How to do email marketing: 4 useful tips


Are you looking for a strategy to increase brand awareness or to increase sales? Email marketing can be an effective strategy. In this article, you will learn all about the best way to do email marketing, giving you many benefits to run a proper marketing strategy.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy. It is often used to send sales announcements and maintain relationships with the target audience. It helps you send ads, call to action or blog news.

The long-term goal of email marketing is to help increase brand trust and build customer loyalty.

At the same time, this strategy also helps you gain new customers, or connect with the future brand image.

Therefore, doing good email marketing will encourage the recipient to take action, generate more leads and sell more.

Email marketing has proven to be an effective strategy. For example, Marketing Charts 82% marketer reports agree this is the main strategy to increase leads and conversion rates.

Moreover, word reports Direct Marketing Association says email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to other strategies. This study shows that email marketing is worth the effort.

So why is email marketing so effective?

As noted earlier, email marketing can connect brands with customers, build stronger relationships and make believe by the time.

Because of the fierce competition in the industry, it is difficult for your brand to stand out. But email marketing can increase your brand's chances of getting noticed.

For example, you can send content to each customer's inbox. You can classify customers / audiences according to criteria and send content suitable for each person or buyer persona.

This feature helps you communicate more closely with the audience, which is essential in building relationships and beliefs.

This is an example of our email marketing notification sent to customers.

Send newsletter by email marketing on hostinger

4 tips to create successful Email Marketing campaigns

While email marketing has proven to be a great strategy, we also need to know how to be the most effective. Here, we will show you how to make email marketing successful:

Collect quality email lists

First of all, no matter how much you understand your email marketing strategy, it doesn't make sense without an email list. And most importantly, the best way to do email marketing is to get a natural email list.

The best way to build the list is that the recipient agrees to receive the message. Buying or renting email lists from third parties and using them without your permission will be annoying and may even violate the law.

How to do this email marketing depends on the valid subscribers. If you contact people who clearly disagree in advance, or are not interested in your product or website, the performance of your campaign will most likely decrease. Moreover, users can also report your email as spam.

There is also a particularly important thing since the issuance General data protection regulations (GDPR) requires the consent of Europeans before being allowed to reach them via email campaign. If you fail to comply with these guidelines, you may be sued or fined.

The best way to list is through a page blog. This is a great platform to share something new, increase brand awareness and attract new readers.

You need to seize this opportunity and turn these blog visitors into subscribers. For example, you can use the opt-in form or popup window on my blog.

Registration form is one of the ways to get the consent of visitors. Ask if they are interested in receiving news about products, services or other information. This is how we did it on Hostinger.

Hostinger's email marketing registration form

You can also use incentives to attract visitors to your email list. For example, you can provide ebooks, Free PDFs, webinars or useful insights in return for email addresses.

Social media marketing can also help. You can add an email subscription button application to your Facebook page and reach out to specific audiences. In addition, in social media posts, you can invite your followers to receive newsletters.

Choose the best Email Marketing service

After coming up with the ideas and strategies for your email marketing campaign, the next important step is to choose the best service. To complete a good email marketing campaign, you need to use one of the best email services.

Email marketing is software to help manage email lists and create compelling email content. You will have automation, which helps maintain performance when managing a huge email list.

And finally, most services have reporting features so you can adjust your email marketing campaign. This is beneficial in the future to achieve better results.

There are many options, some are free and some are premium. They can provide different types of features and services. To ease the work, we have chosen a number Best email marketing service for you.

Here are my favorite email marketing services:

first. MailChimp

Email marketing service chimp

MailChimp is a popular email marketing service serving millions of businesses. You get access to basic features for free, support 2000 subscribers, and send 12,000 emails per month.

2. Constant Contact

Constant marketing email contact service

Constant Contact is a premium email marketing service, with a free 30-day trial. This service offers many features to help manage email marketing campaigns: manage lists, build campaigns and reports.

3. GetResponse

Get email marketing service response

Another good email marketing automation candidate is GreatResponses. This tool boasts 99% email delivery rate and provides tools Customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

Create an Email Marketing campaign

A good way to do email marketing is indispensable to create a mail marketing campaign with your list. But before you begin, you should know what your goals are.

Having goals is clearly the most important factor, especially when running a marketing campaign.

You need different goals for each customer. Some ways to do email marketing and its goals are:

  • Welcome new subscribers - here you can create a basic campaign to let them know about your business, values ​​and culture
  • Enhance interaction - Start building customer trust by sending quality content emails or promoting webinars. Any product that can improve your relationship with customers is worth taking advantage of.
  • Create trust from existing subscribers - you can provide more personalized content tailored to the needs of each customer to increase their loyalty.
  • Re-engage with inactive subscribers - you can build campaigns that target recently inactive customers

One of the most important and best ways to do email marketing is to keep track of how your campaigns are performing. In turn helps you understand your audience and improve your campaigns.

Email marketing services spend most of their time displaying the metrics available in the analytics dashboard.

If the email marketing service does not display any statistics, you can use Google Analytics or social media like Facebook Insights to help you better understand your audience.

Here you can find out specific data about your audience such as geography, age and a range of other information. You can also use this information to enhance your campaign.

You need to segment your audience to send email that targets the right audience. For example, you might divide as follows:

  • Geographical location - You can divide objects based on their location. Thereby providing a more reasonable service or product.
  • Age - Today, people of all ages use the internet, so you need to divide them appropriately. This allows you to choose the right style when sending emails.
  • Persona - when you provide a service or product, you will see a buyer persona. This is a way to understand the different needs and therefore the proposal is valuable to the customer. This can help you find the value of a product or service to a buyer.

Create beautiful email designs, good headlines, impressive content.

How to do email marketing can not ignore email design.

First, you need to set a good title. It plays an important role in getting people's attention and encourages them to open emails.

Then, you need to compose a compelling content, including compelling elements to get customers to read and call-to-action (CTA) so they know what to do next.

You also need to design an attractive email body. If you are not a good designer, you can hire professional people to do it.

And for ease of reading, you shouldn't attach important notices in an image. The reason is because it is difficult for people with disabilities to know the information on the image.

Finally, pay attention to the number of mobile device users - 49.7% and counting. Don't forget you need to create a compatible and mobile friendly email. And don't worry, good email marketing can help you do that.

Keep in mind, though, that it's normal for you not to get good results on the first try. You need time and lots of experimentation before coming up with the perfect strategy. And this requires you to do A / B testing every aspect of your email marketing campaign.

Things to remember when doing email marketing

Transparency is one of the best ways to do email marketing because it promotes brand loyalty. That is why if you are a beginner, you should be transparent about the number of emails you send to your customers. Besides, you can also divide customers by behavior when participating in the campaign in a drip.

Avoid being spammed: send only useful and interesting content to customers. Have you ever checked your inbox and hated spam messages like that? Customers will feel the same way if you spam them.


Here are tips that will help you create a meaningful and successful campaign.

How to do email marketing effectively:

  • Always collect quality email lists
  • Choose the best email marketing service to get the job done
  • Create targeted, personalized email marketing campaigns
  • Design beautiful email, good content and impressive headlines
  • Be as transparent as possible and avoid spamming

Do you have any experience you want to share with fellow marketers on how to do email marketing? Please share your ideas in the comment section below and discuss with us.


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