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Just a few days ago, it was the young people from the XDA forum that disturbed social networks with their experiments on exploiting the vulnerability. checkm8 (checkmate) on Apple iDevice.

The problem here is that this security flaw seems to be exploited by these young people in some pretty silly way, so the question is: is iOS still secure?

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#first. Checkra1n vulnerability and security risks for iPhone

Checkra1n is a flaw that comes from iDevice's hardware that is using an Apple A11 chip or less (with an iPhone equivalent to an iPhone X or less). And of course, hardware vulnerabilities cannot be fixed.

This vulnerability has been primarily exploited to jailbreak and bypass iPhone, but of course hackers can take advantage of this more than that.

Hackers can exploit the Checkra1n vulnerability by returning the device to DFU Mode => and then plugging it into a MacOS device to run the command.

Later, the exploit Checkra1n is also supported for both Linux and Windows platforms, but it is also an emulation on the MacOS environment to work.

And the developers from XDA have never disappointed us:

They used the rooted Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, installed TWRP, installed Rom Custom Android 10, and connected an iPhone via OTG to jailbreak the device.

In theory, since Android is developed on the Linux Kernel, this method can be used. But it was still quite dizzy for the Apple team to suffer from a device like the Xperia XZ1 Compact Jailbreak.

phone-cover-case (2)

Next: It is possible to install Android on iOS. Not proud, because it's a security hole. ProjectSandcastle is a long-standing project, with the goal of making the iPhone can run multiple operating systems like computers.

And now, with the Checkra1n flaw, they have released a Beta version of this project, which works with the Apple A10 chip on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPod Touch Gen 7.

They still use Checkra1n on their computer to jailbreak their iPhone, and this time with the removal of the Sandbox security layer of the device, thereby allowing the iPhone to install an additional parallel OS, here is Android 10.

However, at the moment, Android is still running extremely error and is very limited on the iPhone, so iFans should not be excited too soon 😀

And recently, the dumbest and most shocking: iDevice got jailbroken via a Wifi transmitter. A video posted shows the process of an iPad being jailbroken via the USB port of a wifi router, specifically the Linksys EA4500 Router.

According to the information we have, this Router is also developed on the Linux kernel, so if the user can access its root system, jailbreaking seems to be possible. But it's really silly 😛

phone-cover-case (1)

Do not know later hackers can jailbreak iPhone via sim stick not it? ^^

#2. Is iOS still secure?

It does. Of course !

At least for ordinary users, not everyone can exploit vulnerabilities like the Checkra1n type on stolen devices to take advantage.

Checkra1n is currently being used to jailbreak, bypass iPhone, or even remove some layers of security on iDevice, but that's just a flaw for the Apple A11 chip and below.

As for the Apple A12 and Apple A13 chips, despite being successfully jailbroken by Unc0ver, but due to not being affected by the Checkra1n flaw, it will have a higher security level.

phone-cover-case (1)

Next: Checkra1n only exploits the vulnerability on the machine. It is not used to attack your iCloud, so the data you store on iCloud can be assured of its safety.

iCloud isn't hacked, but it's the most secure layer Apple is proud of, so we can still trust it in some way.

Do you think iOS is as secure as before? Please leave your other perspective on this issue.

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