Avee Player PRO - Create beautiful music videos on your phone

Avee Music Player (Pro) - is an application that has a lot of different features such as: music player, audio editing, creating videos with a music ... Especially Avee Music Player is very light and stable while use. Even a weak phone you can use Avee Player PRO because this application is optimized quite well .. You download Avee Player PRO below for free. And Especially, this is a "PRO Premium" version, so it is possible to remove the Logo of the company when exporting videos.!

Download Avee Music Player Pro Premium Free

Avee Player PRO - Create beautiful music videos on your phone

Some Avee Player PRO features

  • Division of content in performances, guide genres, lists, albums.

  • Luxurious sound Minh with installed scales and nice effects.

  • music off timer

  • Functionality and smoothness transition between melodies.

  • Specify the frequency of the sound for perfect sound.

  • Manage with using Bluetooth Listening.

  • Support all famous audio formats.

  • Main video format support.

Download Avee Player PRO Premium

Google drive:
Download the .apk file

Mediafire: Download the .apk file

- Good luck.!
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