9 best WordPress price creating plugins (Pricing) 2020

Do you have a price list on your website? These prices may be for services like lawn care or they may be for software packages. From the tech world to the yoga studios, most companies can use price lists to better express what they offer. The main way to do this is by looking at the best WordPress price list plugins, then deploying one on your site.

But that started the question, why is it so important to have a Price List?

The answer to this question may seem obvious (you want to improve conversions, right?) But it's nice to understand the reason behind the price list. Why are price list plugins more effective in selling than regular bulleted lists, paragraphs, or even images?

  • Pricing allows for a neat outline and comparison of your services or packages.
  • The most important features are displayed in the price list, clearing the clutter and leaving for another page.
  • The price list has clear call to action buttons to show people how to move forward with the purchase.
  • Most price lists use package / package names to make it much easier for customers to understand.
  • You can add emphasis to certain words, plans, or features using larger fonts or graphics.
  • It is more interesting to read a graph based price list than a table with only the text in it.
  • You can improve conversions urgently (for example, time is running out for a good deal) or free trials.
  • Price lists take up the minimum amount of space on the site, so you can add additional information, like FAQs or chat boxes to your salespeople.

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What to look for in a WordPress Price List

Now that we know the benefits of the WordPress pricing plugin, let's take a look at some of the features you should want:

  • Free and premium options - My favorite price list plugins give you a standard table to make your prices look good. After that, the premium version with additional features shouldn't be too expensive.
  • Integration with top page builders - Some page builders even come with their own price lists. Some of the more popular page builders include Divi Builder, Elementor and WPBakery.
  • Skins or themes to launch price list in seconds. We also want to see custom tools for colors, fonts and icons.
  • A setting to display stamps on certain packages, as for the best value packages.
  • Wide selection of currencies for use worldwide.
  • Support for large, customizable buttons on each price pack.
  • A drag and drop builder would also be great.
  • We also want to see access to CSS and HTML, as more advanced developers will want complex tuning opportunities.

We can take a look at dozens of meaningful features on the price lists, but this is a good start with the essentials.

Best WordPress Price List plugins compared (and how to code your own)

There is no shortage of options available when it comes to price list plugins and WordPress websites. Some of the best ones can be used for free, while others are premium without any free options. That being said, all of the plugins below deserve a place on this list, and some of them have unique features that are well-suited for specific industries or companies.

1. Price list meets WP Darko

The Responsive Pricing Table is one of the details, fully adding friendly features for making price lists. It offers a great free version, with no limits on the number of packages you include or how you create tables for your site. However, you can Upgrade to the premium version for better access to features like the interface and adjustable equalizer to make all column heights identical.

Price list meets WordPress Plugin

Price list meets WordPress Plugin

The price lists you build are complete with simple fields and auxiliary buttons. For example, some of the integrated fields you can use include prices, descriptions, plan titles and icon boxes. Some custom buttons allow links to locations like Stripe and PayPal, while custom CSS classes are sure to help developers improve.


A free plan is available.

You can get premium plugins for $ 19 per site or $ 49 for unlimited websites.

The Darko developer sells other plugins, so you can get all of them for $ 79. This may be helpful for some companies.

The features that make Price List responsive are great choices

  • The free package provides the tools you need for a variety of small businesses, as you get unlimited tables and plans.
  • High prices are also quite low.
  • The interface looks modern and highly customizable in the box, with many buttons and fonts to adjust.
  • Other icons and images are accessible.
  • You can include as many features as you like for your pricing plan.
  • Call to action buttons can be linked to third party payment systems like PayPal.
  • A variety of currency signs are available to reach different countries.
  • You can display a badge for recommended plans.
  • Periodic plans (every month or year) can be displayed with special settings.

2. Price

The GoPricing The app doesn't have a free version, but it boasts thousands of sales and some very good reviews on the CodeCanyon market. Not to mention, it only requires $ 27 to get one of the best price list plugins on the market.

Price - WordPress responsive price list

Price - WordPress responsive price list

What makes the Go Pricing plugin so special? For starters, it has extremely nice pricing plans with modern colors and plenty of white space so it doesn't look cluttered. You can also choose from a large collection of topics, some of which are created just for certain industries. We also like that the plugin integrates with some page builders and has shortcodes to ensure that no one is a coding programmer to create a price list.


A one-time fee of $ 27 with an option to extend support for up to a year for $ 8.25.

Features that make the price a great choice

  • Each part of your price list is divided into separate sections in the visual editor. This includes the title, body and button area.
  • More than 250 demo boards are given to you after you buy the plugin. This will allow most companies to get a sample and launch a pricing page in minutes.
  • Drag and drop elements are possible with page builder integration. Pricing works well with Beaver Builder, Elementor and WPBakery.
  • The process of building a price list is easy for all experience levels. The plugin has a great backend interface, with options for shortcodes, typing, and installation.
  • Include animations to make your price list more attractive.
  • Use over 2000 font symbols to make your table more intuitive.
  • A custom CSS module is provided for those who want to go beyond the basic features.
  • Add unique features like media elements, PayPal buttons and Google Maps.

3. WordPress Plugin Price List - Easy price list

If you're interested in a comparison chart and clean price list without bells and whistles, then Price list of WordPress Plugin Seems like a sure choice for you. It has both version free and high class , starting at $ 29 per year for a website and up to $ 99 per year for unlimited websites. A number of premium features are starting to become really interesting, including the WooC Commerce add-on and Google Analytics integration.

Pricing Plugin WordPress - Easy price list

Pricing Plugin WordPress - Easy price list

Some other integrations for premium versions include Easy Digital Download, Stripe and Price Converter add-in. Moreover, you can expect to start the design process with 10 preset designs. As mentioned, this is one of the simpler price list plugins, so we like it for those who don't want elements like animation and graphics.


The core plugin is free.

Premium plugins are $ 29 per year for one site, $ 59 per year for five websites and $ 99 per year for unlimited websites.

Features that make the Price List easy become a great choice

  • The price list design is clean and simple, making a modern look without any unnecessary effects.
  • You can adjust the colors and other elements of every item on the price list. This includes columns, buttons and fonts.
  • All price lists are built with a simple list of visual fields in the backend. The setup is formatted like what the price list will look like on the entrance.
  • You can specify that one or more packages are more specific than the others.
  • You can drag and drop columns to rearrange them.
  • A custom CSS module is provided for more advanced customizations for your price lists.
  • Even the free version supports an unlimited number of price lists.
  • Some premium versions have great integration for things like WooC Commerce, Google Analytics and Stripe.

4. Price list of Supsystic

The Supsystic development team is known for creating all sorts of plugins for photo galleries, popups, datasheets, etc. But we are considering Price list plugin , provided as a free solution with lots of features for you to play around. In fact, the free version of the plugin has features for preset templates, hover animations, and button customization. You can even import and export your table information easily.

Price list of Supsystic

Price list of Supsystic

We also like the look of premium plugin, See how it starts at $ 39 for a website and you get a great bundle of premium templates and role restrictions. Overall, I would argue that this is one of the best price list plugins to use core, free plugin and skip the paid version. However, high-end models are great, and they don't cost you a lot of money.


A free plan is provided.

Upgrade to a premium for $ 39 on a website. Or $ 69 for support on five sites. Or $ 149 on unlimited sites.

The features that make Supsystic's price list a great choice

  • Price list plugin from Supsystic closest to the most complete price list solution in the free version. The only upgrade you get in premium plugin is some better templates.
  • All price lists look beautiful, with responsive elements and bright colors.
  • The samples in the free version are great and the premium models are great.
  • Choose to have a switch that shows people special offers, like paying one year in advance or buying today.
  • Highlight some of your plans with visual icons.
  • Use tools like shortcodes, color sliders, and visual builders to make sure you don't touch a single line of code during the creation process.
  • The plugin has hover animations to make your plan more attractive to visitors.
  • Images and videos are also supported so that you can show certain features or parts of your business.
  • Drag and drop builder is located in the backend of your WordPress dashboard.

5. CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Price List

For $ 20, Price list Responsive CSS3 plugin is an incredible value. It is only available on the CodeCanyon market, but keep in mind that no free version is available. That being said, most people will not fret about the idea of ​​paying $ 20 for a highly rated and appreciated plugin. Overall, the plugin has some nice templates for you to get started. You can change around colors and fonts, while highlighting some of the best plans you offer.

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Price List

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Price List

Most of the price lists on this list are responsive, but this one looks especially good after testing on my phones and tablets. It seems that developers are very responsive and ready to create new features and release them as updates. For example, at the time of this writing, I am currently seeing three major features released, namely sliding columns, response mode, and data entry and export.


$ 20 for all features.

You can pay $ 5.63 to extend your customer support by one year. No free plugins are provided.

Features make CSS3 Price List a great choice

  • Pricing is some of the best features we've seen for features you have in the pricing plugin.
  • Large collection of customization tools allowing thousands of unique price lists. This includes 20 color versions, 60 ribbons, 42 cross icons and two palette styles.
  • Create unlimited number of rows and columns.
  • Touch the CSS and HTML modules to further customize.
  • You have options to adjust the width and height of all columns and rows.
  • Renponsive ability.
  • Shortcodes help you make your price lists anywhere on your website.
  • Data import and export tool so you can move your data to another sheet or import from a spreadsheet.
  • Support icons to include images such as check marks and Xs.
  • Animation and media support to add images and make your plan stand out.

6. ARprice - Responsive WordPress Price List Plugin

The ARPrice Plugin also sells on the CodeCanyon website, but for $ 23. We are starting to see that many companies and individuals may be better off paying these super low prices to get all the features they need, as opposed to working with a free plugin that lacks some functionality. Regardless, this price list plugin has some of the best images on this list, as it supports several types of media, such as wallpapers and icons.

ARprice - WordPress Price List Plugin

ARprice - WordPress Price List Plugin

The backend designer is a visual editor that shows exactly what your price list will look like online. You can then choose to view your pricing plan based on the annual, monthly or many other time services available. You start the process by selecting a template, then you can enter and enter data, change around the effects and choose your font. Overall, the ARprice plugin provides a nice user interface with even better frontend results.


A one-time fee of $ 23 for a fee of $ 6.75 to renew your support for up to one year.

Features that make ARprice a great choice

  • It is quite reasonable for a premium plugin.
  • More than 300 price list templates are provided for you to download with the plugin.
  • The customization tools are great, with unlimited color options, full response templates, conversion price buttons and over 3,000 icons.
  • Animated effects are bound to help by making your price list more attractive.
  • There is a CSS module and CSS tutorial system for advanced customizations.
  • You get some unique integration with other third-party programs like Google Maps.
  • The real-time template editor provides a nice intuitive interface to adjust items such as columns, titles and backgrounds.
  • An additional team introduces the referral feature, the basic feature has the same column format and allows you to share information about your employees on the site.
  • WordPress price list plugin is compatible with most popular page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg and WPBakery.

7. WP Price List Generator - The plugin has a responsive pricing plan for WordPress

This is another premium pricing plugin with a solid price. Creator WP price list Comes with about 90 acres for you to immerse yourself into. There is also a custom theme builder and a drag and drop builder for the ultimate visual design experience.

WP Price List Generator - Plugin with responsive pricing plan for WordPress

WP Price List Generator - Plugin with responsive pricing plan for WordPress

I like this plugin because it doesn't try to create a sample library of 100 options. Instead, you can say that developers have focused on quality and spent a lot of time making all the modern and beautiful models possible. Theme color builder is an interesting feature that doesn't seem to be in any other plugin. It allows you to create a color theme with a color of your choice. Therefore, at least you know that the color of your price list will look beautiful.


The plugin costs $ 24.

Upgrade to 12 months of support for $ 7.13.

Features that make WP Price List Maker a great choice

  • 89 models that are colorful, versatile, and useful for a variety of industries.
  • Your tables may include images like different colors, feature lists, and icons like check marks and X.
  • Add tags to some of your pricing plans when you need to highlight the best value, discount, or possibly a new pricing plan.
  • Change monetary and monetary values ​​easily.
  • Include information icons that people can scroll through to read more information.
  • Customize every element of your price list with a drag and drop editor.
  • Some of the best customization options include adjusting colors, widths, lists and icons.
  • Color maker is a great starting point for those who do not understand how to mix colors. For example, you can insert the main color from your logo and see what other colors match it.

8. Price list - Price list, Price list, Price list easily

The Price list - Plugin listing price comes from the folks at A WP Life. It is a newer, but respected solution. The free version has nice options for customization, including a few templates that come with the plugin. Animations are provided and you can insert items such as icons and feature lists. Place Buy now buttons on the list and combine tags for things like Hot Hot items or popular categories.

Price list - Price list, Price list, Easy price list

Price list - Price list, Price list, Easy price list

The Premium version This plugin gives you all the same features, along with an additional 19 templates. It's only $ 9.99, so if you find a template that fits your brand, look for it.


Free and $ 9.99 for the premium version.

The features that make the Price List a great choice

  • You get all the good features in the free version. The only reason to upgrade is if you want a specific template that is not included in the free plugin.
  • Some beautiful price list templates are included in the free version. You can also upgrade to about 20 more.
  • All tables that come with the plugin are considered completely responsive.
  • Icons allow you to create more visually attractive tables.
  • Shortcodes help put your board anywhere on your website.
  • Price lists can be added and removed from your site at the touch of a button.
  • Custom options include unlimited colors, button colors, title colors and more.
  • Custom CSS styles can be implemented in the control panel.
  • The design area is not a completely intuitive builder, but it is set up with many columns to simulate what the tables will look like before.

9. WRC price list

The WRC Pricing Tables is provided as a free plugin, but you can opt to upgrade for $ 10. A slightly more advanced premium version, with over 500 additional templates, integrated PayPal and price converter to switch between things like monthly and yearly plans. Several other features come with premium packages, so it's definitely worth considering because the price is too low.

WRC price list

WRC price list

The free plugin is great for building simple price lists and you can create unlimited rows and columns. All designs are made with the help of a drag and drop editor. One of the things we like most about the WRC Price List plugin is that you can use the color picker, which basically takes your color and creates a random palette design for you.


Free. $ 10 for premium.

Features that make WRC Price List a great choice

  • WRC Price List Plugin has great features in the free version, with a full premium solution for only $ 10 (one-time fee).
  • The plugin provides shortcodes when you need to place price lists anywhere on your WordPress site. For example, a shortcode can technically go on any page, post, or even potentially a widget.
  • The Font Awesome icons add some visual images to your design.
  • The plugin also supports Google Fonts.
  • The integration of the PayPal button ensures that you can collect money from your customers.
  • Pretty much every template comes with the plugin.
  • You can add an unlimited number of rows and columns and copy price lists and save them for later.
  • Advanced developers have the opportunity to improve their tables with c0ustom CSS.

Which is the best WordPress Price List Plugin for you?

The plugins listed above are all available for you to test. However, I can also help you a little easier with some additional recommendations.

All other price list plugins on this list also have their advantages. However, these are the things I tend to like the most.

But what if you are not interested in using the plugin and want your own price list code?

If you have any questions about price lists, or if you have any suggestions for others, let us know in the comments!


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