Huobi delist Monero after the investigation of the Korean "Nth Room Case", Bithumb may follow

It has been reported that people involved in sexual abuse in Korea have used Monero for criminal acts. Therefore, Bithumb is considering canceling cryptocurrencies. Huobi has removed this coin from the exchange.

Huobi Monero

"Nth Room Case", a criminal investigation taking place in South Korea, is believed to be related to sexual crimes being broadcast in Telegram chat rooms. The Korean government has deduced that part of the activity is related to XMR transactions.

Yesterday, Huobi South Korea delist Monero, citing low volume and anonymity. The floor does not directly reference the “Nth Room Case” investigation in notification His and Singapore-based exchange did not delist XMR on the rest of the platform.

South Korean magazine Sisi Journal currently reports that Bithumb is also consider delist XMR. Specifically, the article stated that Bithumb has a cryptocurrency removal policy used primarily for criminal acts and the exchange's internal committee is considering whether XMR is part of this policy.

Bithumb is the only major Korean exchange that still trades XMR. Upbit canceled it last year, citing concerns about the anonymity of the platform. Therefore, such a move would be a significant blow to the cryptocurrency.

Although not the only private currency, Monero is still the most popular. Anti-cryptocurrency activists often target it, claiming that it is used primarily for a range of criminal activities such as money laundering, drug buying and tax evasion. Not surprisingly, some exchanges are willing to delist it to improve their reputation with legislators and customers.


According to Bitcoinist

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