Guide newcomers how to make money online and reputation sustainably 2020

How do you start making money online at home without having a lot of capital?

This is real ?

The short answer is yes. There are thousands of successful online businesses starting out without much money and today they are earning thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

In fact, many people succeed with an online model by running or hiring outside employees to do marketing work.

To start making money online, you don't need to have prior knowledge of how to run a business like existing businesses out there. Running an online business is different from running a store.

I have started making money online since 2013 without knowing much about the business model and how to run an Internet business.

Over the years, I have had successes and failures, but most importantly, I have created a framework that beginners can follow and increase the chances of establishing a successful online business right from head.

In this complete guide, I'll give you the steps you need to take to start making money online from scratch and from your own home.

While it is not possible to start a free business, you don't have to pay a lot to get a business started and I will give you all the details.

Since you believe that you want to become an online entrepreneur and start making money online (so why are you reading this article right now), I first added steps that can take action but by the end With this guide, you can learn more about how online businesses work and other useful information.

How to start making money online step by step

Step 1. Choose the type of making money online to get started

The first thing to decide is what type of online money to start. As you will see below there are many options and depending on the type you choose, you will have different ways to make money from your business and make money.

Take a look at some of the most sustainable forms of online money making ever

#first. Sell ​​your own product (physical or digital) - Sell products directly to consumers on your own website or through an online shop on a third party market such as Shopee, Lazada ...

#2. Advertising revenue - Make money by selling advertising space on your website directly to advertisers or through an online platform like Google AdSense, Adnow, MGID ...

It is also possible to earn money from Youtube from advertising revenue.

# 3. Drop Shipping - Sell physical products on your own store but shipping and handling is done by the product manufacturer or supplier. You receive a commission every time the product is sold.

# 4. Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing) - You refer customers to the seller's website (for physical or digital products) and when the product is sold, you will receive a certain commission. - This model I have been doing in Vietnam and foreign markets

Read more: What is affiliate marketing? How to build a niche site to generate at least $ 1000 / month

Affiliate marketing is a form of taking other people's products, creating marketing links and selling them to customers. You will be paid a commission for every referral made by a successful buyer.

If you want to do Affiliate Marketing with foreign markets then there are now popular brokers to open accounts like

And you want to do Affiliate in Vietnam market, you can register for an account through the following floors:

  • Adflex: Specializing in health, physiological and beauty products. Prestige now
  • Adcombo: Many product categories, although Russia's Adcombo but still have many financial, health and physiological products for the Vietnamese market.
  • Dr.Cash: Specializing in medicine and men's health. Reputable network also of Russia
  • Accesstrade: Famous network in the past, Accesstrade has recently added D2C, mainly approaching publishers with running advertising budgets to have a large revenue.

# 5. Revenue from consulting services - You get paid for providing online consulting services (via email, skype or other means).

Subscription-based model - You make money from people who sign up for your monthly service (e.g. hosting, online tools, etc.)

Step 2. Find the model of making money online that is right for you

Now that you have an idea of ​​the different types of making money online, the next step is to find the right model for you.

From my experience, this is the most difficult step because it has many uncertainties. No one can tell you whether your idea is good or not and no one can guarantee that your online business will succeed or fail.

It is a risk that all business owners incur but this will not hinder you. The only way to find out if your idea is good is to try it and even if you fail, there is a lot to learn from failures that bring you closer to success.

Step 3: How to find the right model for you?

You should understand from the beginning that you do not need to come up with a unique idea to succeed with making money online. If you can do that, this will give you an advantage, but originality or creativity is not a good way to set up an online business model.

You can take an existing idea and improve it or create something (a product, blog, service) better than what you've ever seen on the Internet.

Here I reveal you some guidelines to help you understand:

Find what you really passionate about

Passionate about a topic, an activity, a hobby or a product, will help you create a good product or great content that others will find valuable and useful.

Find what you are good at

Passionate and good are 2 different houses. For example: Mr. Tai May like a car but not necessarily Mr. Tai. Your driving skills are good (I'm Tai, the owner of this Blog)

Do you have any skills you can use to help others complete a task, learn something or solve a problem?

Maybe you like teaching people how to fix things or you like to write good stories to educate people on different topics.

Find what you believe you are really good at and think of ways you can use your skills to create a product that people will be willing to pay for.

Are you an expert in that area?

Is there an area in which you have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience to be considered an expert? This is a great candidate to explore further and find out if you can build a business around it.

The Internet is full of 'so-called experts', so if you are a 'true expert' on a topic, you will have an advantage over others.

Can you spot any gaps in the market?

  • Are you looking for a solution to a problem and can't find a good product or resource online to solve your problem?
  • Can you spot any gaps in any industry you can fill with a new product?
  • Do you find that online content on an incomplete topic or something that you can improve?

All of these questions will help you generate ideas that can help you find an idea to turn into an online business. Once excited, the next step is to evaluate your idea and decide whether it is good or not.

What skills are needed to make money online

Skill # 1. Research, survey on the target market you need to target

Assessing an idea means finding out if a particular idea is something you can turn into a profitable online business.

Follow the steps below to evaluate the potential business success of your idea:

Method 1: Do a search on Google

Naturally, the first thing to do is go to Google and search for keywords related to your ideas.

Don't just type keywords that are directly relevant to your field, but look for broad terms and terms that are indirectly relevant.

Your goal at this stage is to find out what is already available in terms of website, content and products.

How many websites can you find on specific topics, what kind of content do they have, do they sell their own products, or do they display ads?

Go beyond the first page of Google and find the second page. Some online businesses don't pay attention to SEO and while they have good products and content, their search engine optimization techniques are not good enough to rank high on Google.

How would you rate the overall user experience when looking for this information? Can you provide something better for users?

Example of a purposeful way of searching for someone who wants to learn excel

Method 2: Search on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest

Do the same search on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest. Try to find out what kind of content is being published on those networks.

Is this a high quality video, image, article, product? How many interactions (likes, comments) do the posts receive?

Can you spot something missing or could it be improved?

Do keyword research

Terms Keyword research you may not know it at this stage, but it's an important step to find out if there is a need to search for your idea.

Through keyword research, you can find out how many people search for specific keywords on Google (and other search engines) every month.

If the topic you choose doesn't have decent search volume, this is a sign that people are not interested.

Use the resources below to learn how to perform keyword research step by step.

Learn the important Google rules

One thing to know is that for some topics, Google has strict rules about what websites they display in search results.

This is possible great impact to the success or failure of your online business because traffic is not the most important form of traffic you can have and without it, your chances of succeeding online are small. .

For example: if your ideas revolve around health-related topics and this includes weight loss, exercise, nutrition, exercise and any advice or products commonly recommended by your doctor or other Other certified professionals you might want to review.

Unless you are a certified and accredited physician, Google will not display your website or product for health-related searches.

So before you continue it's good to revise Google's most important rules and make sure that what you have in mind is not against any known Google principles or rules.

Option 3: Do a search on Shopee, Lazada, Tiki ...

If you are considering opening an online store that sells physical products, then you need to search on Shopee or Lazada and see what others are selling.

Use different keywords to search for products and also look at the best amazon sellers to get an idea of ​​popular products for each category.

Skill # 2. Copy Writing skills

Today, under the rapid development of world technology and the spread of Internet, the field of activities of a Copywriter has been expanded into web content, advertising, email and media. other online.

This is both a great opportunity and an open and fair environment for everyone, especially in an online money-making environment, to write will help you create creative ads, engaging content for files. customers want to look forward to.

Skill # 3. WordPress website design skills.

And to be honest, there are some directions you can go with this skill set. You can provide full design services or simply the WordPress website maintenance guy or someone.

Although I haven't done major web design work yet, I've been using WordPress for almost 5 years and also have a well-organized WordPress teaching series for marketers or those who want to earn money online.

And most importantly, do not think that you must be good at website programming to be able to do it. You just need to base on what is available, then optimize it the way you want it, which is the need for those who want to make money online. Do not delve into the code, let the code serve its purpose.

Skill # 4. Photoshop skills

Again, this is a skill that can bring you a lot of income if you know which direction to go.

Like writing, it's unique filler that you can easily brand yourself - wedding photography, newborn photography, nature photography and this list continues.

Skill # 5. Basic video editing

If your main purpose is to create videos that appeal to viewers to purchase, then Basic Video Editing cannot be ignored. Professional film story, hire a Designer.

Skill # 6. Learning SEO and optimizing user-friendly websites.

This is one of the skills I teach the most in Series on this website.

SEO is one of the traffic channels that bring sustainable profits for an Affiliate Marketer as well as make money Online without spending any money on advertising costs since the top of Google search.

To learn SEO, you need perseverance and hard work, but your fruit is also very sweet and very sweet.

Skill # 7. Start learning how to run ads

Most people who make money online must learn how to run ads on facebook, Instagram, google ....

To start learning about advertising is not difficult, as long as you focus on research and analysis of customers' Insight, readers, you will find an advertising campaign.

To succeed with advertising, it is imperative that you have Skill # 1 as I explained earlier.

Skill # 8. Learn about the analysis of returned data

Data analytics, including Lists you have. Maybe it comes from Email Marketing, potential customers from advertising or from SEO.

Such data can be classified and used effectively in the screening process.

Skill # 9. Practice using the Productivity App to increase productivity

List of tools to help you work on a more efficient Internet environment

How many ways to get money from making money Online

Method # 1. If you work in the country:

Direct deposit is still the fastest way to receive money. When you have revenue from making money Online, request a withdrawal via the account declared on file.

Method # 2. If you do overseas market.

  • Payoneer is one of the banks that helps receive money from the Network
  • Webmoney: similar to Payoneer but Russian
  • Paypal: Very popular in the world
  • Some other forms ...

How much money can you make from making money online?

The short answer is from 0 to millions of dollars each year. It depends on the type of business, the business model, the product, the profitability and many other factors.

Let me give you some examples for inspiration:

  • On some of my websites I use AdSense to make money.
  • In addition, I have two blogs in the Vietnam market in the health and beauty segment, the revenue comes from the introduction of beauty products.
  • Many of my friends make money by selling referrals to forex and coins to make passive income from the exchange, starting from the website.

The ability to make money online is endless.

How to succeed with making money online

Starting to make money online is not impossible, even if you do not know anything about the business and entrepreneurship.

A progressive and hard-working attitude to making money online

You don't need a college or university degree, but you must be willing to work hard to learn how to be an online entrepreneur.

Attitude is more than qualification, so consider making money Online as one of the professions that help you accomplish your financial goals, not merely " side job "

The ‘formula’ is the same for all types of businesses:

  • Think of ideas
  • Evaluate your ideas
  • Decide how you will make money
  • Set up a website
  • Advertise your website to get traffic and customers

For each step, there is a lot of work to be done to minimize your risk but no one can tell you in advance whether your idea is working or not.

Always find yourself an environment to make money Online, somehow, join the forums, the casestudy sharing websites, the groups of the Affiliate exchanges, always listen to what others share. , even if it is the smallest.

Be persistent, be patient and be persistent

Instead of taking your time to wonder, it's better to dirty your hands and start testing your ideas.

You probably won't succeed the first time, which is fine. Most people fail with their first websites but the winners are the ones who try again.


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