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Best WordPress backup plugin - The internet is still a scary place for website owners, especially those with WordPress-enabled websites. Because it provides about a quarter of websites on the internet, it is a favorite cybercrime target.

The sad reality in digital life is that no platform is considered 100% secure, WordPress is no exception. We live in an era of popular plugins that could put 1.3 million WordPress websites at risk.

So how do you feel secure at such a difficult time?

You install the security plugin, choose an interface from the developer, and apply all the best security practices at your website, the threat does not disappear completely. There is always a possibility of disaster at any time.

It is not an external entity that attacks your website. Sometimes website developers make mistakes or push changes / improvements that damage the website. This is a fairly common scenario when it happens, you need a way to operate things as soon as possible.

In both scenarios, the solution is simple: choose a managed WordPress host and simply install the WordPress backup plugin.

Why save WordPress website?


If the server goes down tomorrow, will you be able to recover EVERYTHING? What happens if you lose all the work you've put on your WordPress site for years?

If you know the answer to this question, you need a backup solution for your website. However, before getting into the details of WordPress, it is important to know the importance of backing up a WordPress website.

Website data backup is important regardless of whether you choose the WordPress version or hosting solution. The website backup process agrees you to recover from an attack or incident without taking too much time.

Backup helps you restore your website without hassle. However, it all depends on the backup process, in addition to the backup frequency. If the backup frequency is set to 1 week, you will restore the saved version seven days ago. Therefore, if the website you see changes often, you should consider setting a more realistic frequency to ensure you restore to a newer version.

How to backup WordPress website?

There are two ways to back up WordPress websites: manually (on demand) and automatically via the backup plugin. Manually backing up a website requires technical knowledge and a process that is more likely to fail if you miss something. Therefore, it is best to use the WordPress backup plugin to simplify the process.

Here, I have created a list of top WordPress backup and restore plugins for the website. Some are free, some require you to pay, but rest assured the investment is worth it.

  1. WordPress Backup & Security Plugin - BlogVault


You use BlogVault when you are looking for a free Plugin that provides automatic WordPress backup service. The plugin has been installed on nearly 20,000 websites, with 4.3 ratings on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

This tool provides automatic backup for Dropbox if it's a storage solution. BlogVault, however, requires a few presets, although the documentation points out that the installation is simple, you'll need to invest time in getting everything right.


  • Complete file backup, database

  • Real time backup

  • Automation options

  • Ability to check backups before they are restored

  • Backup history 365 days


  • Simple to set up

  • Data is encrypted and backed up in many data centers to ensure its usability and security.


  • There is no dashboard at installing WordPress. Need to go to BlogVault web application for details.

  • Web applications sometimes appear too complex for unfamiliar people.

  1. VaultPress


If you are willing to go further at protecting your website, VaultPress is for you. With industry-standard backup and restore, VaultPress integrates a lightweight yet powerful backup process at the website.

VaultPress also comes with cloud storage, adding another layer of security to the website. As an added benefit, it also scans files for malicious content.


  • Complete file backup, database

  • Daily backup

  • 30-day backup storage

  • Restore by click

  • Daily analysis of potential security holes

  • Fix all security issues with 1-Click

  • Premium support


  • Simple interface

  • Backup statistics

  • Developer: Automattic


No free packages (free trial version available at Jetpack plugin)

  1. BackWPup - WordPress Backup Plugin


Looking for a free WordPress backup plugin, choosing BackWPup is a great decision. It agrees that you back up the website and then store the backup on Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud or your computer. With an easy-to-use interface to backup and restore, it also provides automatic scheduling according to the frequency of website updates.

See more: Wordpress maintenance plugin

  1. BackupBuddy


BackupBuddy plugin image with the leading feature of backup plugin on the black background with text as the original wordpress backup plugin

BackupBuddy is probably the only reliable, most effective backup plugin for WordPress in the market today. I will add cost effective people to the list because it is not free. However, premium tools are worth every cent. It has a dedicated support team along with a forum for troubleshooting.

Another big advantage from using BackupBuddy is the license-based service from it. You get the license to use the plugin with the number of websites you mention in your plan. The license agrees that you support the forum, more frequent updates are 1 GB of cloud storage for backup.


  • Complete backup, restore files, databases

  • Ability to customize the backup schedule

  • Backup space is available on iTheme server

  • Save backups to Stash BackupBuddy, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox

  • Ability to back up manually

  • Backup profile with exclusion option

  • Integrated moving tool


  • Good assistant to guide you when setting up the first backup

  • Email notification of backup status

  • Possibility to limit storage size if you need to conserve disk space

  • Integrated security analysis


  • There is no free package or trial period

  • A little more expensive than the opponent

  1. BackUpWordPress


Certain BackUpWordPress is Good WordPress backup plugin, but probably less functional than UpdraftPlus. It was almost common later with more than 200,000 installations.

BackUpWordPress is perfect when you just want to schedule a backup. Although its features are limited, it offers a range of easy-to-use features.


  • Complete backup of files and databases

  • Works on shared hosting

  • Back up some schedules

  • Send the backup via email

  • Custom backup records with exclusion option

  • Works on both Linux and Windows


  • Simple interface

  • Available in many languages


  • Absent quality support

  • You have to pay $ 99 for the developer package to store the backup in a third-party hosting service.

  1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin


UpdraftPlus is a very popular free plugin that makes a backup of WordPress website on Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox or even via email. You perform a quick restore, select specific files to backup, download a backup archive. During the backup process, the upload process fails, the plugin is configured to mark the upload process again. There is a premium version that offers a range of improved features.


  • Complete backup of files and databases

  • Automatic scheduled backup

  • Quick backup recovery

  • Ability to store backups on UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Dreamhost, DreamObjects, FTP, OpenStack, email accounts.

  • Schedule scheduled backup of separate web files and databases

  • Divide large backups into multiple archives


  • Support multiple languages

  • Simple interface

  • Advanced configuration options for professionals


  1. Duplicator - WordPress Migration Plugin


Copying is a backup solution that is not limited to backups but also copies entire websites. As expected, this is a powerful backup solution installed on over 1 million websites, ranked 4.9 in the official WordPress Plugin Repository.

This plugin facilitates the process of completely moving / duplicating the website from one location to another, this is a great solution if you are looking to recreate the website on another server.

  1. WordPress Backup & Clone Master


I believe protecting WordPress website is an endless game. Sometimes you go ahead, sometimes it's a hacker. The best defense against attacks will always be the ability of a smooth backup process at the site. So when disaster strikes, all you have to do is restore the last available backup.

You see how WordPress Backup & Clone Master fits into this website's security idea.

With this plugin, you backup your website on demand or on schedule, with a backup available in a zip file. In addition, you also back up the entire website or just files, databases selected.

As an additional service, WordPress Backup & Clone Master agrees you to make a copy of your website at a new domain or at a new WordPress installation.

  1. Backup My WP to Dropbox


Although most people back up the WordPress website, few people understand what it means to have a safe space to store a backup file. Backup My WP to Dropbox works like most other plugins by agreeing that you create a backup of your WordPress website with just one click or through the scheduled automatic cron WP backup job.

The big difference is that when the backup is completed, the zip file will automatically be sent to the connected DropBox account, you will be notified via email. Backing up a WordPress website on Dropbox is a guarantee to always have a WordPress backup.

  1. Multi-Plugin Installer - Plugin Backup and Restore


Finish choosing this WordPress backup plugin with a slightly different plugin - Installer of multiple plugins. This plugin saves countless hours you will spend backing up the plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to create a backup archive that you use at other websites to install multiple plugins with one click.

Once installed, activating all plugins is done with just one click. The backup, archive creation includes all plugins or plugins selected

Recommendations and considerations

It is difficult to list all the great WordPress backup plugins. New plugins continue to appear every day, and existing plugins develop feature sets that ensure they continue to provide great service to users.

Recommended backup plugin free

In my opinion, the plugin that offers the best combination of price and features is UpdraftPlus. This is a great plugin that provides a simple backup solution with a few features aimed at experienced users.

Advanced backup plugin recommendation

For advanced solution users, I would say VaultPress is enough for every request from you. It's hard to be wrong when you choose products developed by the WordPress platform development team. The plan provides a nice balance of features for you to own a good backup plugin.

What is your favorite WordPress backup plugin? Do you know other plugins? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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