Google ads and Facebook ads: Which should you use?

In recent years, more and more businesses are taking advantage of advertising to reach potential customers and find new customers. The growing role of Google ads and Facebook ads increasingly obvious is not debatable. However, in the long run, it has accidentally created competition between the two companies. Where is the real "king" in the advertising village? Some say Facebook ads are better, others feel Google ads are more effective.

However, the idea that Facebook or Google is better than who accidentally confuses and misunderstands those who do online advertising. So, really, Google ads and Facebook ads are effective. Let's explore the pros and cons of each channel with EQVN.

compare Facebook ads and Google ads

Facebook ads and Google ads

1. What is the difference between Google Ads and facebook ads?

Before finding out the pros and cons of different Google ads and Facebook ads We need to understand the differences between the two platforms.

1.1. Google Advertising

Google Ads is a form of paid advertising on Google's advertising platform. The charging mechanism of Google ads is based on 3 factors: the number of clicks, impressions and the conversion (the action after clicking on the ad).

How are Google ads and Facebook ads different?

How are Google ads and Facebook ads different?

Search ads focus on targeting the target audience through keywords and ad formats are usually presented as text. Advertisers will bid on keywords to compete for the right to display their ads that rank high on Google search results. Each time a user searches and clicks on an ad, Google charges a CPC calling cost (cost per click).

For an impression-based charging mechanism, Google will often use both search and display advertising (GDN). As long as Google ads appear, you'll be charged a fee called CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

Mechanism of charging based on action (conversions after clicking on the ad). A conversion can be understood as a user leaving information on the registration form, downloading a quote, making an order or purchase, etc. Of course, the conversion action is calculated by you having to specify in advance. and report to Google Ads so the system can understand and track conversions on your website. This is considered the most advanced and difficult to use advertising format in Google, recommended for seasoned Google advertisers interested in conversion action.

1.2. Facebook Advertising

Not as diverse as the charging mechanism like Google ads, Facebook ads are a prime example of what is known as paid society. All ads shown on Facebook will be charged based on the impression (CPM) mechanism.

Unlike Google advertising, helps businesses find customers through keywords. Facebook ads help potential customers find businesses by showing their ads. With the number of monthly active users among the highest in the world. Facebook ads are considered by many to be the best place to reach potential customers.

2. Google AdWords ads help you find new customers, while Facebook ads help new customers find you

This is an analysis of the basic differences between Google ads and Facebook ads. Next let's find out the pros and cons of each advertising channel.

2.1. The strong point of Google advertising

Google is considered the leading company in online advertising. With more than 3.5 billion search queries a day, Google gives advertisers access to unmatched potential audiences of users who are actively searching for goods and services through keywords. .

Google's advertising services are divided into two main networks - the Search network and the Display network.

The Search Network includes all of Google as a search engine and advertisers can bid for millions of keywords and phrases to target potential customers.

The Google Display Network, which provides advertisers with more intuitive ads like banners and videos.

2.1.1. Immense object

One of the main advantages of using Google as an advertising platform is its broad reach. Using Google as an advertising platform is because of its broad reach. Google processes more than 40,000 search queries per second, totaling more than 1.2 trillion web searches each year.

As Google gets more sophisticated - thanks in part to its increasing reliance on artificial intelligence and its proprietary machine learning technology. Search volume will increase, leading to the ability to reach potential customers.

To put it simply, no search engine can provide as large a potential audience as Google. With such broad accessibility has made Google a great addition to your digital marketing strategy. But when combined with Google's increasingly accurate search results, it's easy to see why Google Ads is the most widely used and popular online advertising platform in the world.

2.1.2. An level playing field

One of the biggest misconceptions among Google Ads newcomers is that anyone with a large advertising budget will automatically win at Google Advertising . But really mLuckily, Google Ads focus primarily on the quality and relevance of the ads, not the amount that advertisers spend.

Certain keywords may cost more than others. But how much an advertiser will pay will largely depend on the quality and relevance of the ad. Some metrics are important to Google in evaluating the quality and relevance of Google Ads ads compared to other metrics. For example, clickthrough rates are considered a reliable sign of the overall quality and attractiveness of your ads.

How are Google ads and Facebook ads different?

How are Google ads and Facebook ads different?

2.1.3. Diversity of ad formats

No matter what you sell or to whom, it is most likely that an advertising format or feature will make your goods or services more attractive to your target market. Although Google ads are still text based, advertisers can take advantage of a number of other outstanding features to make their ads more attractive and attractive to potential customers.

Some outstanding features that Google ads are supported so that advertisers can use them Google Adwords ad optimization related to ad extension group: sitelinks, callout extensions, calls, structured content snippets, location targeting, etc.

2.2. The strength of Facebook advertising

In the meantime, Facebook is constantly updating and adjusting to improve its advertising solutions. Therefore, it is easy to understand that Facebook advertising is now considered the largest social networking advertising platform in the world and become an integral part of the digital marketing strategy of many businesses. So what are the advantages of Facebook advertising that users are interested in?

2.2.1. The detail of the object

Similar to Google ads, Facebook ads are confident in reaching a large number of global customers. With over 1.55 billion monthly active users, Facebook ads are unrivaled when it comes to the number of users. However, instead of providing this user data directly to advertisers. The real power of Facebook ads lies in the level of detail about the audience

How are Google ads and Facebook ads different?

How are Google ads and Facebook ads different?

People share almost every detail of their lives on Facebook, tu meet, get married until get married, have kids or switch jobs. In addition, users also share the joys and achievements in life with friends, hThey also search and use content that suits their personal tastes. That gives advertisers the opportunity to reach customers based on behavioral factors, user preferences.

One of the other outstanding advantages of Facebook advertising is that it allows advertisers to upload customer information from their database to Facebook and create similar sets of behaviors and interests. with existing customer data.

2.2.2. An intuitive platform

Unlike other advertisements, Facebook ads give advertisers a very visual representation of the word Perfectly combine handwriting with videos, images and other visual content. Through these lively approaches will stimulate users to respond and interact with your ads and increase the opportunity to reach more potential customers.

Like its competitors, Facebook is constantly updating and testing different features and expressions. This makes Facebook ads rated as one of the most visually appealing, advertising platforms.

2.2.3. High ROI

Businesses and Facebook advertising marketers are often impressed by the level of detail of the targeting options, as well as the tools they have available to create beautiful, attractive ads.

However, one factor that Facebook advertising always surprises advertisers is the return on investment on advertising costs (ROI) on the Facebook channel is among the highest.

How are Google ads and Facebook ads different?

How are Google ads and Facebook ads different?

Although the budget of an advertising campaign will vary depending on a variety of factors such as coverage, messaging and overall campaign goals. However, a high ROI will be an attractive factor for small and medium businesses wishing to run ads with limited resources.

3. Google ads and Facebook ads: Which should you use?

Both Google ads and Facebook ads are incredibly powerful advertising platforms. They cater to almost every type of business. When assessing the strengths and potential applications of each solution, it is clear that the two platforms should be viewed to complement each other rather than the opposite. As stated, one helps you find new customers and the other helps new customers find you. So instead of trying to find answers to Google ads and Facebook ads, which one is better? Advertisers should focus on the advantages mentioned above to make the most of their opportunities, of businesses on the Internet environment.

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