10 steps to effective online branding

Building your business based entirely on advertising performance (Marketing performance) is inaccurate as well as running after money and career without taking care of your health, physical and mental. Although it may work well over a period of time, future "repair costs" will be much higher. Many people in the e-commerce industry understand this and are trying to protect their brand at all costs.

Even so, small e-commerce businesses often despise brand building, because branding often takes time, expensive but not effective immediately.

If you want to build a strong brand, you need to use different marketing channels.
Of course, one of the most basic channels is online marketing (Marketing Online) and more specifically, social media marketing.

10 steps to effective online branding

10 simple steps to branding Online for you

1. Analyze the competition

Take a closer look at your competitors' communication strategies and ways of communicating, not only help you find a style for your brand, but you can also learn from the mistakes you make. sign goes first.

2. Set your own style, easy to get to know

Who doesn't recognize the funny black-and-white cartoon mouse icon, with blue thumbs up?

Whether you like the brand's communication strategy or not, the key thing about them is their ability to be recognizable, and that's important!

Choose a unifying factor - colors, fonts, characters or specific communication languages ​​- so your potential customers will easily identify and be able to remember you.
Unexpected simplicity plays a special role in buyer decision-making.

3. Don't try too hard to be unique

It is often said that most good things have been created, this argument is increasingly true. Feel free to use campaigns and ideas that have been implemented and successfully. Stick to global trends.
However, the important part is that you always have to communicate positively with your customers. You must add value to the content, not just mechanically!

4. Work with humor

Humor can spice up every communication in marketing. However, just like seasoning, you need to be very careful with the use of spices in a harmonious way. Communication must always correspond to the type of product / service you are offering to the customer, and it must always match the target audience you are targeting.

5. Understand your customers and talk to them

A common mistake many people make in marketing or advertising is to try to make a joke "so strong" that they completely go astray and express their ideas in a way that makes the audience feel uncomfortable.

Take note of this, your fans want to point themselves out and not be too concerned about how we are trying to express the issue.

Moreover, customers don't always like to talk about buying and selling. So for the time being, try to entertain and relax them and then come across them with great product listings from your brand.

6. Create a social media account, and don't use it thoroughly

Many people say that Marketing Online and social media are good ways to reach, so besides your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you also set up a Youtube, Zalo account, etc. However, you don't know why you have all these channels and don't know what to do with them. A simple advice; Do not create too many social networking accounts.
Find out who your target audience is, where you can reach and operate on that platform in the most optimal way. Hoping to make a breakthrough on Instagram when you're selling second-hand electronics is as naive as walking into a bar when you're the one who says no to alcohol and drugs. Focus only on the channels that have a lot of your customers and use them to the fullest before expanding to other channels.

Create and test all the different formats that the social networking platform you are using provides. Try new things and evaluate what your customers respond best. Do not be too calm, think of new content to communicate with customers. Over time, even the best ideas become progressively dull.

7. Post regularly and steadily, increasing your posts

Frequent communication is essential. It keeps your page and customers engaged, increases your impression share and - if your content is compelling enough - helps you share it with a wider audience.
While the reach of nature is significantly narrowed, article reinforcement is an essential part of every social media network strategy.

From our experience, we've come up with a few rules: enhancing posts that have the potential to reach nature, only begin to strengthen when you reach the top of the reach naturally (which is usually after 24 hours), try different types of optimizations and don't Boost articles just to increase your display reach.

Although a high percentage of access is a positive number when looking at the report - because it is often the highest number - it does not say much. The fact that your post appears on a Newsfeed does not necessarily mean that person will see it. The more important number is the interaction rate of viewers on your posts.

8. Give your customers first-class care

The quality of customer care is an important consideration in choosing a service, product or brand. Communicate with your customers, like replying to their comments / photos, regularly answer their questions and use Messenger messages or messages to get in touch.
Find out why customers leave negative comments - you can't hide or delete negative comments forever.

Be patient and answer their questions, and in the case that you don't like your brand, don't be afraid to be assertive if it's the right course of action. If you have a language specific to your brand, you can also use that language here. Ideally, your customers will also start using the language if they like it.

9. Be honest with your customers

No one is perfect, not even you, so if you make any mistakes, admit it. Your customers will appreciate it and you will get some positive points when being frank with them.

10. Building a community

Establish a relationship with your fans, show them that they're not just your brand's on-screen avatar, and you'll get them as your brand supporters and ambassadors.

One of the ways to do that is by creating a community for your brand's fans, which of course will be connected to your Fanpage. Currently, Facebook even encourages the creation of communities by creating communities dedicated to Community Leadership Circles (Community Leadership Circles) to support such groups around the globe.

Those are all basic things to do if you love your brand!

Owning a brand with a lot of customer love is the most unfair advantage you can get - not only can you price higher prices than your competitors for a long time, but your brand will may, with a lot of luck, become a synonym for a specific product group. Most people love the taste of Cola and by chance Coca-Cola is the first brand to remember the line of Cola drinks, Pepsi is also a Cola-flavored drink, but Coca will always be the first to arrive.

Brand and performance are two separate concepts. Every performance campaign must be synchronized with branding; it must be part of branding and, at the same time, branding should simultaneously create orders. If we simplify these two concepts, we can say that strong brand = long-term performance.


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