A slow loading page means that the website is down


A slow loading page means that the website is down - Black Friday, Electronic Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year - the season of epic online shopping is almost here. The internet offers unprecedented opportunity. From a global perspective, e-commerce entrepreneurs are aware of the risks associated with store downtime. And you? Website downtime reduces customer conversion, affecting the overall revenue of any e-commerce website.


Slow page load time of only 1 second costs Amazon.com $ 1.6 billion per year. It's true! Moreover, higher uptime has led to Smart Furniture increasing 20% ​​of free traffic, page views up 14%, increasing search engine rankings to two positions.

It is important to avoid e-commerce website downtime at all costs. Why? Because 40% of online shoppers will exit if they wait three seconds or more to load the page. Moreover, the 1 second server latency is responsible for a 2.8% decrease in revenue, an increase of two seconds at the click time.

According to Walmart, when page load time jumps from 1 second to 4 seconds, the conversion drastically decreases. Every 1 second of improvement, they experience a 2% increase in conversions. Google says adding 0.5 seconds to each generation of search pages reduces 20% of traffic.

Website downtime is not the only major revenue for online customers. In 2020, a Slow Page Load Time is a new downtime according to e-commerce customers. They view the e-commerce website slowly prw the negative outlook is like downtime. We have a solution, but before that, let's discuss the problem with the facts first.

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Why is page loading speed an important issue?


Downtime is better for e-commerce websites instead of slow page load speed. Slow loading times make customers hate your service, when e-commerce websites are facing downtime, customers will try again later.

If an ecommerce website takes too long to load, it will seriously affect the following aspect:

  • Lost sales- According to Kissmetrics, 73% of mobile phone users say they have encountered slow loading e-commerce websites. 38% of them said they encountered a website that didn't load at all. Needless to say, the website went down, 100% of visitors would turn away. That is exactly the same as locking the door to an e-commerce website.
  • Reduce customers- Research shows that website visitors will turn to rival websites if your website does not load quickly. Keeping this central, a higher bounce rate proves to be extremely harmful to the online business you manage.
  • Global user base- Believe it or not, customers are always shopping online. If the website is facing downtime at 5am in the US, it does not bother most US visitors. But, it is 11 am in Central Europe or 9 pm in Sydney, Australia. Think about it.
  • Service is important on time- When customers visit your ecommerce website, they limit the time to buy the desired product or service. If your website goes down that time, you will face consequences.
  • Brand reputation- When a customer visits any e-commerce website and finds it does not work, it is not a good experience. It often creates frustration. This often happens, it will affect brand reputation. In addition, if Google or another search engine cannot find your website due to downtime, they will index it. They do not like sending users to dead ends.

Slow page load speed also affects other e-commerce KPIs such as successful conversion, customer satisfaction, retention, website time, page views, bounce rate, and organic search traffic. money.

Are you ready to face security issues?


Thirty thousand websites, mostly e-commerce websites, are attacked daily. The e-commerce website you manage is full of confidential information such as customer records, credit card information and bank details. To gain trust from customers, you need to provide a safe online shopping experience.

The reason why e-commerce websites are hackers' favorite target during the holiday season is quite simple. Few estores care about PCI compliance to ensure all transactions are protected. Hackers take advantage of this and attack e-commerce websites with different malware. You definitely don't want to go that way. So how to secure your e-commerce website and then expand the scale at the same time?



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