How to install WordPress Multisite on Google Cloud


How to install WordPress Multisite on Google Cloud - If you want to run multiple websites, there's nothing better than the WordPress Multisite network. It allows you to create multiple websites using the same backend without having to worry about the complexity of maintaining and updating multiple websites. However, you can also use the MainWP plugin to manage multiple WordPress websites at the same time.

The most important requirement for hosting WordPress Multisite is that the cloud provider handles all this for you. That's where Google Cloud (GC) comes with WordPress managed hosting.

Google Cloud for WordPress with many pages


An important reason to migrate WordPress in the cloud platform provided by Google is the powerful feature set from it that ensures WordPress Multisite network works on any page. Last year alone, the number of websites hosted at Google Cloud increased by 10 times.

However, installing WordPress Multisite at Google Cloud is not an easy process. Unless you have expert system administration skills, it is better to use the managed cloud storage platform that handles it for you.

Use Cloudways

Cloudways provides a quick, easy solution to host WordPress Multisite at GCE. The process is very simple, usually ending a few minutes. Here are three great benefits that Cloudways offers to every user:

Free migration process

The migration is managed by Cloudways for free WordPress website. You can also use the Cloudways Migrator Plugin to move as many WordPress websites as you want later.

Top security


Cloudways handles all server-level security issues so you don't have to worry about attacks or exploits on your server. Moreover, in case of unusual activity, it will automatically notify you via CloudwaysBot as well as restrict access to the website. When server security is important, it is also important to secure the WordPress Multisite you own.

Improve page loading speed

Cloudways provides ThunderStack which helps to optimize the basic hosting to the website provided by WordPress. In addition, Cloudways offers Breeze, an efficient WordPress cache plugin that further enhances WordPress Multisite performance.

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Do you need a multi-site WordPress site?

It is better to determine this in the first place if installing WordPress Multisite network. For example, webmasters are looking to host multiple websites at different domain names with WordPress, WPMU supports them.

Multisite WordPress will easily manage the entire subsite through the user interface. This subsite is connected within WordPress-based networks as well as controlled through the control panel without creating any separate directories on the server. That's why it is important to understand when to use WordPress Multisite with projects.


  • Control, manage multiple subpages through a single dashboard

  • Maintain subpages easily and grant control to other users from the single interface

  • Maintain access control interface and install the plugin at the subpage

  • Simplified WordPress multi-site network


  • If the main website is offline, the entire connected subsite will also not be accessible.

  • WordPress Multisite does not support every plugin.

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Install WordPress Multisite on Google Cloud

Step 1:

Create an account on Cloudways by clicking the register button. You can also subscribe via Linkedin, Google and Github.


Step 2:

You will need to verify your email address and then complete the sign up process to get started.


Step 3:

Once completed, you will see a screen with a ‘LAUNCH’ button. Click on it to start the server initialization process.


Step 4:

Now, fill in the details needed to start the server.

On the application details page, server

  • Select 'Multi-page version' in the ‘Application and server details’ tab

  • Add the application name

  • Add hostname

  • Add project type


Step 5:

Choose web hosting from Google Cloud Platform from the group of available cloud servers.


Step 6:

Now, set server size, bandwidth, storage according to needs.


Step 7:

For this installation guide, we used the lowest bandwidth and storage size and took the United States as a location. You are located on demand. Just remember, choosing the location near the target audience will speed up the page.

Step 8:

Note the total price of the selected server parameter. It will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.


Step 9:

Now click on the green ‘Launch now’ button.

Wait for the server to get ready

Step 10:

When the server is ready, click on ‘Apps’ in the top left menu, then tap on the WordPress app.

At the application management menu, click the ‘Access details’ tab. Here you can see the admin dashboard details of many WordPress sites. Use them to login to the WordPress multi-site website dashboard.


Use the URL to open the WordPress admin panel, which will prompt you for your username and password. Copy the login information from the ‘Admin panel’ menu.

That's how you install WordPress Multisite at Google Cloud Server.

Now point your domain name and then add the SSL certificate to the WordPress Multisite network.

When installing WordPress website in Google Cloud Platform, you will have to configure the website via the control panel.


WordPress Multisite is a great tool for managing multiple WordPress websites through a single control panel, it can be installed on any hosting platform. But the Google Cloud platform really helps you when the optimization process. As the network grows, the traffic to the pages you have will indirectly affect the entire server, making many pages load slower, Google cloud server is a highly optimized platform to serve the situation. this. It solves this problem by ensuring complete storage flexibility, strong performance without worrying about bandwidth.

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