Google Chrome removed 49 malicious extensions that could hack cryptocurrency wallets

Google just removed 49 extensions from its online chrome store.

This is because all these extensions were created for the purpose of stealing users' e-wallet information.

Google Chrome removed 49 malicious extensions

Specifically, according to ZDNet's report, these utility software contain malicious code that can steal users' personal information, infect malicious viruses onto computers.

From there hackers will track users and get important information to access their cryptocurrency wallets.

These malicious extensions were first discovered by Harry Denley, security director at MyCrypto.

According to Denley, the malicious programs originated in Russia.

"Although these extensions look the same on the outside, the brand will vary depending on the user the hacker is targeting," Denley said.

These extensions impersonate popular cryptocurrency wallets like Ledger, Trezor and Electrum ..

They will copy almost identical wallets and trick users into thinking they are using genuine software.

All data entered by the user will be recorded and sent to an external host.

Denley recommends investors to be cautious when downloading extension software on web browsers with unknown origin or best not to download.


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