15 fastest WordPress Theme to load


There is nothing better than one WordPress theme pretty? The WordPress theme is both beautiful and fast to load. Let's take a look at 15 fastest WordPress themes to load in 2020.

By the end of this article, the themes we recommend will make your site not only beautiful but also load as quickly as possible.

Are you ready to decorate your website? If it's done, let's start!

Is page load speed important?

Try to visualize.

You are standing in line to drink coffee at a newly opened cafe down the street. They have very good coffee, but it takes more than 15 minutes for you to order.

Do you go back to that cafe again?

If you are calm, you can try coming another time. Or only unless they make particularly good coffee.

In fact, not everyone has the time or patience to tolerate slow service.

This view is similar when you load website. Follow Kissmetrics, 40% of visitors leave the site when the page load process takes more than 3 seconds.

When looking at these statistics, the number of potential customers lost will be very large for those sites that load slowly.

Do you think your product or service is unique enough for visitors to return in the future?

But unfortunately, in many cases, it will not happen. Kissmetrics says 79% of customers who are dissatisfied with web performance will not return to that page.

Moreover, page load time not only affects traffic but also Search Engine Results (SERP). Thus, poor web performance will cause damage in sales and brand awareness.

There are many different factors that can affect page load time:

One of the reasons is poor web hosting. The quality of hosting provider's performance contributes greatly to the page loading speed. To avoid this problem, make sure you choose a good hosting provider.

Hostinger, for example, is currently selling fast hosting with quality verified by thousands of members.

Another factor that can slow down a website is the website theme. This problem has become common with pages WordPress, because site owners often prioritize price and interface over performance when choosing a theme.

In fact, many factors contribute to slow download speeds. You can see more posts This, it provides tips and tricks to speed up WordPress site.

15 fastest loading WordPress themes

If you're looking to find out how many of the fastest WordPress themes out there, you're in the right place. To save you time, we have compiled a list of 15 fastest themes. The WordPress themes we choose are based on the aesthetics of the design and page load time.

Because the longest acceptable page load time is 3 seconds so the WordPress themes listed below have already passed website speed test of Pingdom.

Therefore, these WordPress themes ensure faster loading of 3 seconds.

first. Scalia

Price: $ 59

Multi-purpose themes are increasingly popular because they are suitable for many types of websites. Scalia is such a theme and can even help your site stand out.

The fastest wordpress theme load

Depending on the function and area of ​​the website, you can choose one of the five design concepts of Scalia. These concepts are not rigid to support easy customization.

If you want to edit more carefully, Scalia provides Visual Composer page builder to help edit the layout.

Moreover, Visual Composer is not the only plugin you get. Theme is fully equipped with other advanced plugins like LayerSlider and MailChimp can improve your website performance more.

scalia wordpress theme load time

Plus compatibility with SEO, integrate Google Analytics and The download time is only 1.87 seconds. In short, you get more than you spend.

2. TheGem

Price: $ 59

TheGem is one of the fastest WordPress themes worth your consideration. Launched by CodexThemes, TheGem offers 40 built-in demos for many types of websites and can easily be applied on your site. Customization features are available with powerful theme panels and drag and drop page builder tools.

The landing page of TheGem WordPress theme

With these options, TheGem enables non-tech-savvy users to customize everything on the site.

Similar to Scalia, TheGem is also compatible with many translations, newsletters, ecommerce and optimization plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast and MailChimp. Moreover, it is fully compatible and suitable for mobile devices.

load time on thegem wordpress theme page

Combined with beautiful image quality and icons for retina and 2.00 sec page load, TheGem will turn your website into a great place.

3. Skylar

Price: $ 59

Skylar assures all types of websites can use its services. The 6 demos available not only include popular websites like personal blogs and online stores, but also industry-specific sites like agencies and specialized sites.

skylar wordpress theme

Many options are available for additional changes via Visual Composer.

With the desire to fit the majority, Skylar equips its users Ultimate Addon for Visual Composer. Accordingly, you will have 36 more shortcodes to build a very powerful website.

A few examples of things that shortcodes do like insert animations, integrate Google Trends and countdowns.

wordpress fastest loading theme

Skylar has more than 820 themes and 75 shortcodes, notably with a download time of only 961 milliseconds. This theme is also SEO friendly.

4. Avada

Price: $ 60

Avada is one of the best multi-purpose themes and it has many demos according to your needs.

Fastest loading wordpress theme avada

More than 50 demos are available for immediate use or can be put together to create the site you want. You can apply each demo with just one click. This customization process does not require custom code.

Avada also provides another great feature related General European data protection regulations. To help ensure that the website is compliant with GDPR, Avada equips its users with GDPR tool. It manages various privacy-related activities within the site.

With this GDPR tool, you can protect visitors' privacy and build trust with customers.

avada theme speed

With such powerful functionality, Avada is one of the fastest WordPress themes with incredible loading times 1.24 seconds. This is also one of the lightest WordPress themes. Your visitors and businesses will love this theme.

5. Adaline

Price: $ 69 (Single Theme) or $ 99 (Theme Club)

Adaline is one of 7 magazine themes created by Themetry. Contrary to the multi-purpose theme, Themetry does not allow much theme modification. The only modification allowed is related to the color of the site. The developer asserts this limit is a strength. They do not want users to spend a lot of time choosing and delaying content development.

Adaline wordpress theme

So Adaline will be perfect for users who do not like to customize too much.

Despite being a magazine theme, Adaline can also function as a fashion blog theme. The frontend template has support for default widget storage and multi-level WordPress menus, along with other core functions.

Regarding page load time, Adaline has passed the speed test with an outstanding score of 560 milliseconds.

In terms of the number of images displayed when opened, this theme is definitely eligible to be one of the fastest WordPress themes.

adaline page loading time wordpress theme

You can buy a single theme for a price $ 69 or buy a theme pack that includes 7 Themetry themes for a price $ 99. Adaline is also one of the lightest WordPress themes with an initial page load of only 616.4kb

6. TopNews

Price: $ 49

TopNews is one of the fastest WordPress themes focused on news sites.

topnews wordpress theme

Built as a news, newspaper, magazine and blog theme, TopNews specializes in content staging. It's eye-catching and easily accesses everything directly from the homepage.

TopNews offers 11 modern homepage demos that focus on popular areas like travel, food and technology.

You can even choose the type of title and menu to personalize the website interface. Visual Composer page builder is also available for more complex changes.

In addition, each theme is lightweight and fully responsive with SEO. It will help you increase traffic in the long run. To make the site faster, you can use the social networking widget TopNews to track your social activities.

fastest wordpress theme to load

With time describedi 1.87 seconds, TopNews is the fastest loading WordPress theme worth considering.

7. Jannah

Price: $ 59

Another WordPress news theme that stands out from competitors is Jannah. With 27 built-in demos that can be applied to a web page with just one click, Jannah makes sure every site is usable.

jannah wordpress theme

In addition to being able to customize strongly, you can also upload your own fonts. If the available options do not suit the needs. However, we think you won't need this feature because Jannah has more than 800 Google Fonts and 150 FontFace fonts.

To add functionality, Jannah equipped users with a lot of tools to improve website performance. These tools include GDPR Compliance Support (GDPR Compliance Support), Gutenberg Support and Article Inline Ads (Advertise in the article).

page loading speed of jannah theme

One of the outstanding features of Jannah is the migrate plugin. Jannah facilitates the process of migrating from 17 different themes without losing post and shortcode data. Plus it just takes 1.58 seconds to load page, Jannah is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes today.

8. Wanium

Price: $ 16

Are you looking for a simple but elegant WordPress theme? Wanium can help you. A multi-concept theme with 18 demos suitable for many different types of websites. You no longer struggle to build the site you want.

wanium wordpress theme

Moreover, Visual Composer is used as a page builder to make the creation and modification process as fast as the wind. You can mix and match each feature of the demo to create a new look for the site.

loading time of wanium theme

To meet e-commerce needs, Wanium integrates WooCommerce and ensures SEO-friendly website. Combined with the theme load time only takes 1.35 seconds and affordable, this is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes.

9. Paperio

Price: $ 49

Designed for a variety of websites, Paperio aims to provide strong visual elements but visually appealing designs. This theme is perfect for people who appreciate the look and feel of their home page.With 7 customizable retina demos that can be customized, Paperio will instantly rebrand your site.

paperio wordpress theme

Paperio's custom features can be used directly by default on WordPress instead of additional plugins or frameworks. Accordingly, there are more than 400 customizations that you can use.

For performance-enhancing features, Paperio equips you with translation plugins, social networking utilities, and subscription to MailChimp newsletters.

You can make your new home visitors feel at home with the breadcrumb navigation theme. This type of navigation is especially useful if your site has a complex hierarchy.

wordpresse paperio theme load time

Theme lost 1.35 seconds to load the whole page. Plus a beautifully designed interface that you can't help but like.

ten. Total

Price: $ 59

With more than 40 built-in demos with different tones and designs, Total aims to meet the interests and needs of diverse users.

wordpress total theme

Combined with over 500 styles and 100 module builders, you can turn your theme into your own.

Moreover, Total equips its users with advanced add-ons to enhance website performance. Just pay the low fee $ 59, you not only own beautiful themes in design but also get many powerful tools like Templatera, WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution.

Although there is a WPBakery page builder to ease the customization process, Total also offers more than 400 shortcodes to use via integrated hooks and filters. Therefore, developers can change more carefully without being limited to the features of standard tools.

total load time

In addition to the default utilities mentioned above, Total is also compatible with many third-party plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce and Polylang. Plus Page load time is only 880 milliseconds So Total deserves to be on this list.

11. Schema

Price: $ 45

If you are specifically looking for a blog theme, you need to check out Schema's products. The features of Schema can do everything you need to create the best blog. Besides, this extremely SEO-friendly theme is ready to help develop the e-commerce segment.

schema wordpress theme

To ensure the website is SEO optimized, Schema will equip you Elementor Builder. As one of the most SEO friendly page builders on WordPress, it will ensure the best quality web programming.

Therefore, the site not only works faster but also ranks higher on search engines.

Knowing that most bloggers want to make money from blogs, Schema offers Ad Management to reduce the ad tracking process. Because the Schema was set up to build a blog that could be successful from the start, it makes sense for it to have these features in the package.

load time of wordpress theme schema

If that's not enough, consider Schema's page load time, 461 milliseconds. If you are looking for the fastest WordPress theme to load, then you've chosen the right theme.

twelfth. Foto

Price: $ 59

Foto is the perfect choice if your website is mostly images. With 15 demo albums and 33 library options to choose from, Foto is sure to bring art to your life. In addition, direct customization is also available for you to change the theme if needed.

foto wordpress theme

Although image hosting is the main thing, Foto still ensures your website works optimally. Thanks to quality code and minification, the theme brings nothing but the highest-performing results.

load time of foto theme

To ensure access to your art, Foto is fully compatible and therefore, will not affect the website interface even if visitors are viewing on a smartphone. Loading time is also not a problem because the theme can load all pages in just 1.84 seconds. A fast WordPress theme, isn't it.

13. Folia

Price: $ 49

You are looking portfolio theme? Folia is more likely to help you. Minimalist concept, Folia ensures the website will represent you in the most elegant way. The advantage of using a minimal theme is the intuitive management. To make up for the lack of demos compared to competitors, Folia offers advanced portfolio features to customize each portfolio box.

Fastest loading wordpress theme folia

The WordPress editor also allows you to personalize each page according to your needs.

Regarding accessibility, Folia provides the file .Mo and .Po can be used to translate themes. If you want to know how, you can watch posts This is because it has the steps to translate WordPress theme by Poedit. Or, you can use the plugin WPML to resolve this issue quickly.

The loading time of fastest WordPress theme folia

Plus the time to download the theme takes only 867 millisecondsFolia is definitely one of the fastest WordPress themes you should consider.

14. Visia

Price: $ 17

This is one of the lightest portfolio themes that can increase the appeal of your website. If you want others to admire, this premium theme will let you do that. Your visitors will be captivated and come back a second time.

Visia home page WordPress theme

Although there is only one page, Visia's performance and interface is not inferior to those representing deep hierarchical pages.

In contrast, the latest Visia updates that support full screen video and homepage layout are added. It also adds a subscription box.

To provide the best possible performance, Visia is fully retina compatible. Not only that, it also applies Parallax effects to web design to create eye-catching illusions of depth.

Visia's performance test score

Visia's premium interface has spectacular page loading times. With an impressive record when page load time only takes 449 milliseconds, Visia is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes you can choose.

15. SociallyViral

Price: $ 45

As its name suggests, the SociallyViral theme aims to increase viral traffic with an attractive interface. With 2 demos to choose from, your content is guaranteed to be accessible and capturing attention.

Landing page of SociallyViral WordPress theme

A few examples of features that make websites more viral Optimize social sharing (Social Share Optimization), Social network icon, Post catch trend and Registration box.

Moreover, SociallyViral is not only SEO friendly but also optimizes speed and Adsense. Combined with Schema will improve website SEO more, helping you to increase rankings on search rankings immediately.

To reach a broader audience, SociallyViral provides RTL support and translation features. In addition, you will be able to maintain the quality of your content by using the integrated ranking system.

Check out the page loading feature of SociallyViral

Takes 408 milliseconds On loading the page, SociallyViral becomes the fastest WordPress theme on the list.


In order to build a good website, the theme must not only be beautiful, but also the page loading time must be fast.

However, many website owners tend to neglect page load time. As a result, poorly performing websites affect SEO and business.

Here are our top 5 themes based on performance and value:

  • Avada - Many demos, comply with GDPR
  • Jannah - Gutenberg support and migrate plugin
  • Total - powerful friendly and advanced development tools
  • Schema - many SEO optimization features
  • SociallyViral - powerful theme but fast loading

Setting personal preferences and needs aside, it's undeniable that page load time can affect the site for the better or worse. Therefore, we recommend that you research this before deciding on a theme that will go with you.

If you've chosen the fastest and most suitable WordPress theme for you, leave a comment below telling us what theme you're using. Or discuss with us which theme should be good.


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