Buy elastic five-color gym wire where good and price ba0 much money?

Learn about shop, selling / buying addresses iridescent wire Where is the gym elasticity good and how much does it cost through the article below?

The five-color string of gym is not too strange for many friends when doing gym at home. This elastic five-color gym belt helps you get the ideal body shape. Currently on the market today there are many addresses, shops are selling at many different prices, this makes it difficult for users to choose a reputable shop.

To help you find a gym that sells iridescent gyms with good prices and quality. Find out right through the article below with to get a quick answer.

What is a gym pentagram?

The gym's five-color string is a set of 5 strings with 5 different colors: red - yellow - blue - green - black.

5 strings with 5 different colors corresponding to each different weight. Turn as follows:

  • Yellow wire: 10 LB ~ 5 kg.

  • Red cord: 15 LB ~ 7.5 kg.

  • Blue rope: 20 LB ~ 10 kg.

  • Green rope: 25 LB ~ 12.5 kg.

  • Black wire: 30 LB ~ 15 kg.

Buy elastic five-color gym wire where good and how much money?

Total of 5 wires is 50KG.

In addition, the five-color gym belt sets also have additional support tools such as:

  • 2 handles: hook into the wire to practice.

  • 2 foot hook: help you practice foot with iridescent easily.

  • 1 door hook: Supporting device when you do not have a window or iron frame to hook the cord through. Using the hook is quite easy, you open the door, put the black end into the slot of the door, then close the door. Proceed to hook the rope through to practice.

  • Waterproof carrying bag: Carry easily, work anytime, anywhere. The advantages of gym multicolor wire

  • 1 sheet of instruction manual for use: With full of movements to help you practice easily.

The compact five-color string set makes it easy to practice, the following advantages will surely make you excited to order now:

  • Easy workout anywhere.

  • Any practice is fine.

  • Suitable for both men and women.

  • Convenient carrying bag that can be carried even at work, office, ...

  • Many versatile exercises from hands, feet, shoulders, chest, back, legs, ...

  • Different weight, suitable for each person's strength.

How much does a five-color gym wire cost?

On the market today, there are many shops and addresses selling iridescent wire with different prices, seeing cheap, surely everyone likes it but synonymous with that quality will not be guaranteed.

A few criteria below help you to order iridescent wire with reasonable price:

  • Wire quality must be good, elasticity must be high.

  • Handles as well as foot hooks, door hooks must be sure to help you practice safely.

  • There are instructions for use.

  • There is a clear product warranty policy

  • Easy return and exchange products

Buy elastic five-color gym wire where good and how much money?

Choose a reputable address to buy elastic five-color string gym

On the internet today there are many shops and stalls selling this colorful string, but many different prices make you wonder where to buy. A few criteria to help you choose a reputable shop and address.

  • Support using the product: When ordering products, you will be surprised when you do not know how to practice, with the shop detailed instructions will help you more easily practice, many shops only sell online. In general, when the sale is complete, they disappear, making it difficult for users to use

  • There is a customer warranty policy: The product you buy is not always perfect. Out of 100 sets, there is still a probability of 5 sets of errors.If you fall into the situation of those 5 sets and the shop does not have a warranty policy, you are the real one. Many shops selling colorful iridescent wire usually focus on selling only, when customers respond, they do not respond or indifferent, causing loss of confidence for buyers.

  • There is a clear return policy: Many online stores now dumped to find customers, especially on the commercial floors in Vietnam such as Shoppee, Sendo, Tiki, ... Buyers do not know where to order from It's easy to get stuck with quality products. When you use it for a few days, you can not change, thus causing loss of confidence in the product

  • After-sales policy: In addition to selling regular products, the after-sales policy is also extremely important, in addition to training customers, product quality is also a factor that customers care about.

Phat Phat Sport - Where to order the most prestigious and best gym of the five colors?

You do not know where to buy the best iridescent wire And how is the price?

Phat Phat Sports is one of the prestigious addresses on the market today that helps you order the best gym of five colors.

Currently, the five-color gym belt is the main product of Phat Phat Sports so everything from importing as well as choosing is very thorough and safe.

Order the five-color string at Phat Phat Sports, you are completely assured by the extremely good sales policy of Phat Phat Sports:

  • Quality products, reputation.

  • Check products thoroughly before delivery to customers.

  • Product warranty 6 - 12 months.

  • 1 exchange 1 within 1 week

  • Free shipping nationwide

  • There are specific instructional videos

  • Bonus 1 JAPANESE WIRE WITH CONVENIENCE NUMBERS thereby helping you to add skipping exercises, burn calories quickly for the body, very useful.

Buy elastic five-color gym wire where good and how much money?

To order the gym iridescent wire at Phat Phat Sports you can contact by:

HOTLINE: 033 9011 909 - 0327832700

Address : 322/95/14 My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Facebook :



Hopefully this article will help you choose address to buy gym Prestige as well as reasonable price offline.

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