Crypto News: April 15: Bitcoin is expected to reach $ 90k in 2020 with news of ETH, Komodo, Defi, Algorand, Coinbase

From Bitcoin price predictions for 2020 to an anonymous Altcoin growing 102% amid a global lockdown, here are some highlights in the crypto space.

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Bitcoin news

The third halving of Bitcoin is expected to arrive on May 12. Meanwhile, a few key predictions have been made recently about this particular year or the period after short-term halving in general.

Twitter user Robert Art, a fan of XRP and Bitcoin, recalled and shared some price predictions on his Twitter account.

First, in an interview with Bloomberg in January, Bitpay's CCO Sonny Singh stated that by 2020, Bitcoin is very likely to surpass the ATH level of the $ 20,000 it achieved in December 2017.

Singh believes that although many believe that the new price increase will be driven by the halving event that will take place in May, prices may increase due to some events that no one expects to happen.

He recalled Facebook's launch of Libra last year. Back in 2019, this news pushed the price of BTC to nearly $ 13,000 in July.

Second, according to a research report by BayernLB Bank announced By October 1, 2019, bank analysts expect BTC to skyrocket to $ 90,000 this year. The reason is the increase in the stock-to-flow BTC ratio after halving.

Third, billionaire and investor Tim Draper is a strong believer Bitcoin price will surely skyrocket to at least $ 250,000. Investors have repeatedly confirmed their predictions, even once saying that $ 250,000 would even be a conservative one.

Potential of 2 million USD per BTC in super cycle

Business development director at Kraken said he believes the ripe opportunity has come for Bitcoin to start a massive long-term rally.

In a new YouTube interview with Lark Davis (Crypto Lark), Dan Held explains why he thinks Bitcoin's time has come.

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So far, Held argued, Bitcoin has managed to overcome the worst covid-19 pandemic without the intervention of any entities.

He said the entire industry has grown tremendously over the years, citing a growing number of BTC hodl investors as well as an increase in mainstream coverage from news agencies such as CNBC.

According to Held, the current macro context is the world's leading cryptocurrency fuel, considering the total supply limited to 21 million units. Optimistic about Bitcoin's future, Held points to a contradictory argument that BTC can start a giant super cycle and go beyond even the most bullish predictions.

Search for "Bitcoin halving" reaches ATH

Searches for "Bitcoin Halving" on Google exploded beyond all levels seen in the second half of 2016. The data shows that more and more people are searching for information around halving before it takes place in mid-May. .

Google Trends is showing that the public is looking for more halving of Bitcoin than ever before before the 2016 halving event. It's a bullish sign.

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Source: Google Trends

News ETH

The second week of April continues to be favorable for the cryptocurrency industry. In fact, the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has risen from $ 185 billion to quickly reach the $ 200 billion mark. However, at the time of writing, the number dropped to $ 195 billion after Bitcoin dropped below the $ 7000 mark.

Follow report The latest State of the Network of Coinmetrics, all CMBI and Bletchley indices are positive for the third week in a row. However, it should be noted that the aforementioned recovery is not enough to compensate for the mid-March losses, although there are encouraging points.

The report shows that the CMBI Ethereum Index is the most active unit, far ahead of Bitcoin's index by nearly 10% on charts. Ethereum accumulated profits of about 14.5%, compared to 4.9% of Bitcoin.

Source: Coinmetrics

Etherscan launches "ETH Protect" to detect and flag malicious ETH addresses

Recently, well-known Ethereum blockchain explorer Etherscan announced the launch of ETH Protect, a new tool that seeks to identify and flag ETH addresses to detect tainted funds related to hacks and tons. public and other illegal activities.

The new service will be reported able to identify and flag the poisoned ETH address manually. Despite the time it takes, the team at EtherScan believes the potential of the service can offset the time costs associated with it.

Furthermore, ETH Protect will use the Taint Inference Analysis Engine, which leverages internal machine learning systems to track and identify contaminated funds based on uniqueness.

Komodo news

Komodo anonymous altcoin has had a strong month in the global lockdown landscape. Over the past 28 days, the KMD price is up 102% against the USD, while many larger-cap cryptocurrencies have struggled to gain momentum.

From a price of $ 0.2239 on March 16, Komodo's value rose to a peak of $ 0.44 on April 14 - an increase of 102%.

Crypto van news 15.4 KMD

That is in stark contrast to last month's performance, seeing coin prices drop more than 75% from their February high of $ 0.92.

Komodo gained widespread attention in late March when Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin declared a lack of trustworthy Bitcoin and Ethereum trading methods. As the Komodo team pointed out at the time, AtomicDEX, a decentralized atomic swap protocol released by Komodo, was a method of doing exactly that.

Defi News

Atomic Loans are launched a decentralized financial product (DeFi) likely closest to direct implementation on the Bitcoin chain. It doesn't completely avoid using an external smart contract platform, but it does allow direct use of Bitcoin as collateral.

Startup announced on April 14th that they were mobilize received a $ 2.45 million seed sponsorship led by Initialized Capital along with ConsenSys, Morgan Creek Digital and Joe Lallouz and Aaron Henshaw from Bison Trails.

At the same time, it will launch the Bitcoin side of its DeFi platform as a public mainnet beta.

Atomic Loans has the same mechanism of action as MakerDAO or Compound. A borrower must lock his / her BTC collateral in a special multi-signature contract on the Bitcoin blockchain. Smart contracts on Ethereum then read that data and provide loans through stablecoins on other blockchains.

News Algorand

The Algorand Foundation (AF) announced an ALGO 250 million (about $ 43 million) funding program to promote development on the Algorand blockchain on April 14.

Funds will be allocated to eligible investors in four key areas: innovative research, development tools for the Algorand blockchain, use cases for decentralized applications (Dapps) (...) , and community and educational initiatives.

Coinbase news

Coinbase continues to support strategic and integrated alliances that empower the world of decentralized applications and platforms. The company is committed to building the infrastructure for an open financial system that can help people gain more access to products and services, providing new options for investors and money traders. electronic.

Coinbase Wallet retail users can now trade cryptocurrencies through web integration announced Monday, while Coinbase Custody is expanding options for fund managers and institutional investors who want to earn interest from their cryptocurrency holdings.

A new integration from OpenSea, a market for decentralized web, will allow Coinbase Wallet users to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other leading cryptocurrencies by linking from any desktop client.

Other news

Andreessen Horowitz will launch a new cryptocurrency fund worth $ 450 million

According to the sheet The Financial Times, venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz is about to launch another fund solely dedicated to investing in the cryptocurrency industry.

a16z will invest $ 450 million in its second cryptocurrency fund, but has yet to determine its maximum size.

Andreessen Horowitz launched its first fund dedicated to cryptocurrency investors in 2018.

Another mining company warned of stagnant activity due to Covid-19

Hut 8 Mining Group, a publicly traded cryptocurrency mining company, is concerned about the delay in delivering new machines from potential suppliers such as Bitmain and MicroBT due to covid-19.

In an earnings call last week, CEO Andrew Kiguel said the company is struggling with an uncertain timeline for delivering cryptocurrency mining machines to support its farms. He said that while in February, you thought the device could be delivered between March and April, however, these timelines have been changed due to the ongoing pandemic. He also has no specific schedule.

Three or four weeks ago, nobody thought these would be a problem and the world is now grappling with various supply chain issues like ventilators and masks around the world as opposed to mining. bitcoin mining.

Bitmain is one of several Chinese mining producers that warned from January - nearly eight weeks ago - that it would be forced to delay deliveries due to the covid-19 outbreak.


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