Create a Paypal account and connect to your VISA card in 5 easy steps

If you do not know or search How to create a Paypal account , then you are in the right place. I try to describe the process step by step and describe how Verify bank account by Paypal .

PayPal is an online Platform where you can send and receive money to / from everyone.

How does it help you?

Firstly, when you start shopping online, you don't need to enter the card number or expiry date or any other Bank information. No need to remember anything.

Secondly, if you start making money online as an affiliate program or Freelancer, you cannot receive money through debit / credit cards. Here Paypal helps you receive money.

How to create a Paypal account.

Access Paypal

First, you need access Paypal

Then click Registration .

Choose an account

Paypal account

In the Next Step, Display two Options, Personal account and Business account .

As I recommend for Blogger or Freelancer or Personal, please use Personal Accounts. As you grow your business, you can Upgrade a Personal Account to a Business Account.

Choose Personal account and Click Next .

Enter your email and password

paypal email set

At the next stage, you enter Email your .

then enter password of you and Confirm password .

Password must be no less than 8 characters and must have uppercase and lowercase letters, at least 1 number and symbol.

After entering your email and password, click Next.

Before clicking Next, check your Country (Flag). If it's different, choose according to your country.

Enter your personal information

At the next stage, you need to fill in Personal Information such as nationality , Name , Address and Your phone number.

Then Paypal Agreement, then click Agree and Create an account .

Confirm your email

After creating an account, confirm your Email Address with PayPal.

Congratulations, your account is completely open with PayPal.

How to add a bank account with Paypal

First, go to Paypal, Enter your Email and Password. You have moved to the Paypal Control Panel.

Add a bank account

Add bank account with paypal

Here you have two options for Add bank account.

You clicked Add a bank account at the top or click Link a card or an account Bank on the bank section and card.

it is better to click Link Card or Bank Account.

Link a bank account

Click Link a bank account.

Enter bank details

Here you have two options to link your Bank to Paypal.

Provided IFSC code and Account number or Search your Bank name and location.

Then click Link your Bank .

How to link a debit / credit card with PayPal

The process is the same until clicking Link Card or Bank Account.

Then click Link on Debit Card or Credit Card.

Here, enter Debit or Credit Card details and click Link card .

After that, Paypal will send a small amount to your bank for verification.

You only need to enter the amount that Paypal sends to your Bank.

Where the Visa Debit Card Verification Process takes place immediately but in another Debit Card, it takes a time, no more than 2/3 days.

After Verify with your bank or Card, you can send money via Paypal.


I try my best to describe how to create a Paypal Account and link banks and cards with Paypal. If you need to receive money from abroad, you need it upgrade to Business Account .

To upgrade to a business account is free but if you sell something and the money is deposited into your PayPal account, Paypal will cut some commissions according to the service.


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