Guide to using Yoast SEO to optimize "On Page" effectively (2019)

In this article, Hawks will guide you to install and set up Yoast SEO

This is the most popular On-page SEO optimization tool.

With 5,000,000 installs and installs 25,000 vote 5.

It can be said to be very large and used by many people.

But I see many of you still don't know how to set it up

So in this article I will explain and guide in detail.

Guide to using Yoast SEO

Install Yoast SEO plugin

First, install the Yoast SEO plugin:

You can download it directly from here. If you are still unsure, you can read the WordPress Plugin Installation Guide (Step by Step)

Or install directly in Dashboard:

  1. From Dashboard, to Plugins » Add New
  2. Search Yoast SEO - (as below image)
  3. Click on Install Now
  4. Once the plugin has been downloaded and installed,
  5. Click on Activate Plugin

install yoast seo

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Right under the menu section “Setting" will see "SEO"So that you have installed.

Note: Although the needs and websites will be different, the instructions below will be suitable for most blogs or news websites.

Set up Yoast SEO

After installation is complete, we will proceed to install Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO has a setup wizard function, so the installation process is very quick.

Click on the link as below.

Yoast SEO configuration wizard

You will see 9 steps here to install Yoast SEO. Quite simply just tick and next are.

Yoast SEO wizard


This is the dashboard of Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO Dashboard has 3 tabs: Dashboard, Features, Webmaster Tool

general yoast seo

This is the dashboard that shows all the serious SEO related messages on your website.

Problems: are the serious problems you need to solve right away

Notifications: are lighter errors like none


This includes all the features of Yoast SEO, you can turn on or off those you don't want. Remember to save.

Yoast SEO Features

Webmaster Tools

Here will verify the Webmaster Tools account of some search engine.

Like Google is now called Google Search Console.

Click on the green link below to get the code.

Yoast SEO Webmaster Tools

Search Apperance

This will be a setting to see how your website will appear on search engines.

This is a pretty important part. Get started with General

Search Appearance Yoast SEO


The first is Title Separator, this is the icon that shows the separation between post title and site name.

The example you will see is: How to install Yoast SEO - Hawks.

The "-" sign is the title separator.

You have to choose the icon you like.

General Search Appearance Yoast SEO

Below is Homepage

You can put your SEO title Meta description here, or edit directly on the home page.

Next is the Knowledge Graph and

Knowledge Graph is a detailed diagram introduced by GG since 2012. Watch the video explained below to know more.


If you are an ordinary person or a small organization, you probably do not need to pay much attention to it.

It is a results panel on the right which is displayed with some search results.

Here you can choose Organization or Person.

Content Type

This means that you will allow the post to appear on search results like this

The "Show Posts in search results?" If you select No, it means "noindex".

Date in Snippet Preview these show the date in preview mode (to hide because it doesn't matter)

Yoast SEO Meta Box Definitely a show, unless you don't want to use Yoast SEO.

content types setting


When you upload a video image to WordPress.

It will generate a URL for those files, usually it will be a blank page.

And if you do not intend to use those links, it is best to disable it.

I recommend you choose Yes.

Media setting Yoast SEO


Like post, here we will choose how the category will display on GG search.

Of course, select Yes and scroll down to Yoast SEO Meta Box also Yes.

Taxonomies setting yoast seo


Archives setting

If your blog has only one author, then you should disable the "Author archives" feature.

Consider if you put Achrive on the homepage, there will be duplicate content.

Disable it in "search results" or block in robot.txt.

Below is “date achrive settings” similar to above.


Breadscrumbs settings yoast seo

Breadcrumbs are a common path where posts are displayed, showing where you are on the website.

Breadcrumb Hawks

I explained it quite clearly in what Breadcrumbs is - Why is it so important.

Please read if you do not know!

  • Separator between breadcrumbs: This is the icon between breadcrumbs (as above "" ")
  • Anchor text for Homepage: The example above I set is Hawk (you can set it as Home)
  • Prefix for the breadcrumbs path: Prefix for breadcrumb path
  • Prefix for Archive breadcrumbs: The prefix for the link on the archive page
  • Prefix for Search Page breadcrumbs: Prefix for the link on the Search page
  • Breadcrumb for 404 Page: Path for page not found 404

Breadscrumbs settings

There are 2 more options below:

Highlight the last page in the breadcrumb.

And now breadcrumb for Taxonomy (post, tag, category).


This feature is for those of you who use RSS Feed

If you do not use it, do not need to pay attention to.

RSS Feed usually provides the summary content of an article, in XML format.

RSS feed settings

Search Console

As you can see, this feature has been deprecated by Google from connecting to the Crawl Errors API.

It is best that you go to Google Search Console to use it.

Search Console Yoast SEO


This is where you set up your social media accounts.

You only need to enter the URL of the page or twitter, Instagram is.

On the Facebook tab, there will be a meta Open Graph option (Show a preview on FB when shared)

Social Yoast SEO


Here are 4 tools:

  • Import and Export: Import or Export the settings from another website to reuse.
  • File editor: Allows you to quickly edit robot.txt and htaccess file.
  • Bulk edior: Allows you to quickly edit the title and description of posts and pages without having to edit directly.
  • Text link counter: Count the number of links on the entire text.

Yoast SEO Tools


This is the menu that introduces features on Yoast SEO Premium.

To learn more read Yoast SEO Premium is worth upgrading?

Yoast SEO Premium Extensions

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Of course to produce Yoast SEO tool.

Yoast must be an SEO expert.

Here, they introduce basic to advanced SEO courses.

Courses Yoast SEO

So I introduced through all the features available on Yoast SEO.

Next I will guide you how to use this tool?

Guide to using Yoast SEO optimally On-Page

Now comes the best part, how to optimize on page with Yoast SEO.

How to use this tool most effectively.

This is an SEO technique that everyone will have to get used to and use every day.

How to write standard SEO articles, sounds quite vague and confusing.

But Yoast SEO will support and make this job simpler.

The interface of yoast SEO premium version 11.5

When creating an article, scroll down to see the yoast SEO interface.

This is the interface of Yoast SEO PremiumI highly recommend this premium version.

Why ! then it's much simpler features than the Free version.


About the functions as well as the latest features of Yoast SEO Premium are always updated in this article.

Here are the schools that you will need to note immediately:

  • Focus keyphrase (formerly known as forcus keyword): This is main keyword phrases, You are optimal for the post (choose how we will have = >> Keyword Research: All handicap about keyword research (Details))
  • Snippet Preview: This will be a simulation result on Google Search, showing how (From title to description, remember to select on mobile or PC below depending on the purpose)
  • Readability analysis: A very important factor People often ignore, simply understand the readability of the article ( Good writing and easy to read)
  • SEO analysis: All elements of a standard SEO article will be, Yoast SEO reminds you here.
  • + Add related keyphrase (formerly multi keyword): Now it has a new name as related keyword phrases.

Optimize articles with Yoast SEO Premium

I will take an example, as well as explain each item in detail below for you.

Example of post: Top 59+ Best Free WordPress Themes 2019 (New Update)


  • Primary key phrase: I choose here from "wordpress theme”(My target is the keyword There is a relative amount of search)
  • SEO title (must have main keyword): Make it so appealing to viewers (If you want to click right away, I will write this topic in the next article.)
  • Slug: path must also have a main keyword
  • Meta description: of course, there must also be main keywords and accompanying related keywords (below I will talk about related keywords).


Okie comes what I say is important that people often overlook here:


How to make the article more readable?

There are many ways, and these are the ways I recommend:

  • Use an easy-to-read font: Arial, Roboto, Open Sans, Lato .. (Yoast SEO it doesn't mark this element)
  • Create spaces around paragraphs: Yoast SEO advises us that the length of a sentence is only 20 words (go down more lines to make space)
  • Please deal with multiple subheadings: A good idea is great, but keep an eye out and divide them with subheadings (same as table of contents)
  • The paragraph is not too long: That means they recommend that a paragraph should not exceed 300 words in a paragraph

Bonus tip:

  • In addition to choosing a good looking font, font-size Also important (14-16px) is probably the most sensible.
  • Distance between lines: I usually put the distance between the lines is 1.5-> 1.6em
  • Use bullet: If you're going to list something, add a bullet.
  • Add a table: I use it often table to compare between plugin features (easier to see and compare)
  • Choose a photo size that fits your frame: Don't choose pictures that are too big, or too small (Note the size of the body website)
  • Choose jpg or png images?: For simple, less colorful images, choose png, otherwise choose jpg

These are just advice, you do not need to follow it, layout so that your article is easy to see, easy to read, reasonable layout is! Please optimize for the user but for the red and blue lights 😀

SEO analysis

These are the "SEO Standard" elements that people often mention here.

Below that will be a field called "Keyphrase synonyms".

It is a synonym keyword, I explained in the previous article.

You can choose a synonym for the main keyword to further optimize ( my example is wordpress interface)


Next is the trophy results that Yoast SEO gives.

Very simple you need to follow the instructions to be Green light is okie.

Bonus tip:

  • Google attaches great importance to nature (if there is a link, it should be pointing out, pointing to reputable sites for both dofollow)
  • In addition to the main keyword phrase evenly distributed in the article (please insert the synonym keyword phrases, related keywords)
  • Let's Link to related content: this is probably well understood by everyone
  • In addition to setting the alt attribute for photos, go Named the file makes sense Do not set the style: photo-1, photo-2
  • Lengths should try to write at least 1800 words for important posts

Related keyword phrases

This is a related keyword, it's different from a synonym keyword

For example: Related keywords of "wordpress theme" can be "interface", "free wordpress theme", the most beautiful wordpress theme "

As I mentioned above, please add these terms in the article.

Even in the meta description, title, alt text is always possible.


I am updating this article, so I'll continue ...


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