How to create a free Logo


Logo plays a very important role for businesses. Do not forget that when you are in business, you will have a lot of competition, and all industries will grow rapidly. Therefore, you should consider making a logo so fast and really professional to do business right away. Zyro can not only create a free logo for you but also high quality.

Zyro Logo Maker is a free online logo creation site that allows you to design professional logos for free. You can easily design logos and put them into use in less than 5 minutes.

Create a free online logo with Zyro Free Logo Maker, you can:

  • Easy to customize - Customize your logo by adjusting icons, text fonts, colors and sizes to suit your company.
  • High Quality - Customizable elements created by professional designers. Unlimited options, from streamlined and minimalist styles to elegant and luxurious. Finally, you can download a high-resolution PNG format logo.
  • 100% free - There are no hidden fees and you can download vector files for marketing on social networks. In addition, there is no limit to the number of times you can use Zyro Logo Maker.

Creating a perfect logo is no longer a complicated thing. In short, with the online logo maker tool, you only need to follow 5 steps to create a free logo:

1. Enter the brand name and slogan

Before creating your free logo, you need to have your brand name and slogan first. People need to know about your business: what is its value, identity and nature.

Both of these factors are important for a successful business. Without it, you cannot create a strong brand that stands out from the competition.

If you do not have a business name and slogan, you can use Zypro's AI name brand generator and Slogan creator with AI. 2 This tool will help you create a memorable business name and slogan that is appropriate for your business.

Brand name with zyro

You need to enter keywords related to the business. The AI ​​platform tool will provide dozens of suggestions for you to use. If you don't find the perfect one - use the options available for inspiration.

Now, we will learn how to create a free logo.

When you first come to the free logo creation page, you will see:

Create free logo step 1

On the bottom left, you will see many icons for logos under the search bar.

Zyro's free logo creator has thousands of shape templates to choose from. You need to enter a keyword and choose the word you like.

In this example, search for keywords "Gorilla":

Create free logo step 2

From "layout" ie logo layout. It helps organize icons, names and slogans into a unified whole.

There are 4 layout options in Zyro Logo Maker: right, left, on and below. Take a look at the different location options and the ones that work best for you.

For example this is the icon top Business name and slogan:

Create free logo step 3

Depending on where you click, you can edit focus changes.

If you click on the icon, you can edit it size and color of the logo. You can also turn and inclined it.

If you click on the name and tagline, you can edit the selection font, font style (such as bold, italic, and underline), font size and range. You also have the option turn and inclined Name and slogan in the bar Transform:

zyro logo maker step 4

5. Download the free Logo

The final step is to download the free logo by clicking "Download" in the upper right corner:

download free logo for step 5 zyro logo maker

When you click the button Download, a new window will open so you can save the logo as a high-resolution PNG file. This means that your image will have a transparent background that can be placed on top of another image and looks great.

Downloaded logos are available for both digital and print use.

The logo created with Zyro has been fully licensed for commercial use. Meaning you can use the logo to make a profit.

On top of that, Zyro’s Logo Maker with website builder and many tools based on AI, completely free to use. There is no cost.

Summary of steps to create a free logo

Owning a beautiful, easy-to-remember and memorable logo is a must for every brand. It will help you stand out in the industry. In this article, you learned how to create a free logo with Zyro Logo Maker.

We summarize how to create a free logo as follows:

  1. Have business name and slogan ⁠- if you haven't already, try Zyro AI Business Name Generator and AI Slogan Generator
  2. Select the icon -⁠ There are many icons available, all shapes, letters, and animals
  3. Choose logo layout -⁠ Customize the way you want to align the icon and the text on the logo
  4. Edit the logo -⁠ Customize icon and text styles: from color to size and font selection
  5. Download the free logo down - Download a free high-resolution PNG logo file for commercial use

Now is the time for you to be creative. Create your own free logo now.


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