Events Calendar PRO v5.1.0 - Calendar of Events for Wordpress Plugin

Sites with different purposes may need a calendar on the main page, where any visitor can find the date before the start of an event.

For example: For an online store, this could be the beginning or end of a sale, for a multimedia site - the appearance of some expected content or information that will be available for download. down. For a blog, this could be a countdown or the exact date a new post appears.

For any of these purposes, Events Calendar PRO is appropriate. Using the plugin you can create your own events (not one, but several times a day, in a week, a month and so on).


Plugin Events Calendar PRO Not only is it easy to use, but it is also easy to install - just download and install it in WordPress, then the plugin will be completely ready to go. In terms of compatibility, the plugin can work in most versions of WordPress, without interfering with the work of the most popular plugins, add-ons or themes.

In addition, please refer to Bookly PRO - Plugin Set Calendar No. 1 For WordPress

  • Salient features Events Calendar PRO - Calendar of events for WordPress

Features Calendar Calendar PRO

  • Month View
  • List View
  • Day View
  • Saved Content
  • Keyword Search
  • AJAX
  • iCal & Gcal Export
  • Events List Widget
  • Responsive
  • Premium Support Access
  • Recurring Events
  • Week View
  • Photo View
  • Map View
  • Location Search
  • Venue & Organizer View
  • Advanced Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Additional Fields

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