7 important factors that determine the success of SEO 2019

Medic Update - August 2018 - This update aims to eliminate websites in the fields of health, finance without authority, without expertise and without authenticating signals of the industry (these factors are closely related to services provided by these sites).

* Solution: provide authoritative, specialized and authentic content criteria E A T

Fred - March 2018: this update is targeting low-value content sites that place revenue above their users.

* Solution: Provide in-depth content, bringing value to users.

Penguin 2016 - Penguin algorithm tries to remove from search results of websites with unnatural link profiles, intentionally buy, sell, exchange links to get high rankings.

* Solution: Stop buying and selling activities, exchanging links and not building links to untrusted sites. Encourage building links to reputable sites in the same field.

Mobilegeddon - 2015- This algorithm update aims to penalize websites that are designed not to be mobile friendly to provide a better user experience.

* Solution: Responsive web interface design, optimized page loading speed, mobile friendly.

Panda - 2011 - this update penalizes aggregated sites that often steal content from other sites to create large numbers of pages for the sole purpose of ranking.

* Solution: create unique and quality content!


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