares is Social Locker For WordPress . If you want to see how it works, try the free version before you buy the premium version. Or if you have a better content locking plugin, let us know in the comments!


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