10 great extensions on Chrome you should install

I am a big fan of Google Chrome and I feel it has as many extensions as Firefox has add-ons. I also just prefer using Chrome over IE, Edge or Firefox because I use Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive and a bunch of other Google products.

There are hundreds of great extensions you can install to improve Chrome in a variety of ways. There are specific extensions for developers, music lovers, gamers, bloggers and a host of other categories. However, there are some more universal extensions that can help quite a lot of people in everyday tasks.

In this article, I will talk about some of the extensions that I think people should install. Even if you've heard of some of these, try them out before you decide not to use them. Having many extensions installed can also slow down your browsing experience, so choose and choose the ones that are best for you, but try each one individually. You can easily delete or disable extensions in Chrome.

It's also worth noting that some of the extensions I've listed are based on my heavy reliance on Google, so if you're not in the Google ecosystem, skip those extensions.

Speed ​​dial 2

One of the first things I want to customize in Google Chrome is the new tab page. By default, it is a boring list of some recently visited websites and that's pretty much it. Now there are a lot of favorite extensions that also replace new tabs with dashboards, wallpapers, to-do lists, etc., but Iithve has found simplicity. Speed ​​dial 2 To be perfect for my needs.

When I browse the web, I just want quick access to my favorite websites. Speed ​​dial 2 does that by allowing you to organize all your pages and apps into groups. You can also customize the theme and customize multiple layouts. Lastly, you can create an account and sync everything on all your devices.


If you are not using any password manager, then make sure you try LastPass. If you use something like KeePass, then don't worry about this extension. If you use another password manager like 1Pass, then make sure to install their extension. Password managers are required these days with the number of hacked companies constantly increasing and the amount of leaked personal information even greater.

Password manager allows you to create different complex passwords for each website. You can obviously memorize them, so you have to store them somewhere. The obvious fear of most people is that one of these companies will be hacked and all your passwords will be leaked. That's a possibility and that's why so many people use local databases like KeePass. That being said, I have been using LastPass for many years and they encountered a problem, which did not result in any password being compromised.

HTTPS everywhere

HTTPS everywhere is one of the extensions you should just install and forget. Basically, it tries to use HTTPS security on a website if it's not secure. It's from people at EFF, a great organization that exists to protect consumers in the digital world.

The only downside I have seen with extensions is that it uses a little more memory than all other extensions. It's not a big deal for me because I have 16GB of RAM on my computer, but if you have less RAM, that might be something to consider.


Disconnect There is also another extension that you can install and just leave. It has a great security tool to make sure every website you visit doesn't track everything you do online. In addition, because it blocks tracking, it also saves data and reduces loading time for websites. A lot of requests are made for a website just for tracking cookies, tracking scripts, etc.

Advertising plus

Although a site like mine relies on ads to earn revenue, I still recommend an extension like Advertising plus because there are so many websites out there with tons of ads. Not only that, many of them have malware, which means you can be infected with malware just by looking at the website! That simple.

My website only displays ads from high quality networks and I try to keep my ads to a minimum and still allow me to earn income. The only downside of this extension is that some large websites, like Forbes.com, detect the ad blocking and win extensions that allow you to enter unless you put the whitelist into the site. of them first.


I was a bit skeptical about this extension at first, but the amount of good reviews eventually led me to try it. In the end, I have to say that it's pretty awesome. If you are online, you have made some sort of online shopping. If you're like me, you can buy almost everything online except for groceries.

Honey will automatically try to find coupons and apply them when you are checking out. I used to use RetailMeNot and a bunch of other websites that were trying to find a coupon that I could apply before checking out, but now I only use Honey and it finds and tries them all. code types. At this time, there are no ads or anything trespassing and hopefully that doesn't change in the future. It recently saved me $ 255 on Dell XPS laptops!


In addition to browsing websites, watching videos and shopping online, the other main activity in my browser is typing. Type email, fill out forms, type messages in social networking sites, write articles for my websites, etc. Basically, it is a LOT of typing and there are definitely a lot of typo errors happening.

Grammar is a neat extension that will check your spelling and grammar as you enter a variety of different web applications. Most web browsers like Chrome have a spell check, but Grammarly will give you Word-like suggestions for sentence structure, suitable words, etc.

uBlock origin

Most hardware firewalls that businesses buy for their organizations have web blockers to prevent users from accidentally accessing phishing or malware websites. They work by viewing a large blacklist of domains and bad URLs.

uBlock origin is an extension that does that, but in an efficient and memory efficient way for your personal computer. After you install it, you choose the different lists you want to protect yourself and that. Sometimes, it will block something not recommended, but it's super easy to disable it for your current site. Highly recommended from a security perspective.

Turn off the light

As I mentioned before, I watched a lot of videos when I was working on my computer. In addition to YouTube, I also watch other video sites and Turn off the light make the experience more interesting Basically, it blacks out everything or replaces everything except the video with a nice background. It's really not an extension you have to install, but if you watch a ton of videos on your computer, then it's certainly very good to have.

For specific YouTube, you can only play it in high resolution video version. This is great if you have a 2K or 4K screen and have to constantly change those settings for each video.

Shoot fire

Finally, sometimes you have to take screenshots of what's in your browser and this plugin is much better than trying to use the Windows Snipping tool or something similar. Shoot fire Can capture entire web pages scrolling and saving them as images or PDF files. You can capture all tabs at once into a PDF file and upload it to OneNote. You can also edit screenshots and annotate them.

So those are ten extensions that almost anyone can use every day when using Chrome. I have tried to keep them as generic as possible, so most of them will do their job in the background without you realizing it. Enjoy!


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