Hackers returned nearly $ 25 million to dForce | Money Blog

The hacked dForce hackers returned all the stolen electronic money worth $ 25 million.

According to recent information, dForce - China's leading decentralized financial protocol (DeFi), has reclaimed the lost money.

Specifically, yesterday 20/4, hacker sent back more than 2 million USD for dForce.

And today 21/4, the remaining amount of 22 million USD was returned. A total of nearly $ 25 million was returned by dForce hackers.

However, it is not natural for hackers to return lost money.

According to CEO 1inchexchange, Sergej Kunz, said the attacker returned the money lost because its IP address was leaked and Singapore police were involved.

The police side Singapore asked us for more information and we helped dForce. We found the attacker's IP address and sent it to the police

Our mission is to protect users' data, but in such a case, it is necessary to help the police, to bring that person to light, Kunz said.

The funds returned are currently worth about $ 24.3 million, a little less than the value of the original stolen funds.

Hackers returned nearly $ 25 million to dForce

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