BuddyBoss Platform v1.3.2 & BuddyBoss Theme v1.4.4 - Forum Wordpress

Communication BuddyBoss Platform Adding community features to WordPress. Membership profiles, active channels, live messages, notifications and more!

BuddyBoss help you easily share your knowledge and passion in, build users to increase your income.

This platform provides learning structure, micro learning, social learning and gamification for active learning.

Online communication allows your subscribers or customers to connect under your brand. Participants can communicate and interact with each other on topics in forums and groups.

It can help you earn loyalty, collect feedback, add value and attract your brand. Thanks for integration AppBoss, you can launch your own mobile application and stay in touch with the community anywhere.

Connect with friends - BuddyBoss PlatformSee also Buddy: Simple WordPress WordPress online community theme

  • Online membership program

    Provide value to your members by creating consistent and reliable revenue streams. Use community and gamification features to keep your community active.

  • Business training

    Having a central hub to train your workforce, as well as to communicate and interact with employees is an important success factor in today's competitive market. BuddyBoss Help you focus on student experience and learning.

customize everything - BuddyBoss Platform

  • Non-profit organizations

    Reduce the cost of education and training with structured online courses for your staff and volunteers. Provide important skills training such as effective fundraising or writing an application to help increase funding for your organization.

    Use community functions to care about your employees, volunteers and other interested parties, to provide them with great value that can affect your reputation.

  • Online school and integrated learning

    Online education is growing faster than ever. BuddyBoss Help you create a flexible learning environment that supports your students from anywhere in the world.

Demo: https://www.buddyboss.com/resources/reference/


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