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Knowledge is an inexhaustible treasure of mankind, over centuries. And the acquisition of knowledge is also not a short-lived process.

Everyone knows that education is the fastest way to success, but few know how to properly and effectively learn.

Many young people spend dozens of hours a day putting their faces in the desk, but the results are still not very satisfactory (they are called a nerd). On the contrary, there are those who only study for a sufficient amount of time but achieve satisfactory results.


That is the clearest evidence for the saying: "Don't work hard, work smart. ”. If you are still struggling with the stagnation in your study and work results, then the 5 tips below will somewhat improve the problem for you!

#first. Stimulate curiosity

The most basic factor that helps us absorb problems quickly is curiosity. Do you remember your childhood?

The world around us is big and new, so you always ask questions about it such as why flowers bloom, why there are rainbows, why and why ...

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As children, we learn everything very quickly. Yes, it is because the curiosity in your immature mind that day was so strong.

It motivates you to find answers to every problem to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. And in learning, this is exactly the same.

Curiosity does not merely encourage us to find answers. When you are curious about something, many questions arise in your mind. Solving each question will help us look at the problem in a more multi-dimensional, more comprehensive way!

Unfortunately, the more we mature, the more our curiosity fades. But you can build it again by reading the section of each lesson and trying to ask questions related to them. Practice everyday to make learning easier!

#2. Practice Habits Of Writing Notes

A method that's not new but never outdated, it helps you learn more effectively is taking notes.


As I have emphasized many times, the habit of taking notes makes our thoughts much clearer and clearer than letting things chaotic in our minds.

Taking notes during the study process will help you to save ideas that suddenly pop up. You don't want to have to feel insanely annoyed when you forget about the cool plans you've drawn in your mind!

If you think the things I mentioned above are not convincing enough, because you think that taking notes can be completely replaced by note-taking software on smartphones, you may be wrong!

Do not forget that the plans will never be completed in the first place, and you will have to add and modify many times later.

So the presentation of ideas on the same page makes us have a more coherent view of the whole issue, not to mention you can accidentally delete important notes on your phone!

# 3. Using the Mind Map

Similar to taking notes, a mind map is also a smart choice for your learning to be most effective.

Not only does thinking become more coherent, Mind maps (mind map) also stimulates your creativity based on how you turn the classic way of thinking into recording events in line.


And then the interesting ideas that follow this connection will gradually emerge, I believe you will be surprised to see each piece of knowledge is closely connected and logically linked to each other by this unique diagram method. !

Not just learning, Mind maps It also helps you improve your problem-solving skills and make connections from the smallest points.

You will learn how to look at things in many ways and know how to prioritize your daily work.

# 4. Pomodoro Method Application

Pomodoro, also known as tomato time - is the best method of learning I've ever used and achieved unexpected results.

how-to-get-the-highest-knowledge-of-the-highest-school-age (3)

This is a very famous method introduced in 1980 by Francesco Cirillo - CEO of an Italian software company.

It is also very simple. All you need to do is divide your study time into small spaces, and each will be called a piece of tomato. If you're just starting out, you should leave your tomato for 25 minutes!

During the time of tomatoes, focus all your energy to study or solve the problem, absolutely do not be distracted by external factors offline. After 25 minutes, you have 5 minutes to rest before continuing to complete other tomato periods.

Not too difficult, is it? 25 minutes is not a long time, enough to make you focus and fully develop your ability to solve situations.

In addition, 5 minutes is also the ideal relaxation space after nearly half an hour of brain strain.

Believe me, you won't get tired and pressured at all when applying this wonderful tomato timing method!

# 5. Maintain Learning Every Day

Learning is a lifelong task, so all will be meaningless if you stop accepting knowledge. Remember that only regular, regular and reasonable practice can we upgrade our level.

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Never take an excuse to relax after months of intense exam review. Neglecting to study for too long will cause us to lose interest and not be keen on accepting new things.

Absolutely not turn yourself from someone who aspires to learn into a lazy and obstinate person. Keep moving forward, that's what we want us to work towards together.

Do not stop learning to fill your luggage with knowledge and valuable experiences. Don't forget that just a little better than yesterday, you've already been very successful!


Glad to be with you in today's article. Hope it will partly help you answer the problems on the way to knowledge!

Do not hesitate to share your views by commenting below for our discussion. Good luck !

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