3 Gmail tips to reduce spam and organize your email

Although Gmail is very good at filtering spam, I end up receiving a lot of spam from non-traditional spam sources such as registering at brick and mortar stores or registering at the doctor's office. This is usually not spam in the traditional sense, but if you continue to receive emails on a regular basis, it can be quite annoying.


Most companies have the option to unsubscribe in emails, but there are still many that don't. When you learn these three small hacks into your Gmail address, you can come up with a changed version of the email that will still go directly to your inbox, but will allow you to create filters to arrange. Organize email in any way you like. This allows you to create infinite variations of your Gmail email address.

Dot Hack

dot gmail hack

If you already know, Gmail doesn't consider any extra dots in your account name when processing emails. So for example, I can write my email address as aseem.1234 @ gmail instead of usual aseem1234 @ gmail.

You can add as many dots as you like, and the email will still come to you. This trick usually works best when signing up on forums or anywhere online because most forms will accept the time as the allowed symbol of a regular email address.

Hack plus

plus gmail hacking

This Gmail hack has been around for a long time and most people know about it. Simply order a dish+After your account name and add a word or words to uniquely identify that email address.

For example, I can change my email address to aseem1234 + fin finance @ gmail when registering at any bank, credit union, investment website, etc. I can now create filters and all emails related to my financial activities will automatically be routed to a label match.

This is much easier than creating a separate filter for each financial institution. There are many times when the email address used by a financial institution changes and so you have to update your filter. Because your custom Gmail address will never change, you will never have to worry about filter updates.

Hack plus is very useful, but the downside is that online forms sometimes block it because it's not considered a normal symbol in email addresses. In that case, use the Dot hack or Googlemail hack that I mentioned.

Hack Googlemail

googlemail hack gmail

Finally, you can change the last part of your email account to googlemail.com instead of the usual gmail.com! It is another convenient way to not give out your primary email address. Obviously, if someone already knows these tricks, they can easily find out your original email address.

So aseem1234@googlemail.com It is exactly the same as gmail.com. If you want to keep your account name consistent without all the dots or plus signs, you can only use googlemail.com instead.

You might be wondering why is this necessary if you can only create filters on sender email addresses and sort emails that way? That method works just fine, but like the financial example I mentioned above, what if you want to provide your email address to some customers of a small business you run at home?

If you do not have a separate business email address, you can provide an email like aseem1234 + businessname @ gmail for all your customers and then have those emails automatically filtered into labels created for your business email. Since you don't necessarily need to know the email of the sender, create a custom filter Come The address works much better.

These hacks have been around for a long time, and if you've been using Gmail for years, it's probably nothing new. However, if you've recently switched from Yahoo, Outlook, etc., it's an additional feature worth knowing. Enjoy!


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