How to create coupon codes at custom WooCommerce Web

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How to create coupon codes at WooCommerce Web - Many people think WooCommerce coupons are a thing of the past - something that older people often use to cut newspapers to get 25 cents off at local stores. However, as many e-commerce website owners will tell you, coupons are an important source of revenue, simply because of the savings that shoppers receive.

Today, here I will show you how to create custom coupons at WooCommerce. In addition, we will also talk about some of the best WooCommerce coupon code plugins.

So no hassle, the same goes into the article.

Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugin

Here are some of the best WooCommerce coupon plugins in 2020 that will help you gain more customers and increase sales.

  1. Coupon Creator

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This plugin is the best WooCommerce coupon plugin that agrees you to create your own coupon with the Coupon Builder for WordPress or upload a coupon image instead. The plugin has over 10,000 active settings.


  • Create coupons with expiry dates

  • Customers receive printed coupons

  • Modern advanced template

  • Dynamic code feature available

  • Disable Views on each coupon

  1. WooCommerce Smart Coupons

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By using this plugin, customers can easily buy credits for themselves or give them to others. You even manage everything related to coupons, credits / gift certificates. This is a paid plugin that you receive from the official website at WooCommerce.


  • Create custom coupon designs

  • Agree to share coupon URL

  • Agree coupon to register

  • Set credit balances and coupons automatically

  • Agree to use 1-click coupon

  1. Coupon Generator for WooCommerce


This plugin agrees you to generate thousands of coupon codes at the same time. The best part about this plugin is that the coupon codes are generated efficiently, they even work at low cost hosting services. Coupon Generator has over 8,000 active settings.


  • Create an unlimited number of coupons

  • It helps you bring in more customers

  • Installation, simple integration

  • Get daily progress updates

  • Up to 1,000,000 test coupons

Above is the top WooCommerce promotion code we recommend. Move on to the second step of being a custom coupon.

Custom coupons for WooCommerce

Adding custom WooCommerce coupon codes is not really that simple process. Although there are several ways that WooCommerce website owners add and provide coupons on their websites, the method of providing the most control over the entire creation or offering process is by creating coupons through code.

The process is simple, including adding the WooCommerce coupon code to the file functions.php. At this point, it's important to point out all the code mentioned in this tutorial should be added to the child theme of functions.php.

I will start from presenting how to create a WooCommerce coupon code. Next, I'll show you how to add coupon codes then I'll show you the impact of coupons in action.

To better understand, I have broken it all down in a few steps below.

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Step 1: Add the WooCommerce coupon code for a specific product

To create a coupon with a specific title, add the following code to the child theme functions.php.

Note that once the coupon has been created, it will be automatically applied to the specific product ID.


Notice the line:


This is the product ID for which the SocialSEO coupon is applied automatically. If you want to apply multiple product coupons, simply enter the IDs separated by commas in the array.

For reference, the Product ID is found under the product name in the All Products list.


Step 2: Update WooCommerce coupon information

The next step is to add it to update the rules and information for coupons. With this, go to the Coupons menu and select the coupon you created.

Since I created SocialSEO, I will update the data for coupons. The most important section on this page is Discount Type, Coupon Amount, Coupon Expiry Date.

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You have the option to change the discount type for the product, along with the discount amount. Because coupons have a time limit, you should carefully set an expiration date to make sure the expiry date matches the promised deadline in your marketing campaign.

Step 3: The WooCommerce Coupon Code is active

At this time, coupons are ready for business.

As you can see from the screenshot behind the shopping cart page, the £ 10 discount will automatically apply to the invoice.

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Step 4: Apply content to all products

There are cases when website owners want to create coupons that apply to all products at the store. Some common examples include Holiday sales or store-wide marketing campaigns.

This is how you create such coupons.

Note: As with all the code mentioned in this tutorial, this is added to the child theme of the functions.php file.


As you can see from the code, the SocialSEO coupon code applies to all products at the store that accept the coupon code.

Step 5: Create coupons via code

So far you have created the first coupon and then you put information through the WooCommerce menu. The good news is that users have the power to create and book coupon information through a simple code snippet.


As you can see in the excerpt above, I have created the coupon with all the desired parameters and then inserted it into the active coupon list.

Generate WooCommerce coupons via code
You can easily create WooCommerce coupon code through the following code. Note whether you are using the code in the WooCommerce coupon plugin or are part of the active interface.

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For further reference, see the official WooCommerce coupon code documentation.


Creating a coupon for WooCommerce website is a simple process with great potential to increase sales and profits. With this tutorial, I discussed how to add coupons to an online website.

If you have any comments regarding this tutorial, please share it with them through the comments.

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