Author 'Rich Dad, Poor Father': Buy more Bitcoin before people are forced to rescue the Fed

Author 'Rich Dad, Poor Father': Buy more Bitcoin before people are forced to rescue the Fed

The author of the famous bestseller "Rich Dad, Poor Father" once again supported Bitcoin (BTC), this time thinking that quantitative easing (QE) had ever been present from the Federal Reserve. US (Fed) can cause trouble for ordinary people.

On April 13, Robert Kiyosaki continued onto Tiwitter to discuss about Bitcoin to its followers amidst the Fed's continued implementation of QE measures last week. He reminded the community that three weeks ago, the US Congress proposed providing the Fed with access to $ 425 billion to provide emergency assistance to businesses or localities that were struggling due to Covid-19. , ”As reported by the New York Times.

The author "Rich Dad, Poor Father" said ordinary people should buy more Bitcoin, as well as other safe physical assets.

"Buy more than Bitcoin, gold and silver"

Not only the author of famous financial and investment books, Robert Kiyosaki is also known as a quite successful investor, he made a lot of money after the 2008 financial crisis from real estate. , and recently he has shown himself to be a "big fan" of Bitcoin. Unlike other Bitcoin bulls, Kiyosaki does not compare gold and Bitcoin.

In his recent tweet, he reminded people of a proposal from US senators to create a $ 425 billion donation, thereby helping the Fed use the money to support printing money. emergency face.

Kiyosaki addressed this issue through a rhetorical question, "Has the Fed reached its end?". He said people should remember that the Fed has started printing more money since 2008. He expressed concern after the US Central Bank printed tons of money to protect large corporations and small and medium enterprises, then who will be the rescuer for the Fed itself Kiyosaki was concerned that it might be ordinary people.

"People can lose faith in the Fed and the US dollar."

In one tweet Earlier, Kiyosaki stated that the Fed is unlikely to be broken. However, he added, the Fed could make the public distrust. In that case, Kiyosaki believes that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will join to support the dollar.

Robert Kiyosaki emphasized his skepticism about the international monetary system in general.

“In theory, the Fed is unlikely to be broken. But people can lose confidence in the Fed & USD. $ 425 billion was secretly given to the Fed to expand to $ 4.25 trillion worth of fake dollars into the economy with more than $ 9 billion of the Fed's fake money. When trust disappears, the IMF will enter. "

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