6 Best Auto Click Software 2020

List of software that supports the best auto-clicks and is easy to use

Quick mouse clicks are a must for gamers. And, really tired of constantly clicking thousands of times continuously when you're busy doing something else.

However, there are other ways to automate clicks and save power in fingers. Many gamers who use software are dubbed ‘automatic click‘Can disguise human clicks.

Automatic clicker is a software specifically designed to automate clicks. Automatic clicks are even better when gamers tend to damage their mice with physical clicks.

In this post, I'm sharing a list of the top 6 Auto Click tools that you can use:

Free Auto ClickerFree
GS Auto ClickerFree
Auto Click TyperFree
Auto Mouse ClickTrial
Perfect AutomationFree
Free Mouse ClickerFree

first. Free Auto Clicker

Automatically click without clicking the mouse buttons! Free Auto Clicker You can simulate left click & right click on any screen or window on your computer.

It performs the same clicks as you recorded automatically when you're not at your computer. It frees you from repetitive work that requires a lot of clicks and gives you more time for the things you engage in.

Search Results Search results on the web Auto Click - Download AutoClick - Automatically click the computer mouse

Free Auto Clicker can be used to assist you whenever you need to click - play a game, use an application that does not have the ability to batch process to process hundreds of files, vote online or click on any Any kind of website You can always count on Free Auto Clicker to get your click job done.

You can completely customize clicking the way you want.

The free automatic clicker allows you to place X and Y coordinates on your screen where you want the click to be simulated. You can enter multiple pairs of coordinates and make the clicker run automatically in sequence.

In addition to the click position, you can enter the amount of time (in milliseconds) you want the click to occur. The less time you type, the faster the click rate will be.

  • Another handy feature of Free Auto Clicker is the ‘Stop After’ value. You can require the software to stop clicking automatically after a predetermined number of clicks.

Like all other automated click software, you can choose between ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ clicks.

Free Auto Clicker Works with most games and browsers making it the most reliable for gamers. If you want to test the capabilities of Free Auto Clicker, just give it a try on our Kohi Click Test.


  • Very easy to use.

  • No registration required.

  • Free software licenses with regular updates.

  • 100% safe from all Adware or Malware types.

  • Works perfectly on websites as well.


  • Due to its popularity, some games or websites automatically detect its use and disable it.

Download Free Auto Clicker

2. GS Auto Clicker 3.1 - Automatic mouse click software

Auto Clicker Auto Click is auto-clicking software that is extremely useful for users who often have to click when playing games or working. This Autoclick software automatically clicks on preset points, helping your fingers relax and save you time.

Download GS Auto Clicker - auto click

There are not many configuration options; All you have to do is press the assigned Hotkey and the automatic click will start immediately.

Something that I personally like about GS Auto Clicker is the Recording function. Just go to the Options menu and press Recording. The tool allows you to record the order and location of your clicks. Once completed, you can simply set it to the specified Repeat for a specified period of time.

For those who do not want to put themselves in many configuration tools, GS Clicker is the best automatic clicker that can be used for free.


  • For beginners

  • Compatible with Windows

  • Completely free to use


  • May hang at times due to excessive clicking

  • Some important configuration is missing

Download Auto Clicker 3.1

3. Auto Click Typer 2.0

Auto Click Typer is a free automation software that helps you simulate mouse and keyboard buttons. You can move the mouse cursor, simulating left and right clicks.

Auto Click and how to automatically click mouse when playing games

Not just clicking, but Auto Ty Typer also has the option to simulate pressing specific keyboard keys or automatically enter text for you (if you want).

To automate clicks using Auto Click Typer, just click the button Add and, in the next window, Action to act as Left Click "Left Click" or Right Click "Right Click", details of the action such as Clicks and comments. Once completed, click on ‘OK’ and your action will be added to the thread.

The program also allows you to move the actions up and down in sequence. You can also edit strings and manage click speeds in milliseconds.

With the ability to simulate clicks as well as keyboard keys, Auto Click Typer is one of the best free auto clicking software you can use.


  • No programming knowledge required.

  • Fully customizable Script options.

  • Easily add, edit, delete scripts automatically.

  • Works offline

  • Completely free to use


  • Some Antivirus finds it to be malware.

  • Comes with 3rd party Software (You may refuse the software when installing)

  • Requires you to remember the Hotkey combinations for each script

Download Auto Click Typer 2.0

4. Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click is completely dedicated to auto clicking only, so keyboard keys are not supported, etc. But it gives you all the options you'll need to get incredibly high clicks in seconds. Let's see how it works.

Auto click software (Auto click)

The interface is quite easy. Select the coordinates you want the clicks to automatically. Select Action type - Left click or Right click. Now, choose the delay between two clicks in milliseconds. Finally, click the Add button.

Repeat the process, if you want to create a string. When the thread is complete, Click Start to start the automatic clicking. That's it.

You can also assign Hotkeys to specific strings. Very simple to use, Auto Mouse Click is clearly the easiest auto clicker on the market today.


  • Easily select coordinates on the screen

  • Support both left and right click

  • Options for exporting / downloading scripts

  • You can also assign hotkeys


  • You must pay after the trial period ends.

Download Auto Mouse Click

5. Perfect Automation

Perfect Automatic is the most comprehensive auto-clicking software combined with lots of advanced features like keyboard and mouse recorder, scheduler, script editor, etc.

Top software supports auto click

You should only use Perfect Automation for people who need advanced tools to fully automate their computers (and that includes serious gamers!).

You only need to record the click type, edit the script of your choice and then set it again for a specified period of time in Minecraft battles or other game play sessions.

Perfect Automation also allows you to record keyboard keys and then repeat them repeatedly. It works perfectly to save combo attacks in this way.

Because this automatic clicker is loaded with features, it can sometimes be a little confusing for beginners to get acquainted with all the options.


  • Autocomplete solution

  • Ability to record, edit and repeat clicks, keyboard keys

  • Comes with Macro Reader and Script Editor

  • Create standalone executables for ease of use.


  • So many options can be overwhelming for new users.

Download Perfect Automation

6. Free Mouse Clicker

If you need the simplest automatic clicking tool, the Free Clicker will not let you down. It is the only monitor software with no options menu, export, import and other confusing things.

Using software that automatically clicks the computer mouse

Simply set the click interval using the timer. You can set a time interval as low as 1 millisecond (that is, 100 clicks per second). Next, select the mouse button - Left or Right - and click type - Single or Double.

Use Hotkeys to Start or Stop clicking automatically. It's that simple. Optionally, you choose Hotkey according to your own choice.


  • The simplest user interface

  • Set Clicks per second up to 100 CPS.

  • No confusing menus.


  • Lack of advanced options

  • For beginners only

Download Free Mouse Clicker


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