How to install PayPal for your WooCommerce website


How to install PayPal for WooCommerce website - Digital commerce done via online payment gateway. If this component works smoothly, the rest of the problem solved more smoothly.

The good part is that the number of reliable payment gateways is small enough to make easy decisions. In fact, if you're new to WooCommerce or a similar platform, experts recommend using PayPal for two simple reasons: It works, works great, almost anywhere.

Today, I will show you how to integrate Paypal for WooCommerce, simplify the payment process for loyal customers.

Why use the PayPal Payment Gateway?

As the owner of WooCommerce website, you choose some of the top popular payment gateways including Stripe, Skrill, PayPal or many others. So why choose PayPal? According to official statistics, about 19 million merchants rely on PayPal to build, operate, and develop their businesses. Worldwide customers trust PayPal with financial information such as credit card details / bank information.

Features & benefits when using PayPal

  • PayPal is safe and free!

  • Easy operation with WooCommerce

  • Easy to install, integrate

  • Simple guide on connecting PayPal with WooCommerce website

  • Security handled by PayPal

PayPal Sandbox account

Very often, the WooCommerce website works with the uploaded repository, every extension is ready, the website is ready to operate. However, in the final check, there is no way to check if the payment gateway is active in addition to actually making a transaction.

This is another reason to choose PayPal as a payment gateway for the website. PayPal provides a PayPal Sandbox Account, a secure, separate environment to check port activity, making sure everything works as intended.

Log in to the PayPal developer website

To set up your Sandbox Account, visit the PayPal developer website. In the top right, click the Log In Panel.


On the next screen, you set up a new PayPal account / login existing account with the email address, phone link.


For the purpose of this article, I will install PayPal for WooCommerce. When creating a new account, choose either a Business or Personal account.

  • Personal account: good for end users who want to use PayPal to shop online or do something similar.

  • Business account: Ideal for merchants who want to integrate PayPal as their payment gateway for their website.

Since I am performing a WooCommerce PayPal integration, I will choose the PayPal Business account.


Next, enter your email address and press the Continue button.


That's it. You have successfully created a PayPal Sandbox account.

The next important step is to connect PayPal to the WooCommerce website.

Integrating WooCommerce & PayPal

On the new WooCommerce installation, the default payment options are:

  • Direct deposit

  • Payment check

  • pay on delivery

  • PayPal standard

The first three options are offline, but PayPal Standard is the standard digital option used by many online websites around the world.

Managing PayPal-related activities at the WooCommerce website, you are using the popular, highly applicable PayPal with the WooCommerce extension that brings great value to the WooCommerce website.

I think before diving into the way PayPal Standard adds value to websites, you should learn some of the popular extensions from PayPal. Note the following list is private. If I missed your favorite extension, please mention it in the comment.

The popular PayPal extension

  • WooCommerce PayPal Provided by Braintree Payment Gateway

  • WooCommerce PayPal Checkout payment gateway

  • Angell EYE-PayPal for WooCommerce

  • WP Easy PayPal Accept payment

WooCommerce PayPal Provided by Braintree Payment Gateway


This PayPal WooCommerce extension is provided by Braintree. This extension simplifies the website / user payment process for making purchases via debit, credit card or PayPal money.


The most important feature of this plugin is:

  • This plugin supports registration & Pre-Order plugin

  • You can add multiple merchant IDs to support multiple currencies when used with the currency converter

  • It supports 3D Secure (with Braintree account enabled)

  • Support for Braintree / Kount Direct advanced fraud tools (if enabled)

WooCommerce PayPal Checkout payment gateway


This is the official WooCommerce Woo Checkout plugin with over 800,000 active installations. Privacy is the strength from this plugin. Since this is the official plugin, installing WooCommerce PayPal is easy and simple.

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PayPal Plus for WooCommerce


PayPal plus for WooCommerce is another great extension that agrees to seamlessly integrate all PayPal Plus payment methods (PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Debit / Bill Payment) into WooCommerce website.


This plugin has a series of features including:

  • Install payment faster by using the Express Checkout button

  • PayPal payment is completely responsive / very friendly

Buy now PayPal button


This plugin allows users to pay for products / services using the PayPal Buy Now button. You can place this button anywhere at the website to customize the payment processing flow.


In addition to the standard feature, the plugin provides:

  • The process of creating a purchase button is very simple: just fill in the name, price, and button ready to deploy.

  • Four designs, different PayPal button sizes are available

  • Apply the fixed discount rate, the discount rate to each item

All of the mentioned extensions work well in their roles. In this article, I will go with the default PayPal WooCommerce option to guide you through the WooComerce PayPal integration process.

Integrate PayPal with WooCommerce

The WooCommerce app I tested is hosted on Cloudways. It is a smooth and secure performance-compatible WooCommerce storage platform. Therefore, visitors get a great experience at the website.

Now, go to your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate WooCommerce> Settings> Payments.


Next, enable the PayPal option and then click the Manage button.


Configure your Settings

At installation, you see several options that you need to configure now.

  • PayPal configuration

  • Advance setting

  • API login information

PayPal configuration


Toggle: If you want to use this payment gateway, make it a test mode

Title: Add the title you want to show to customers at the checkout page

Describe: Here you need more description

Email PayPal: Add the PayPal email address you registered earlier

Advance setting


PayPal Sandbox: Test testing / Deselecting websites directly.

Debug log: Check the box if the problem appears at the website if not selected

Email notification IPN: Check this option if you want to send notifications when you receive an IPN from PayPal indicating a refund, otherwise unselect.

Email recipient: Here you add the primary recipient email for the PayPal account

PayPal identification token: This is an optional field that agrees you to identify a pending payment that succeeds without PayPal IPN. To install this option, follow these instructions Create the PayPal Identification Token.

Invoice prefix: Add a unique identifying prefix that identifies orders online. WC- enter by default.

Shipment Details: Check if you want to send PayPal delivery details then payment details.

Address override: If you want to verify the address, select this option. We recommend opting out as it may cause an error.

Payment action: You see two options at the capture drop down or authorization menu. The capture will cut customer payments immediately without any type of verification, agree to pay manually before completing.

Page style: Here add the page style, this is optional

URL image: It displays the website logo again, which is optional

API login information


You add your PayPal API login information here. For more, follow the simple guide to PayPal API Credentials.

  • Sandbox API username: You add an API username here

  • API Sandbox password: You have added an API password here

  • Sandbox API signature: You add the API signature here

When finished, click the ‘Save Changes’ button. You have successfully integrated PayPal for WooCommerce.


That is all. I hope you now understand how PayPal works with WooCommerce integration and how you install it on your WooCommerce website. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please refer to the comments section below.


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