Crawl and Index - How does Google crawl the website?

If you're wondering how the hell can Google understand the content on your website? Then it's time for you to find out Crawl and Index what?

Those are the two terms that you need to understand, so that you understand how GG works

In this article, Hawk will explain concepts like:

  • What is a crawl?
  • What is index?

Help you understand how search engines work.

What is crawl and index

Fundamentals of search engines

how search engines work

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Google explained how search engines work that "Before you search, web crawlers gather information from across hundreds of billions of webpages and organize it in the Search index.

Can be understood as follows:

Before you search, bugs crawl from hundreds of billions of pages and organize it on search results.

Web crawler also known as the spider or spiderbot, commonly referred to as a crawler.

They are internet bots (small, preprogrammed robots) that fly through the World Wide Web.

For the purpose of Index (indexing website).

What is a crawl?

Crawl is the process when Google visits a website.

For the purpose of gathering information is allowed.

This process is done by bugs (Spider crawler) by Google.

Can you imagine that Google is launching millions of millions of small robots, wriggling around the internet to collect all information possible.

But you can use file robost.txt to block Google.

And just let them collect what you want.

If you do not know how the robots.txt file works, click here.

What is Google Crawl

Crawl can basically be understood to follow a path.

In the world of SEO, crawling means that the bugs will follow links and gather information.

When bots come to your website (any page), they also track all the linked pages on that website.

This is why every website needs a sitemap ..

Because they contain all the links on the blog or website.

Google bots can use them to look deeper into a website.

One way we can restrict or block Google from crawling websites is to use a robots.txt file.

In particular, search engines pay close attention to new websites, changes on the website, and dead links. They will also determine which sites to crawl, how often, and how many pages to crawl at once.

What is index?

After the crawl has finished, the results will be sorted and displayed on the Google search engine.

You can understand the following when Google's bugs crawl all the websites in the world.

then based on Google's own algorithm will sort and display the results at the value page on page 1,2,3 ... on Google Search.
crawling and indexing

What is Google index?

After being indexed, all results will be displayed on Google Search.

Google will rely on signals such as keyword, backlink and algorithms (Google RankBrain 3rd important factor).

Currently GG has captured a lot of algorithms.

In order to improve the search results more accurately, as well as eliminate the negative results.

Google Search Index contains hundreds of billions of websites (size> 100,000,000 gigabye)

It is like the table of contents of a book.

Each table of contents will represent the page with the corresponding keyword.

With the Knowledge Graph, Google is getting smarter and better at understanding users. It will help you with the best answer. Not just basic information like text, can be directions, search for food, order a car ....

Factors affecting crawl

There are millions of websites worldwide. Is everyone happy with the rate crawl and index? Is not!! Most people constantly wonder why their posts are not indexed.

Let's take a look at a few key factors and play an important role in Google's crawl and index.


Since Google Panda was updated, the importance of domain names has been greatly improved. The domain name including the main keyword is also very important.

Also, the better your website crawls, the better on search results.


The more backlinks you have, the more reliable and reputable you become in the eyes of search engines.
If you have good rankings but still do not get any backlinks for your site, then search engines can assume that the site is full of poor quality content.

Internal linking

There has been a lot of discussion regarding internal linking (also known as deep links). People even recommend using the same anchor text in the same article as it will help to crawl deep into a page.

It is important to remember that internal linking is a must in every SEO method, which not only benefits SEO but also helps you reduce bounce rates on your website, increase your users' onsite time, or Navigate visitors to turn them into your customers.

XML Sitemap

What every website needs when setting up a WordPress site is a sitemap, so your sitemap can be created automatically. In this way, you help Google index when you have a new post or make any changes as quickly as possible.

Duplicate content

If you are having this problem then you need to handle it right away.

Recently, I have found a page with too many repetitive paragraphs across various posts. Therefore this site has been blocked by Google.

Try not to repeat any content on the site. This can cause your website to be penalized by Google and disappear from search results.

Fix all 301 or 404 redirects for better crawling and SEO.

Canonical URL

Create SEO friendly URLs for every page on the website.

This is important for proper SEO.

Meta Tags

Add unique and unique meta tags to your website. This will ensure that you get high rankings in the search engines.


Make sure you have added this list of WordPress Ping Services to your WordPress site. WordPress has an automatic ping feature that will notify search engines about wordpress updates.

When you optimize your website based on these factors, Google will have no choice but to crawl and index your website faster and more accurately.

What did you do to get faster indexing for your website? Feel free to join the discussion in the comments below!

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