7 easy ways to duplicate an email subscription list


7 easy ways to duplicate an email subscription list - Email is still the most popular way to reach customers even before the product is launched. It is predicted that by 2020 there will be over 3 billion email users worldwide. The potential is right in front of you, but you do not know how to take full advantage of it.

You want to create a brand presence through using email subscriptions and on-site tactics, you are more likely to see sales when the product is officially launched. I will show you how to get more email subscribers to grow your email list at the WordPress website.

Who is the subscriber?


Subscribers are those who register on the website to receive information about future releases or updates published on the website.

Often, visitors have the opportunity to opt in when they visit the website landing page. The chance for a subscriber to increase significantly when this visitor sees your expertise and realizes you're providing value in exchange for an email address from them.

Ex: if you are a content creator, you have a website where you provide a free to-do checklist to other content creators. Checklist, experience in you is worth proposing. If visitors think what you are offering is valuable, they will be happy to join your email subscription list!

Why do you need to get subscribers?


Put simply, email subscribers are important because they are likely to be potential customers. However, once people have added to your email subscription list, all you have to do is keep them engaged via regular email.

This is your chance to hook them up with your party service. If you have already published an ebook, this is a great opportunity to send it to subscribers. You also take a simpler, discounted approach for subscribers when the product is not yet launched.

Next, I'll look at how to create a list of early entrants at the business whether you're creating a brand new product or brand. Next I will share some general tips on how to get email subscribers.

How to increase your email subscription list?

Your choice of marketing strategy, campaign outcome depends on whether you launch a new product / brand or work on an existing product line. Every business is a little different. However, next I will help you set boundaries, general techniques to increase the number of email subscribers, get more conversions.

1 - New product launch

Before launching your product, you should create landing pages for potential customers. This landing page needs to be informative enough to convince visitors to sign up for the mailing list with what you are providing on the landing page. For example, if you have a WooCommerce website, if you want to maximize customer satisfaction, signing up for WooCommerce is the best option.

2 - Coming Soon Page

You just need to create an upcoming website with a WordPress plugin like SeedProd. The idea here is that when you take part in social media testing and digital marketing, you'll need a page for interested people to visit before your official launch. This activity creates hype, raising awareness about the product.

This is a great example of a landing page created with SeedProd. It's simple, informative, curious.


Landing pages will present content according to the appropriate standards for the type of business you have. Now, if you want to create a strong subscription campaign, this is the first priority.

3 - Contact page

Next, I'll discuss the contact page and the importance from the form on the page you're about to launch.

There is clearly a boundary between too many questions on the registration form, not enough data to help visitors make decisions in the future. Fortunately, there is a way to find that vantage point with some great additions.

The form builder agrees that you create a custom form for your website when it is about to launch. Great form builder that helps you create the most important website: contact page.

The contact page is an essential requirement before launch because it agrees you to discover how people react to your products. HubSpot has reported the data they get from businesses that regularly use forms, data that says it.

According to HubSpot, 74 percent of marketers regularly use the form to get subscribers to help better understand their audience. Moreover, nearly 50% of businesses say the form is the tool to generate the highest conversion leads. Interestingly, they also learn five form areas that give you the best opportunity to attract new potential customers.

Note that this goes beyond questions and requests from customers. The contact page is the place where potential business partners come if they want to work in cross brochures, guest posts, public relations questions, etc.

Here is an example of a great contact page, created by WordPress form builder, WPForms. You see this example provides multiple options with a text box for the person to contact you to get email sent to the right place.


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  1. Exit Popups

Exit Popups have proven valuable in the marketing world due to the serious impact on visitors. Research shows that companies that invest in Exit Popups see a 30% increase in revenue, they convert more than 60% of customers who are thinking of leaving.

So what exactly is Exit Popups?

Exit Popups are advertisements that visitors see when the system detects they are about to leave the website. The system is pretty smart, determines when visitors are about to leave, then presents Exit Popups.

This is a great example of Exit Popups.


If you look at Exit Popups, you will see that it shows a clear message with some humor. The goal is to make you a better marketer. When you are about to leave the website, this Exit Popups encourages you to sign up for mailing lists.

How to get email subscription?

OptinMonster provides the ability to strengthen email subscribers and turn them into customers through targeted advertising campaigns. For example, run a supply campaign to customers then discount 25% with Exit Popups notification.

You compare performance from this Exit Popups with other ad positions, such as sticky titles. As an added benefit, you also get an email address that will help you establish and nurture relationships.

5 - Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a great addition to attract visitors. It is the bar at the top of the website that displays the text that people clicked on. With the appropriate message displayed, it significantly increases the time at site from visitors. In addition, the hello bar automatically serves different messages to different people based on geographic location or any other parameters. Therefore, help get subscribers based on different parameters.

6 - Inline CTA


Inline CTA is another effective way business owners use to get more subscribers. You have established a brand, this tactic works very well at the website.

Basically, inline CTAs are used in long form website posts. When readers receive half or so, they see the prompt to subscribe to the email list to see the rest of the article. If you've caught their attention with a great copy, they won't be able to help but become subscribers.

7 - Side banner


Side banners are an effective marketing tactic if you already have an existing product line, want more subscribers. You use side banners to entice your audience to buy products with exclusive discounts or special offers. Party banners do not work with everyone. You need to experiment with banner content on the same side to discover what works with your audience.

A / B inspection issues


Getting more subscribers means knowing what customers want. With this, A / B testing or split testing is invaluable tool. A / B testing is a situation when you run two or more marketing campaigns at the same time and measure the data at the campaign. This helps you understand which campaign is more successful for you to run more, continuing to increase revenue.

You can create two different campaigns and see which one performs better with the current audience. If you discover something - offering an ebook instead of discounting - attracting more subscribers, it's probably time to take action based on the A / B test results you have.

The key is to find out what kind of offers, promotions, and content attract your audience to become a subscriber. When you find out what your customers like, you push that offer to attract more subscribers to your mailing list before you release the product.


Email marketing is important to consider before starting a new business. There are many ways to master this process, but it takes time to create and maintain email lists.

The most stressful part of marketing is waiting for the data to arrive. This is a challenge to move forward if you are not sure whether the sales plan will work. When your business flourishes, you discover more data, you'll get more email subscribers, see success.

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