101 ways to not miss the idea of ​​creating content (reading is applicable always)

When I started building this small, beautiful blog, I was stuck with ideas for more than once.

Thousands of questions lurked in his mind:

  • Why should I develop the content?
  • How to get creative ideas for this "brainchild"?
  • Will readers care about this content?
  • This idea sounds good, but it is probably not feasible.
  • I have the ability content creation are not?
  • ...

Many times engulfed in unnamed thoughts, I slipped on the days of my blog. I forgot that, the best thing to do is JUST DO IT. Just do it rather than waiting and ignoring unique ideas. Even if you disrespect your ideas, accept that no one will love them. Candlestick JUST DO IT (Sorry about the important thing so I have to say it many times).

And to how to be more confident with content ideas by yourself, do not miss or extinguish every time it flashes. I have found a great article that can help you.

Because the source is from a foreign webiste, I took the time to translate for readers to learn more easily. Explore the useful content below, written by Sonia Simone (Writter of the famous blog copyblogger).

If you were

Imagine what it would be like if you were in the case below.

A middle-aged woman who has gone most of her life. Lying cold in the apartment in the winter weather. Walk kilometers to food stores and dine on unknown foods.

Besides, there is not a cat to befriend, because the food for them is too expensive.

Then when she died, neighbors discovered up to 2.7 million dollars hidden under her sofa.

That follows the natural thinking of people, we always tend to hold on to what we have. We think that we can overcome all difficulties because the future is unpredictable.

So we try to be frugal, and hold a lot for the future - what's not real in the present.

What does this have to do with writing?

All writers face a number of issues. We deal with it with a strong idea, something that you think can attract attention.

This is the type of content that we need to develop for our blog and business.

So we often think we should not start it when there are too few traffic.

We are just beginning to learn how to turn it into a guest post on a website that has a huge amount of traffic or persuade an influential person to link to it.

We scribble a great idea in a notebook to remind ourselves to finish it after reaching an ideal subcriber of n 500 or 1,000 or 10,000.

The notes are easy to forget.

We have a hard time gaining followers as expected. Because we hide the best content ideas.

We don't think the small readership doesn't deserve great content, which is why we never get a larger audience.

A muse is sometimes a poison

Your inspiration is an extremely fascinating thing, but it's not necessarily perfect. If that leads you to an extremely dangerous idea and you don't do anything, one day someone will succeed with the idea.

That inspiration will be hard to come back to, even if you hold back (because you blew it away last time).

Your muse doesn't care or worry about if you run out of money or owe a lot of debt or you will even lose your current job.

But if you don't like the idea of ​​your own writing, she will become cold.

Inspiration is often unstable and sometimes shows its bad qualities.

When the muse gives you an idea, it's time for you to do something.

If possible, write down your idea as soon as it strikes.

If the "Big idea" really hasn't arrived yet, grasp it little by little and record what interests you the most. Think of a few other better headlines.

Then try to schedule a time to analyze it.

Ideas often come as fast as winds. Capture them quickly by jotting down "keywords" and completing the article as soon as you have time for it.

How to get the highest value from your best article ideas

Instead of saving your best ideas for later, make the most of them today.

Don't just create one basic post - separate additional values ​​from it.

Make a series of posts

Take a few minutes to map your mind and come up with five or seven ideas that depend on the original article.

The series of articles that make up a huge amount of traffic, even increase rapidly if it is a great link idea.

You can try putting relevant, well-chosen keyword phrases in the title of each post to start collecting search engine traffic.

Extend it like a free ebook

Then provide this ebook to those who subscribe to your email list.

Be sure to put the blog URL at the end of the ebook, so when it is submitted, readers know where to go to your blog.

You don't need to expand your content - just format the content nicely in PDF.

Connect to other websites

Many of us are obsessed with giants.

We have been working hard to try to figure out how to get the attention of major websites.

That's really good, but when you're just starting out, don't miss out on opportunities to post on blogs that are within your reach.

Look for blogs with the same number of subscribers or two or three times your number.

To avoid the procrastination that makes you uncomfortable, write first, after finding you will immediately send them.

You can adjust it to suit the readers of the partner blog. Continue to offer it to bloggers who are on the same topic as you until you find a suitable partner.

Storing ideas also means throwing them away

Sometimes you will have great ideas, but it goes a bit far from the current topic or is a little personal & you find it difficult to share with most readers.

Or, even worse, them perfect for the next project you have planned and you don't want to waste them on the project you're doing.

Write them no matter what, even if they are never posted. You don't have to post every great idea you have, (maybe you shouldn't). But you also cannot hoard your best.

Your reputation is being built based on what you are doing.

Great plans will be created when the time is right when you have a great new design, a smart and lovely mentor, you have enough time to make that plan.

Your imagination is your greatest asset, but when you do not act it will be like a poison.

Do not save the best for later. No one knows what will happen later.

Do your best now, gain success for the present, and your inspiration will become a reliable ally.

If you need more support

You can refer to the content that you have worked hard to share:

Or join the content course I have reviewed

You can use these techniques for blog posts, podcasts, video channels or any other content marketing project.

These include everything from:

  • Tailor it to your needs, whether you build content for yourself or your customers
  • Becoming more energetic (while still making good things)
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  • Master the SEO platform every web creator should know

Source: https://www.copyblogger.com/content-ideas/


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