Content planning guide with detailed illustration template (freelancer should read)

If you watch for a bit, you will discover that I have recently shared documents and articles related to Content marketing goals & Content marketing strategy.

I have spent a long time researching the best ways to help content freelancers (like me) can enhance the value, not to punish the characters.

The fact has proved that, if only receiving small articles, your monthly income is extremely precarious, we only stabilize when receiving long-term jobs.

I understand that in the mind of those who have a heart for writing, everyone wants to know how the word "heavy" we will grow up, whether it is effective or not to "show" to the whole world or evening about your own "selfie" (if I have a chance)

So I decided to spend my time, as well as the available experience to guide you Content planning for customers. Thanks to this plan, the writer we will become more expensive, increasing the opportunity to catch the eye of customers, get long-term jobs to continue covering & sticking to this brain-cracking job.

Identify the thought of "quality over quantity"

To achieve KPI, many writers think that they have to meet many articles.

I think we need to change our minds today, before starting this content plan. Always keep in mind that:

"Quality over quantity."


No one wants to read the same duplicate content, boring, lack of investment and nothing interesting & I'm sure even you too.

To get rid of the old casing, make content like an inanimate machine Without any specific strategy or plan, it took me a long time to learn, read specialized materials & apply it in real work.

And I would like to say first that there is no content plan absolutely perfect 100%, your job is to continue learning and practicing, improving this plan over time.

1. Before planning content marketing

Market research, industry needs

Whether you do offline marketing or online marketing, market research is an extremely important preparation step. This will help you know:

  • Development of the industry
  • Development trends in the near future
  • Number of competitors in the industry
  • Opportunities that you can take advantage of
  • Challenges for you to cope and come up with solutions

When working with customers, I often use the tools below to quickly research the necessary information.

Use Google Trend to identify trends

Google Trend is an effective assistant to help you identify the latest market trends. From this tool, you can get an idea of ​​the level of consumer interest in your customers' products / services. From there, build content plans in line with market trends.

Expressions show interest in the product / service over time

In addition, Google Trend is also a useful tool to help content marketers keep up with the trend, build the most trendy content plans.


Change country (Right corner on the home page) and scroll down to the section Latest Stories and Insights & Recently trending To keep abreast of the latest updates on trends, it's also a pretty effective way to help you create good viral content on social media channels.

Through reports and surveys

If you are a little more careful, you can track reports from market research companies (research both online and offline) to learn more about industry needs & market insights.

Through quantitative research tools and qualitative research, these companies will provide you with relatively accurate data on the industry, helping you build marketing strategies that match the insights of your customers. target goods.

This part really takes your time and effort & is usually suitable for large jobs from medium to "big" brands.

I will introduce you to some market research units, one is that you can track valuable market information from them, and you can connect with them when needed.

Identify target customers
Understand market segments

Have you ever wondered how to become a professional freelancer writer? Every night I go to sleep, I put my hand on my forehead and ponder this problem. Especially when recruiting groups are full of jobs that overlook writing.

Then I found the answer through Content planning (Prove your true ability to show customers, but not every job will win), my heart is as happy as the first time I go to a festival.

Whether you are a content writer or a content marketer, you should understand the segment which product / service is serving.

  • Market segmentation by geography
  • Demographic-social market segment
  • Market segmentation by consumer behavior
  • Segment according to psychological characteristics

The more you understand the market segment you will communicate with, the less your strategy and content plan will go wrong.

Identify the target customer portrait

Content planning doubles if you are not too greedy.

You cannot satisfy every customer segment with just one plan. And "trying to eat sticky rice" also does not bring the expected results.

What target audience target the content plan is in what age, interests and habits, what they want of your product, what they are looking for or scared of.

Outline the customer portrait, you will build an appropriate content plan and quickly reach the target audience.


Customer analysis by SWOT matrix
  • How do we understand our customers?
  • How do I understand them best and get a nod to them?

The answer lies in this section & I really want to share it with you.

I often put products and services of customers into the SWOT matrix to know the Strengths, Strengths (Weaknesses), Opportunities (Opportunities), and Threats (Threats).


Thanks to SWOT matrix, you will have an overview of customers' products and services (This part is very convenient for you to present to customers), From there, make content strategies suitable for what products and services are available.

Locating products and services

The positioning of products is in the marketing strategy of the business & you should understand this positioning so that you can build appropriate content plans, highlighting the personality and uniqueness of products and services on the market. school.

If you ignore this, your content plan will not be able to optimize the following:

  • Consistency in syncing image content, video content exactly with what the company currently has.
  • Content style consistent with the positioning that the business has previously set.
  • Content planning doesn't go right, isn't strong enough, and falls in the other direction

Identify communication channels

This article only helps you build a content plan on a specific channel, so you need to determine which content this will show on which channels, thereby forming specific jobs, suitable for each channel. .

There are currently the following popular digital marketing channels:

  • Facebook (including facebook messenger)
  • Instagram (Effective sales channels are few operators)
  • Zalo (High single rate and target customers right)
  • Youtube (is the leading content trend in the future)
  • Pinterest (serving businesses and users looking for awesome ideas)
  • Website (Google search engine friendly, bring a big source of revenue)

There are many popular social media channels around the world such as snapchat, viber, twitter, ... but haven't been used in Vietnam so I haven't mentioned.

Research rival content

I emphasize that this is one of the things to do when building a content plan.

To put it this way, you keep developing your content and don't care about the world around you, the path you take will be a bit longer.

To achieve existing results in terms of content, your opponent has gone through a long process of work and research.

I encourage you to be smartly smart by studying your opponent's content, understanding what competitors are doing on the channels so they can catch up or surpass them.

Be lazy in a smart way.

I have learned that there is no right or wrong content, only effective or ineffective content. And spying on your opponent's content, the giants that have stood up in the media are the way to get to your destination as quickly as possible.

And spy how, please refer to the hegemony tools below.

Spy tool Spy content opponents

To produce perfect content, the strength of people is never enough, there are countless tools to help you spy on content but I just need to select a few good names to recommend to you, too much. thinning.


I often probe my opponent with Buzzumo, a tool that helps you research content and produce well. Buzzsumo gives you endless content ideas for you to create content that is "better" than your current competitor.

I know it how to use Buzzsumo via kiemtiencenter & find it very useful. So I did not have to rewrite what to do, click the link to see the details.

However this is a paid tool, if you use it for free for only 7 days and have a limited number of searches. So you can also search on google for groups Buzzsumo joint purchase to use for convenience, range 100-200k / month.

Fb ads exploration tool

If building fanpage content, you probably can not ignore the visit tool even if your opponent's Facebook ads. Knowing this content, you will know the opponent's content plan. When they run ads, what their plans are, how often they are run, how long they run, and how specific their ad content is.

From this activity, we plan content with specific product launch programs or "timely" offers that best serve the media audience.

Currently facebook has updated the ad gallery, you can come in, search fanpage name to track competitors' ads.

Find ideas for a Big Idea

This part is hard and not always the Big Idea. Big Idea based on brainstom process among members of marketing team.

Big Idea Need to meet the following requirements:

  • Connect emotions with customers
  • Feasible: Concise, concise & easy to deploy in any media
  • The idea of ​​stimulating demand, help you achieve sales goals.

To have a Big Idea - Ideas throughout the campaign Complete, I assert it always, it is not for novices, you have to start everything from understanding the target customers in the most meticulous way to get a feasible, feasible and effective Big idea. .

Big Idea will help you orient & produce content plans, through which customers feel that this product or service is necessary for them.

Big Idea has a close relationship with your customer analysis, once you understand the customer, the product will be able to connect customer needs with the product or service you are planning. .

And Big Idea is not for novices, it is present in pitching meetings between agencies and clients. I have never worked in a professional agency, so I cannot teach you how to get closer to Big Idea. It depends on the minds of marketers and content marketers.

You can gradually improve by getting to know customers, listening to the deep desires inside them to get deep Big ideas.

Define communication message

People often misunderstand that creating a message that talks too much about yourself, about a product or service, actually what you need is to build a message for customers to see. what are they

Through content planning & detailed content, the target customer can feel the main message that the product communicates.

Determine whether your customers' products or services bring you What practical value. These key messages will follow throughout your content plan.

Content style building

Common types of content

How content weight and frequency of repetition all depends on the ability of each person's thinking.

I will list the content types that can be proposed in the plan, but specifically how to do it, I will not repeat, because it is already available on the internet.



  • Gifographic
  • Infographic
  • Quote image
  • Screenshots


  • Product introduction video
  • Viral video
  • Video tutorial
  • Commercial video

Mini game


Present ideas to customers

This part is quite important, this is the time to prove your ability to customers.

When you have all the information in your head, even if it is on the entire worksheet, you will definitely be more confident.

I'm quite jealous of my peers & confess I am quite bad at communicating, so before each freelance job I did a thorough research (the contents above).

I will give you an important suggestion, helping you easily get a difficult nod from customers, which is to build a proposal to present the idea.

What do you need now?

Refine a bit of power point skills to "publish" an proposal right away, build it with a professional & detailed presentation concept (if you're not good at speaking).

The content of this proposal includes:

  • project introduction
  • Essential customer requirements
  • Understand the product
  • Analyze market & industry potential
  • Competitive analysis (competitors, substitutes)
  • Content strategy
  • Content plan
  • KPIs set for each channel
  • Campaign budget
  • Measure efficiency


Outline Proposal content plan I usually present

Put simply, imagine your proposal as an idea development tree. Each large item is a branch, each branch has many small branches, leaves and fruits. In each of the above sections, there is a lot of other work to analyze, you develop and perfect it to suit the requirements of customers.

The level of detail of the proposal depends on the dedication of each person & of course there are countless different ways of presenting the proposal, you don't necessarily have to follow your example.

It's a creative profession, it is okay to create an idea from morning till night.

Oh forget, in the process that I work with customers, there are a few proposal templates that think it will be useful for ideas & content strategy for you, I will give to those who share the article. this.

2. Conduct content marketing planning

Content planning according to 5W 1H

If you do not know what the 5W 1H formula is, you can click on this link to find out. Not only is it good for content planning, it is also used in all walks of life.

To create a content plan using this formula, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What: What content is included, including the content types?
  • Who: Who is the target audience? Who will implement the content
  • Where: What content is on which channel
  • When: Time to make content and have it "aired"
  • How: how is it done

Using the information you have researched above, combined with the answers to these questions, you can create a blueprint on the worksheet quickly.

Develop detailed content for the plan

The overall content plan I have suggested above, thanks to this plan, you will have the opportunity to work for a long time with customers & must develop a more detailed & long-term content plan.

Optimize details of each content

Whether it's image content or text, the video structure should always include the following:

  • Key message
  • Title
  • Text, decription
  • Content details

Because I don't know what project you're getting, I don't know what type of content is in the plan you're about to deploy.

However, some of the sharing below can help you complete the details, especially those you do not have too much experience.

3. After content content planning

Track interactions

You should follow the interaction after each content and make a detailed report on it by week or month. So you can know the reaction of the viewer to your content, how they respond, the number of increase or decrease over time, the content that they are most interested in.

Control the reviews

To optimize the content plan after each program, you should pay attention to the reviews, feedback from customers is the guideline for you to implement your content well.

Measure efficiency

From detailed engagement reports, you can see if your current content plan is working and optimize it over time.

4. Weekly, May content marketing plan template

The above is just the content plan that you can share publicly. Because of the nature of the work & involving partners, I cannot publish specific content in bulk.

Sample content planning details by your week

If you have difficulty implementing the content plan, you can share this article on your personal facebook to make it public and send me the share link with your email, I will send you a plan plan. more details.

Your shares are seen as a gift of spiritual support for you on the journey to share practical knowledge, documents that have gone into practice, rather than slashing like other "teachers".

In addition, if you have any difficulty creating content, you can leave a question in the comment section below. I will try to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability.


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