How social signals help SEO grow

You may have heard of social signals before, but many people don't know exactly how they work for SEO purposes. There are a lot of misconceptions about social signals and SEO, so I'll try to clear up some confusion for you.

How social signals affect SEO

Keep in mind, while a lot of this is just speculation and conjecture because very few people have the privilege to know how search engine algorithms actually work, my findings are supported. by actual testing with my own websites and clients.

What is social signal?

The social signals As community engagement, shares and comments, your content is received on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

When it comes to social marketing, this is the most important metric for many companies. Many SEO experts believe that it is a waste of time to focus on social signals for SEO purposes, but I disagree with that sentiment and I will explain why.

Is social signal a ranking factor?

First of all, Google says that social signals are not a direct ranking factor.

This does not mean that social signals will not help Google SEO indirectly, which we will discuss later, but that does not directly increase your rankings in Google.

Matt Cutts by Google upload a video A few years ago that said Google is not Using metrics from social sites in the rankings, however, this is outdated now, and may not be accurate anymore.

Google Social Signal Values ​​(indirect)

But they can also have an impact on Google SEO indirectly. See, the more shared your content is, the more likely it is to see, which can lead to more viewers and links to your content.

And that, of course, can ultimately have a big impact on your Google rankings. It can be very difficult to get natural links these days, so anything you can do to increase the rate at which your content is linked and watch is a very good thing!

How to increase your social signal

So what are some ways you can increase your social signal? Let's take a look at some of the easiest.

1. Link your website

Be sure to link to your site in your profile. Even if the links have nofollow tags, you can still get some direct traffic when people find your profile through search engines or through social platforms.

Add your website to your profile

2. Use bait title (Clickbait)

Create clickbait title. Whether you like clicking bait or not, these types of titles can be very effective at getting attention and clicks.

Just make sure you're following the guidelines of the social media platforms you're posting because many of them have started to crack down on clickbait scams (which you should avoid).

Clickbait headlines on social media

It is also important that the content you market is really appealing once a user visits your site, otherwise this practice can be detrimental to your overall SEO plan.

3. Make a call to action

Use the call to action to encourage participation. Just asking viewers to like, share and comment can significantly increase engagement.

4. Use social sharing plugins

Use plugins to share your content more easily. There are many good social media plugins that you can use on your blog to insert links to the most popular social platforms, allowing users to directly share a piece of content on platforms. different.

Example social sharing plugin

5. Only share your best content

Only share your best content. This may seem a bit intuitive, since you want traffic to all your content, but sharing only your best content will get you noticed more often on social media. .

For example, Facebook displays content from pages that have more interactions than pages with fewer interactions, so by posting only your best content, you can ensure that all Your post has a good engagement rate, which will allow your content to be displayed more often.

Social signals are important

While social signals may not necessarily have a direct impact on your rankings, at least when Google cares, they can certainly affect other search engines and will help people. Other easily find your content and link to it.

You can also get some direct traffic from your social media profile, so this is an added benefit as well, which definitely keeps you focused on social media. as an element of your overall digital marketing and SEO strategy.


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