Brand Mention and its importance to SEO

Links have long been one of the main ranking factors in SEO search engine optimization. However, search engines can just apply a more accurate signal to rely on. And that is Brand Mention

brand mention
Brand Mention plays a very important role for SEO & Inbound Marketing

What is Brand Mention?

Brand Mention, or brand mentions, is an example when a brand or business is mentioned online as a post on social media, newspapers, website blogs, articles, or a Other content. These brand mentions are often published in the context of reviews, complaints, satisfied customer feedback, and your audience's educational posts.

It forms a large segment of social media monitoring and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Do you really know what your customers are thinking and saying about your brand in real time? When it comes to your brand, you will definitely want to know what others are saying, whether it's good or bad.

That is Brand Mention!

How important is Brand Mention to SEO?

Currently, the main focus in SEO and digital marketing in general is to create and maintain a high quality content building strategy. But importantly, the content strategy is not the only basis for ranking well in search results. Creating quality inbound links is still a very important SEO factor affecting rankings, but the definition of an effective link building strategy is changing.

Digital marketing experts have analyzed a previously issued patent that can provide key answers on how Google really measures brand authority as a ranking factor. . And here it has been determined that citations and brand mentions - building links without actual links - are important to Google and are redefining SEO optimization strategies. .

The internet has changed a lot. PageRank's idea of ​​the web is a chart of pages that are linked by hyperlinks, showing the relationship between these pages in a very limited, binary way (link = trust; missing link = lack of degrees). trusted), is now somewhat outdated. The web today is more than just links and pages - it's a comprehensive ecosystem where relationships can be expressed in a million ways. Referring to the unbiased brand and the emotional behind the nos can be a timely replacement for a ranking signal that no longer fits ..

There is ample evidence to prove that Brand Mention is becoming a core ranking factor although link building strategies still work for SEO.

  • Google and Bing have said that

Google webmaster trend analyst Gary Illyes mentioned in speech at Brighton SEO in September 2017:

Original document

“If you publish high-quality content that is highly cited on the internet - and I'm not talking about just links, but also mentions on social networks and people talking about your branding, crap like that. Then you are doing great ”

Temporary translation

“If you publish high quality content and are appreciated by an internet quote - and I'm not talking about just links, but about social media and people talking about your brand and liking it. it. That you are doing very well. ”

Duane Forrester, formerly senior product manager at Bing, pointed out at SMX West 2016 that linkless mentions can be as strong as backlinks, confirming that search engines can easily identify mentions and using them to determine site authority:

Five years ago, Bing figured out the context and sentiments of the melody, and how to link mentioned without a link. As the volume increases and the credibility of this mention is known, you will get a boost in the rankings as a trial.

  • Google's patent also said it

Panda patent Google's also referring to mentions, otherwise known as implied links, is a signal that can weigh as much as old backlinks:

Original document:

“The system determines a count of independent links for the group (step 302). […] Links for the group can include express links, implied links, or both. […] An implied link is a reference to a target resource, e.g., a citation to the target resource, which is included in a source resource but is not an express link to the target resource. Thus, a resource in the group can be the target of an implied link without a user being able to navigate to the resource by following the implied link. ”

Provisional translation:

The system determines the number of links independently of the group (step 302). A link to a resource group is a link to a resource in the group, that is, a link that has a resource in the target group. Links for groups can include express links, implied links or both. A quick link, for example, a hyperlink, is a link included in a resource that users can track to navigate to the target resource. Implied link is a reference to the target resource, for example, a reference to the target resource, included in the source resource but not an explicit link to the target resource. Therefore, a resource in the group can be the target of an implied link that the user cannot navigate to the resource by following the implied link.

  • Google's search quality guidelines have said that

Search Quality Guidelines is the document used by Google quality reviewers who evaluate websites in the SERPs; Based on ratings, Google develops changes to their ranking algorithms. From these guidelines, we know that reputation (also known as public opinion about the brand) is important for rankings.

To evaluate the quality of the site, you must also seek external independent reputation information about the site. When the site says one thing about itself, but reputable external sources disagree with what the site says, trust external sources.

Implied links and Brand Mention

Google is changing the way they see links and how they will affect rankings. A new patent was issued on March 25, 2014, registered for Navneet Panda and Vladimir Ofitserov, most of which can establish new definitions for links, as explained in the following excerpt:

Original document

“An Express link, e.g., a hyperlink, is a link that is included in a source resource that a user can follow to navigate to a target resource. An implied link is a reference to a target resource, e.g., a citation to the target resource, which is included in a source resource but is not an express link to the target resource. Thus, a resource in the group can be the target of an implied link without a user being able to navigate to the resource by following the implied link. ”

Temporary translation

An Express link, for example, a hyperlink, is a link included in a resource that users can track to navigate to the target resource. An implied link is a reference to a target resource, for example, a citation to the target resource, included in a source resource but not a quick link to the target resource. . Therefore, a resource in the group can be the target of an implied link that the user cannot navigate to the resource by following the implied link.

The term Express Link is now a new hyperlink and new players in the ranking factor game - implied links - are now included. Implied, because there is actually no link back to the source site, but just a quote or mention of the brand, company name, product, website or anything that identifies the source.

Online branding and citations should be well integrated into the content of the website and this can be done through a variety of forms. A website that quotes or mentions a brand may be talking about its products or services and how it relates to the content of the page. It can even be integrated into a comment that is naturally well woven into the content. As long as the brand or name of the website is mentioned - a mention of the brand or online citation is established.

Why citations and brand mentions are important to SEO

There may be hundreds of different reasons why Google attaches great importance to mentioning and citing trademarks. However, the point to understand from all of this is - if it's important to Google, then it's important to SEO. Here are some possibilities:

  • It provides a better measurement for brand authority

As mentioned earlier, Google has abandoned traditional link building as a single factor to establishing brand power. In doing so, it will need a better alternative to establish authority and they have found it through brand mentions.

  • It provides better protection against manipulation

Anchor text and links can easily be manipulated. Sometimes, the links will return to a website that is completely unrelated to the source site. On the other hand, it is harder to mention the brand because the online quote or mention of the brand must be appropriate and in the context for it to be seamlessly woven into the content.

  • It can be used to leverage social signals for SEO

Mentioning brands would be a better way to leverage social signals for SEO. Links generated from social media are basically not following and will certainly not affect your rankings. But with these changes, sharing, commenting, tweets and other socially generated quotes - even without links - can now be an important factor to rank.

  • It was important to Local SEO

Local SEO is very important for small and medium businesses targeting customers from within a certain locality. As discussed previously at VietNet Group, the citations have been described as one Important factor for Local SEO, especially regular NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information. But the logic is that Google uses this importance for the bigger picture.

Brand Mention is also very important for Inbound Marketing strategy

  • It creates brand awareness and vision

An effective brand mention will enhance the recognition your business receives. If your brand is highly consistent and recognizable, more and more people will feel confident in using solutions and services.

People prioritize more familiarity and if you have a reputation for being a quality service provider, that will lead to an increase in business, because they will choose the products and services you offer. with other sellers.

If you're running a real-business audience, is it likely that someone is talking about your brand somewhere in the world and all such discussions represent many opportunities?

  • It gives your brand a personality

Moving on to the next importance of branding, understand that it gives your brand a new personality.

Brand mentions supervision allows you to better understand how your audience interacts with your products and services. In turn, this will allow you to shape your marketing campaigns and highlight the verticals you lag behind and the kind of improvements that can be made to fix it.

Because brand mentions such as customer reviews are unbiased, they can guide you to improve marketing strategies, customer service, product development and more. Consistent delivery of customer reviews allows you to constantly monitor the improvement your brand is demonstrating in terms of development and marketing.

  • It reinforces your brand reputation

One of the most important benefits of mentioning a brand is that it reinforces your brand's online reputation. While reputation management plays an important role in both online and offline media, you can easily follow your brand mentions online. Encountering a positive mention will allow you to engage in a conversation with your fans and will ensure that you build strong relationships with your customers.

All of the positive interactions you have with your customers will create a huge customer base that will loyal to you. As a brand, you should make the most of all the opportunities you have to build healthy relationships with your customers.

On the other hand, when it comes to negative claims related to your business, always remember that customers will have a better say when they're unhappy. This tends to be true when doing business online as well. If someone is saying negative things about your brand, you should know about it.

How to use Brand Mention?

At this point, you may have the misconception that traditional links are no longer needed because they are outdated. However, traditional links are still important, though not as important as they used to be. This is also implied in the patent, when both Quick Links and Implied Links are identified - placing equal importance on both.

Therefore, establishing a balance between brand mentions and link building is important for your SEO strategy. Here are some tips on how to create a balanced link building strategy between implied and explicit links:

  • Avoid having a higher clear link rate with your brand mention to avoid being tagged as spam may affect your brand authority.
  • Visually spreading content is a good, natural way to keep a good percentage of links clear to brand mentions - something Google likes.
  • Writing guest posts is still effective, but as Matt Cutts mentioned, it should be used for the brand and thus is a good way to refer to the brand.
  • It's obvious, but it's important to mention that you should keep your link building strategy as natural and ethical as you can.
  • Use all available channels for Branding - write guest posts, comments, social media and content provided and shareable, viral
  • In the end, it all boils down to giving your target audience what they want. Make your site authoritative, relevant, and a valuable resource for targeted audiences - and you will soon see a stream of Brand mentions flow into

As a great online service provider, Google naturally wants to provide its users with the best information and resources they need and want.

Link building is still not outdated. It's still important, but the amount of mentions surrounding your brand is equally important. So a Brand Mention building strategy also plays a very important role in all your SEO strategies.

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