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Among the reputable forex exchanges operating in Vietnam today, Tickmill is the most surprising and surprising platform. Because in terms of years of operation, Tickmill is really a young broker when it first launched in 2015. But what Tickmill only a few years of creation can make many forex brokers jealous. Even in Vietnam, although there are not many Marketing programs to promote the floor image, Tickmill is still known and traded by many traders. So is Tickmill a scam? Is Tickmill worth trading? If you are interested in this floor, let us find out with the following article.

What is Tickmill - Introduction of forex platform Tickmill

Tickmill's forerunner is the Armada Markets, which was established in 2008. So, in terms of the age of Tickmill's own life is only 5 years, but from the time Armada Markets was established so far also It's been over 10 years, it's not short at all!

Interestingly, among brokers operating in Vietnam, few have fully introduced leadership "sets" on the official website such as Tickmill. That's why, because the names that build the reputation for Tickmill are talented people, have many years of battle in the market. finance. Among them is Sudhanshu Agarwal, who has more than 15 years of experience as CEO of AvaTrade, an forex platform from Australia. Regardless of whether Agarwal was also the manager of Direct FX or had 5 years of customer relationship management for GFT, an extremely famous American financial company.

Even, due to a lot of experience in the financial market, so if you visit Tickmill's blog you will see 4/8 of the floor leaders also participate in writing. Financial market analysis post there again!

Therefore, even though it was only established in 2014, compared to many other forex market, in terms of age, Tickmill is really too young. However, with such a senior management, helping Tickmill achieve impressive results such as more than 110,000 traders and 263,000 active accounts, Tickmill has also made 215 million transactions with Average monthly trading volume over 123 billion dollars.

Basic information about Tickmill floor

  • Founded: 2015

  • Minimum trading volume: 0.01 lot

  • Maximum leverage: 1: 500

  • Minimum deposit: 100 USD

  • Regulatory and licensing authorities: CySEC, FSA-S and FCA

  • Trading software: MT4

  • Tickmill trading products offer: Forex currencies, stock indices, bonds, crude oil, precious metals gold, silver

  • Withdrawal methods: VISA, MasterCard, FasaPay, Internet Banking, Neteller, Ngan Luong, Qiwi, Skrill, UnionPay

Tickmill certifications and licenses

Tickmill is managed by 3 reputable financial agencies including: FSA, FCA and CySEC.

This is also one of the points that make us appreciate Tickmill. Because 3 licenses owned by Tickmill are from the world's leading prestigious organizations, especially from a platform that has only been operating for 5 years in the forex market.

As you know the more reputable the organization, the more stringent their licensing requirements will be. Even, FBS One of the famous floating floors in Vietnam, it also takes a long time to be licensed by CySEC.

Therefore, with a new floor that has been in operation for 5 years and able to obtain all 3 licenses, Tickmill is strong enough in both aspects including finance as well as prestige and professionalism.

Of the 3 Tickmill licenses, FCA is arguably the hardest to achieve. Because this is the leading financial agency in the UK, so FCA accepts not only Tickmill but also other forex brokers must ensure some specific requirements as follows:

Capital: FCA requires brokers to maintain a minimum of £ 750,000. Compare to NFA (A reputable financial management agency in the US) this amount is still modest, but still much higher than some other regulatory agencies. You should also note that the more reputable the agency, the more money this will be required, as ASIC also requires the floor must have a minimum capital of 1 million Australian dollars before you want to apply. allowed.

Amount of compensation to customers: In addition to the minimum amount of capital required to maintain the above, FCA also requires compensation to customers in case the floor goes bankrupt up to £ 50,000 (over 1 billion).

Maintain separate accounts: ie account of forex floor, as here is Tickmill, must be completely separate from the client's deposit, to ensure the exchange does not use the client's money for other things, there are even exchanges that use the same money to kill the trader. of the trader. In addition, having a separate account also shows the financial potential, whether they have enough liquidity to provide services to customers or not.

Member of the UK compensation program: Tickmill participates in the Financial Services Compensation Program (FSCS) with a maximum value of £ 85,000.

Not only that, FCA also allows if there is a dispute between a trader and an exchange, the trader can use financial inspection services to resolve the dispute. And there will be 3rd agencies coming out to mediate these disputes for traders.

These are the minimum requirements that any floor must have. However, that is not all because the floors will have to go through a rigorous application process, before they are licensed to operate in the UK. After being licensed, FCA will supervise all activities from the floor, if there is any fraud or even denounced by the trader itself, it can lead to the highest penalty that no one wants. stripping floor license.

In addition, since Tickmill is also registered with CySEC, Tickmill will have to comply with the 2014/65 / EU or MiFID II Financial Instrument Directive, as well as the EU's 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, together with the Investor Compensation Fund (CIF), according to EU Directive 2014/49 / EU, protect deposits up to € 20,000.

Trading accounts and products offered bini Tickmill

Tickmill offers 3 types of accounts: Classic, Pro and VIP. All accounts have the same execution speed.


  • Minimum Deposit: 100

  • Base Currency Available: USD, EUR, GBP

  • Magnetic Spread: 0.0 pips

  • Maximum Leverage: 1: 500

  • Minimum Lot: 0.01 lot

  • Commission fee: 4 USD / lot / 2 ways


  • Minimum Deposit: USD 100

  • Base Currency Available: USD, EUR, GBP

  • Spread: From 1.6 pips

  • Maximum Leverage: 1: 500

  • Minimum Lot: 0.01

  • Commission fee: None


  • Minimum deposit: 50,000 (currently Tickmill has promotions you only need to deposit 25,000 USD to be able to trade with this account)

  • Base Currency Available: USD, EUR, GBP

  • Spread: From 0.0 pips

  • Maximum Leverage: 1: 500

  • Minimum Lot: 0.01

  • Commission fee: 2 USD / lot / 2 ways

Basically, these 3 types of accounts do not have much difference from leverage, the minimum number of trading lots to the traded products. The only highlight of these 3 major account types is the minimum deposit, spread and commission.

Spreads: The Classic account will have the highest spreads of 1.6 pips and above, while the lowest Pro and VIP accounts are only 0 pips or more.

Commission: Classic accounts will not charge commission. The remaining two types of accounts, Pro, will charge approximately 0.002%, equivalent to 2 currencies, 2 USD / lot / 1 way. With VIP account, the commission fee will be lower than only 1 currency unit for each side for a lot traded (at the rate of 0.0010%), ie 1 USD / lot / 1 way.

If you are a professional trader often trading large amounts of money, Tickmill VIP account is worth your reference. In particular, this account is currently being favored by Tickmill with a minimum deposit of only 25,000 USD or more instead of 50,000 USD as before.

The reason for saying so is because the commission fee for this account is extremely low, only 2 USD / lot / 2-way, while this commission fee in other exchanges is maintained at 7 USD / lot / 2 way. , the same spread is just equal to Tickmill. This shows that the transaction costs that Tickmill provides traders are really low and attractive!

In addition, the maximum leverage for VIP 1: 500 accounts is also very impressive. Even Exness is very famous for its leverage of 1: infinity. But in fact, the more you load, the more your leverage will decrease. Accordingly, if depositing from USD 50,000 or more of maximum leverage, the trader is entitled to only 1: 200 as prescribed by Exness. Meanwhile, with Tickmill, traders can still enjoy a leverage of 1: 500.

Tickmill leverage and commission

The maximum leverage that Tickmill provides to traders is 1: 500. However, each different product will have specific leverage such as:

  • The forex currency pairs (62 pairs) maximum leverage Tickmill offers: 1: 500

  • Stock and oil index (16 products) maximum leverage Tickmill offers: 1: 100

  • Metal: with gold will be 1: 500, silver will be 1: 125

  • The maximum leverage (4 products) will be 1: 100


In terms of commission fees alone, it is clear that Tickmill has the lowest fee compared to other exchanges forex is operating in Vietnam. Therefore, if you are a professional trader, fighting with a large amount you can completely consider opening an account at Tickmill.

One plus point that cannot be ignored is the low commission fee, which is the very comfortable spread of Tickmill floor, typically EURUSD is only 0.1 pips. Especially, because it is an ECN floor, there will be no requote re-quotes at times of volatile market.

Tickmill trading platform

Tickmill, currently, offers only one software, MT4. However, the floor also integrates a lot of other useful applications to "compensate" for this shortage, including tools such as: Autochartist; Copy Trade application With Myfxbook; Economic Calendar; Forex Calculator; Tickmill VPS Virtual Server and One-Click Trading.

Nn tsheMT4 by Tickmillãp

Tickmill software, developed by Tickmill, supports both desktops of both Mac OS and Windows, and comes with mobile applications including iOS and Android. In addition, Tickmill also integrated on webtrader to help traders trade directly on the web browser more easily.

Some special features of MT4 are provided by Tickmill

Trading signals with modern notification system.

Advanced charting and order management tools help traders control orders quickly and efficiently.

Integrated 9 time frames, more than 50 technical indicators for chart analysis, object drawing, real-time quotes, multiple order types, economic calendar, trading strategy templates and built-in MetaEditor to create Custom indicator, according to the automatic trading system in MQL programming language. As a result, traders can take advantage of many other gadgets from this community to add more gadgets, indicators, and other EA to cater for forex investment.

Nn tsheng Webtrader

An online trading platform that allows quick and easy access to MT4 without a trader having to download, install or run any additional software, thanks to the trader's web browser. Therefore, with just one click from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you can completely trade.

Mobile application

Tickmill MT4, which is integrated by Tickmill for both Android and iOS operating systems, has the same features as the desktop platform, so you can open, manage and close positions and analyze the market in a way. Quick and easy.

In addition to the aforementioned points, Tickmill provides API FIX connectivity for individual and institutional customers who maintain a minimum account balance of USD 500,000. Commission fee will be 5000 USD / month, however Tickmill can also provide free services if traders make a commission of at least 5,000 USD above.

The FIX API allows traders to trade in a manner direct market access (DMA) with the lowest and fastest spread possible.

Autochartist is provided by Tickmill

Tickmill is not the only platform provided Autochartist for traders but one of the few platforms offered in the form of completely free. That is, just activate your account successfully and you can use the service, not necessarily maintain a minimum amount of money as the regulations of many other exchanges.

Autochartist is a very effective tool, especially for new traders, because they help you identify existing models, Fibonacci patterns, resistances and support, predict the trading amplitude of the pattern completed, showing expected price. In particular, in addition to a standalone web application that traders only need to log into the "Client Area" to access the online Autochartist web application like many exchanges, Tickmill also integrates an Autochartist plugin into MT4 software. Traders simply download the plugin provided on Tickmill's homepage, then drag and drop the application MT4 software will be able to launch.

Forex Calculator

Tickmill offers 3 types of calculators: currency converter, margin calculator and Pip calculator.

If the margin calculator helps calculate the amount of money needed to deposit for a given trading volume, the Pip calculator tells the trader the value of 1 pip when the profit is made, how much is lost according to the delivered volume. translate them to.

These are all very useful tools for new traders, calculate the amount needed to make a deposit or the amount of profit and loss when each pip moves, to balance the account, to avoid risks when it happens.

Copy Trading vOhi Myfxbook

Also similar to some other floors like ICMarkets, XTB, Tickmill does not actually provide CopyTrade service, but Tickmill still "pleases" customers by connecting directly to one of the most popular websites about this service. Myfxbook.

Therefore, if there is a need, after opening an account at Tickmill, you only need to visit the Myfxbook website and link the Tickmill trading account to Myfxbook AutoTrade. Then choose the trading system you like best and proceed with copying.

It should be noted, Tickmill is just an intermediary platform to help you connect with Myfxbook AutoTrade so Tickmill will "is not responsible for and does not control the signals generated through the use of AutoTrade and resulting transactions on Tickmill Ltd accounts.. "

Delivered DPoopch One Click

This is an extremely useful feature for those who want to close many orders at the same time, especially for traders who trade in the form of hedging (reciprocal orders), which simplifies the process of trading and order execution faster. . In addition, the One Click feature is also supported by Tickmill, which shows both profit and loss in pips, so you can calculate and manage your account risk.

Machine chincubation VPS

Tickmill has partnered with BeeksFX to provide a virtual server (VPS) that allows the trader's trading platform to work 24/7, without you having to turn on the computer. This is very useful for those who trade EA automatic robots. If you are a Tickmill customer, you will receive a 20% discount for all VPS packages.

Depositmill withdrawal forms

Tickmill supports a variety of different loading ports for traders to choose from such as: Bank Transfer, Visa MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Bank, and Internet Banking. In this usually you will have to deposit a minimum of 100 USD or 2 million VND and a minimum withdrawal of 25 USD or 500,000 VND.

Compared to the previous time, in addition to Ngan Luong payment gateway, Tickmill has had many improvements when adding withdrawals via internet banking, to facilitate customers' transactions.

With Tickmill, we think that you should use one of two types of deposit gates: bank and Internet Banking to get free deposit.

Not only that, according to the rules of Tickmill itself if depositing in any currency, when withdrawing traders will have to withdraw in that currency. Currently, only Ngan Luong and Internet Banking are supported by Tickmill to withdraw and withdraw in VND, so please choose 1 of these 2 jobs to avoid trouble later.

One advantage that can not be ignored is that at Tickmill super fast withdrawal, even if the exchange has recorded money on the working day, but usually only a few hours is the money has arrived in your account.

You also note, if the account balance is less than 10 USD and in 90 days you do not log in at any time, then the money will automatically fall into storage status. If you want you must contact floor support to recover this amount.

Tickmill support and customer service

TickMill has a support team in Vietnam that you can contact Tickmill through (email protected). In addition, there is a live support team on the website to talk or you can use the contact form which provides full information about your contact phone number, your name, email address and The topic you are interested in. Tickmill support team will call or reply to your email.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of reputable forex Tickmill?


  • The floor owns many licenses from the most prestigious agencies today

  • Ultra low commission fee

  • Provide many applications that traders, especially novice traders can use to help the trading process become easier.

  • Support multiple port recharge for Vietnamese


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