Download Unikey, where is the official free Unikey download site?

Unikey Vietnamese is the most popular Vietnamese percussion of computer users. The advantage of this percussion is very light capacity, very well meeting the needs of users. However, something that few people notice that the website you download unikey Is this the official website?

When using unofficial percussion, there may be risks of security, viruses ... that you will encounter. It may contain viruses that harm your computer, or malware, keyloggers that harm your computer ... But more seriously, those threats can take away your account information, bank account information. goods, credit cards… So from now on, you go Download Unikey for free Official developer. That is the page

How to download the official version of Unikey for free from the developer

As information Do Bao Nam Blog has just shared, you need to visit the page Then, click on the Download tab from the menu. And choose the version UniKey 4.3 RC4 (is the latest current version) to download. And before downloading UniKey 4.3 to your computer, you need to know if your device is a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Win. You can then download the appropriate version. To check Windows 32 or 64, you right click My computer, select Properties. Then in the section System type, you will immediately see the version you are using.

How to download the official version of Unikey for free from the developer
After going to, click Download in the menu, and choose the 32-bit or Unikey 64-bit version to download.

Unikey Vietnamese percussion is the work of the author Pham Kim Long. This is the Vietnamese favorite and used most commonly on Windows. The outstanding advantage of this keyboard is its simplicity, convenience, speed, and reliability. However, according to the author's share, there are now some very similar domain names Unikey. Even when searching on Google for keywords download unikey, or many other related keywords, the site has results on the official site as well. Therefore when downloading the software UniKey 4.3, you need to download in the author's official website ( to avoid risks of security, viruses ...

Vietnamese typing method with accents on computers and phones

At the moment, you will surely find this information less. By simply you already know. However, with the 7x or 8x generation, there will be many people you do not know Vietnamese typing method. Therefore in the content below, Do Bao Nam Blog will share about the rules of typing with accented Vietnamese. This rule applies on all devices such as computers, phones, tablets, etc.

Vietnamese typing method with accents on the computer
Vietnamese typing method Telex accented in Unikey.

How to install Unikey - Vietnamese Percussion best today

After you have download Unikey 64 bit (or Unikey 32 bit) to your computer, you will get a compressed Winrar file. And you just need to extract this compressed file. After decompression, you will get 2 files as shown below. Including 1 text file named keymap. You do not need to care about this file.

How to install Unikey - Vietnamese Percussion best today
After downloading Unikey for Windows 10 or other Windows operating systems, you need to extract it with Winar. Then you will get 02 files as images. You just need to double click on the Unikey file, that's it. In case you want to get the Unikey icon off the desktop, you just need to drag it out.

The second file is the Unikey file. To install Unikey, you just need to double click on this file. Just as simple as done. If you want to pin Unikey to the taskbar, just left-click on the file, then hold the mouse button, drag the icon down to the taskbar. Similarly, if you want to bring the Unikey icon to the desktop, you just need to drag it to the desktop. This Vietnamese keyboard is shared with all Windows operating systems. Therefore, copies Unikey Win 10 is also completely similar to Unikey Win 7 or other Windows operating systems.

Setup for Vietnamese Unikey percussion
When opening Vietnamese Unikey 4.0 keyboard (or other version you have installed), you need to set up some information as shown. Select the encoding as Unicode, select the typing method as Telex.

Some settings for Vietnamese percussion 64 bit Unikey or Unikey 32 bit

After you open the software, you need to set some information. The information includes:

  • Select the encoding as Unicode. (In some cases you can choose another encoding. For example, when you want write accented Vietnamese in Proshow Producer)
  • Select typing method as Telex
  • Select the shift key is Ctrl + Shifft to switch between Vietnamese - English typing mode

And so in the content of this article, Do Bao Nam Blog has shared with you quite enough about how to download Unikey and how to install and use the software. Through this information, you will certainly know where to download Unikey free where is the standard, the mainstream. You should not download in non-mainstream websites, because it carries the risk of unwanted.

When using Unikey Win 10 or on Win 7, Win 8, Win XP ..., if you want to switch between Vietnamese and English typing, you just need to press the key combination Ctrl + Shift. If you want to turn off the software window, just click Closed on the software. Meanwhile, Unikey still runs in the background so you can type accented Vietnamese.


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