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"All humanity is passion. Without passion, religion, history, fiction, art are useless. ".

This affirmation of Honore 'de Balzac - the great French realist writer of the first half of the 19th century, clearly emphasized the importance of passion.

We all know that passion is the source of brilliant accomplishments, but finding it today is a relatively difficult problem, especially for young people who are toddling on the threshold. vast life.

There are many reasons why you cannot find your passion: it may be careless superficial, not brave enough to be responsible for life, or there are simply too many paths but you don't know. What am I most passionate about.

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But for whatever reason, you absolutely must discover your own passion to lead a more fulfilling life.

It will take a lot of time, so don't be discouraged or worry. And in today's article, I will share with you 4 useful methods to help you accomplish this extremely important mission!

#first. Believe in yourself

The first key to shortening the distance to your passion is that you must have a strong mentality. Take control of your thoughts and direct them to the most positive aspect.


Trust is one of the most amazing powers that humans are fortunate to possess, so you need to know how to take advantage of it.

Definition of belief: Faith is what you think is right until it becomes a reality.

Specifically, believe that you are fully capable of exploring and burning with endless passion. You can do it ! And when that iron determination is deeply embedded in your mind, all your efforts will go in the right direction.

Focus and prioritize yourself, because investing in yourself is the most profitable investment. Certainly so !

You can train yourself through a wealth of knowledge and do not stop whenever you feel you can still continue! These seemingly small efforts will help you to connect with your passion!

#2. Pay attention to the things that fascinate you

None of us is immune to zest. Everyone has (or used to) carry some ambition.

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Go back to your memory again and focus on the things that make you excited every time you think about it. Don't miss any small details, because all these discrete pieces will form a complete picture that will lead you to your passion.

Try to remember your childhood dreams. When we were young, our minds were too young to consider all the issues that mattered besides passion, but were extremely subtle to identify, nurture and focus all our desires on them.

Interests will be the bridge that leads you to new and more professional horizons. In that place, you can fully unleash the region on the solid foundation that previous self-improvement training brought.

So identify them and experiment a lot, there will definitely be a special field just for you!

# 3. Step Out Of Safe Area

People often compromise easily with life without knowing that they can do more than that.

To be frank, have you ever been fed up with tons of work done daily, but are too hesitant to get rid of those boring things, and try yourself with another unfamiliar field?


If you keep rolling within your limits, you will always live a boring and boring life. To determine what we truly aspire to do, what we need to do is not to be determined to be obstinate with a light, stable job.

Although it will be difficult, courage and assertiveness are the essential factors to progress to passion.

Trying new things will create an opportunity for you to fully explore your own capacity and in the process, we will surely find the mission that life has entrusted.

In addition, the experience after each journey will be a wealth of gold for you to go further on the foundation of passion!

We are all warriors in our own stories, so be brave to break out of your comfort zone and paint beautiful colors for life!

# 4. Seek Advice From Others

If up to this point you're still wondering where to start, try the extremely simple but equally effective method, which is to seek advice from those closest to you!

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Family, friends or teachers - those who are close to you in your work and daily life will make valuable contributions to our strengths and weaknesses, thereby helping us Clearly shaping the path we should step forward.

But remember to consider carefully before making a decision. Because these are just their personal views after all, the choice is yours.

Don't turn yourself into a life-long person for the expectations of others. I still encourage self-experience to progress to more passion, because when practicing a lot you will definitely succeed. And the excitement after each success will create the threshold of our passion there!


Thank you for following along throughout this article. May we all remain calm, confident and victorious on the journey to find our life's aspirations.

Do not forget to leave positive feedback to motivate the blog to develop further. Love !

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