4 factors that help improve your content ranking on Google.

If you are someone who is extremely familiar with SEO, you've probably heard the phrase "Content is King", right? Of course our topic today will not entirely relate to the above statement, but it will also have some similarities, which is how to improve the content ranking for your Website.

Assuming you've done market research, identified pages that are in need of the highest amount of traffic that you need to optimize, posted articles with keywords that you thought your customers would devour, eventually sit and wait. Day by day, month after month, those sites still can't improve rankings despite you constantly updating your posts. Even its search position remains the same, leading to extremely poor sales.

This is definitely a situation that causes quite a lot of frustration for SEOs that everyone has experienced. You do everything you need to do, but for some reason, it doesn't work at all.

In this article, SEONGON will give explanations about the reasons why the search engine does not appreciate your content and provides a solution for each case. Let's get started!

Quick view of the article

first. What are you writing about?

The search engine algorithms consider hundreds of ranking factors when evaluating the position of your website. It goes from the link system to the page loading speed. But before adding other examples, I suggest you look at the topic of the content you wrote and answer the following questions:

- What are you writing about?

- Is your content responding to customer questions - who are you targeting?

- Does it benefit a number of viewers other than your target?

There are many questions related to the relevance issue of Content. Your article needs to meet many quality criteria to be appreciated by search engines. For example, it needs to be authoritative, authoritative, and relevant to the topic of the page you are posting.

Learn more about authority in Google's E-A-T power trio in this article.

Search engines know that users are not interested in reading content that is duplicated, plagiarized or unrelated to their issues. That's why you need to research it thoroughly Google SERP to find similar content. Do searches, research and consult high-ranking articles so you can write an article that you also want to read when you are looking for a topic.

Don't be too shy as this will take time. The more you do well preparing and putting on your content an interesting, unique and reliable appearance, the better the rankings of the page. Remember that getting to the top is just like climbing a mountain, it takes a long process, and you will need to start over again if you slip.

2. What keywords are you using?

The keyword problem in your article opens up a network of small topics.

You already have keywords in their right position in your SEO articles, but where does that content take you? If it is not working then you should probably check the types of keywords you are using.

Of course we need to target the keywords with a large number of searches, but you probably know those keywords are very difficult because of the fierce competition from other big brands in the market. school. Such as "Beauty salon", "web design" or "seo service" ...

So long-tail keywords are the solution to this problem. Do you think your website will attract customers who are interested in doing SEO with the keyword "SEO services" or "overall SEO service quotes"?

The latter is a long-tail keyword that will likely bring a higher conversion to your business because it is much more specific than a short keyword and it is at a later stage in the buying journey. of consumers. Because shoppers who search for a specific keyword like that are much more likely to buy than users who search for short keywords only.

In addition, these long keywords can often be searched very easily. You just need to type in Google a main keyword that you want, Google will quickly give suggested keywords as soon as you enter the first one or two words of the search query.

Next check those keywords in a rating tool (such as SEMrush or Google’s Keyword Planner) to see how they are getting search traffic. Then take advantage of them to attract users to related content by optimizing those keywords in your posts.

Of course any content will become obsolete, so will the keywords. Never assume that a factor in SEO can live forever (Evergreen). Similarly, a keyword that used to have great performance last year or just last month can bring about an unexpected effect in a short time.

Therefore, always use keyword research as a foundation to keep the content of the page optimized and appropriate.

3. Update, update more, update forever.

By now, you may have noticed a common topic: Compliance completely controls the rankings of every Website. We've talked about how exclusive, relevant content with good keywords has a positive impact on how your site can appear in a user's search.

Similarly, a related content or keyword a few months ago may disappear from search engine favorites. This is why your website can be downgraded if you do not regularly update new content.

While the age of the domain can bring a bit of "weight" to bringing natural rankings to the page, it is not enough to resist the content on your site "bad". Because search engines are always concerned about whether or not you are always catching up with users in terms of content that is well suited to authority and optimization.

If you cannot show positive signals in this matter for a few months, then you should do it now. Look at old keywords and content and update them. You can also research users' search queries or trends - the things that are changing fastest now - to know that your content has been on the right track since the last update. We can do this step simply by investigating the opponent:

- How many websites didn't appear when you created your website and did keyword research in the first place?

- How does the appearance of a strong new opponent affect your rankings? Especially when your business is focusing on a product or service in a niche?

The above questions will assist you a lot in figuring out how to update the content on the site in the best way. If your company's website doesn't have a blog yet, this is a great time to start.

Imagine continually updating and updating content will show search engines that you are still trying to keep up with the smallest changes by updating new trends and related issues. threads by the user.

4. The link system is not good.

Improve content ranking

There is a truth that: inbound link (Also known as Backlink - a form of link from another website pointing to your Website) still plays an important role in SEO ranking. The fact that quality content alone is not enough to ensure you get a ranking as expected. Try to think from a Google perspective to evaluate your site: you have good content, high-traffic keywords and frequent updates, but your page has no inbound links, why Should we rank you higher?

Because if there is something that makes the other pages do not want to lead the link pointing to your page, surely you will not be in the top searches.

If it's still too confusing, let's try to think from a user perspective. Let's say a reader finds your site through a blog, which means that the blog trusts your website, as well as your Website has enough relevance to the topic to be pointed out by a third party. about.

Our hypothetical customers then click on that link and discover your website along with relevant and relevant content optimized for the question they are looking for, and even lead them to it. more awesome content related to it too.

As you can see, links help users move from page to page, but most importantly, they make your sites more trustworthy.

To build a competitive link system to increase your website's rankings, you first need to analyze who is having links pointing to your competitors. And answer the following questions to explain why they agree to point the link back to the opponent:

- Who are those domains?

- What makes the link between them and your opponent?

- Who are their readers?

- How can an adversary build another affiliate profile with you?

- Above all, what activities are the competitors doing and you can't get those links?

When you find the answers to these questions, you'll know what you'll have to do and, more importantly, focus on which objects to build your own affiliate system.

Your job then is to try to get referral domains to link to your website, either through an optimized piece of existing content or through new content that you create specifically for this purpose. . You can also present pages on your site as an ideal replacement for dead or broken links on those referring domains.


Do not forget that in addition to the above factors, there are dozens of SEO technical issues that you need to check if your website is having problems in improving rankings. For example: download speed on mobile, brand coverage, on-page optimization, out-bound links ...

However, after going through a lot of projects with countless different fields and countless experiments, SEONGON has drawn that these 4 elements are the 4 main components that bring the highest efficiency in improving improve rankings for your content.So if you've made sure you haven't encountered any technical issues yet, the content and articles are still diving in very low places on the SERP, perhaps the above content is the sentence. The answer you are always looking for.

Finally, keep in mind that if your content, keywords, website and inbound link profile are up-to-date and optimized for solving customer problems, your SEO campaign will exceed that. very far from the opponent.

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