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Are you looking to update plugins for WordPress? Does your plugins have a new version and you want to update? In this article, HOSTVN will show you the 2 easiest ways to update plugins for WordPress.

Instructions to update plugins for WordPress

Note: Before making any changes, you should proceed to back up the data, in case something goes wrong, you can quickly restore the website with this backup. If you do not know how to backup data for WordPress, you can see the How to backup WordPress website to Google Drive.

Method 1: Update automatically via wp-admin

The easiest way to update plugins for WordPress is to update it automatically via wp-admin. You need to log in to wp-admin then access the menu Plugins. Here you will see the list of installed plugins. Now if Plugins has a new version you will see a link Upgrade now (Update) under the plugins name. Just clicking on the WordPress link will automatically update the plugins to the new version.


If the update process fails or an error occurs, you can refer to the manual update below.

Method 2: Update manually

This way you access the WordPress plugins repository: Then proceed to find and download the plugins you want to update to your computer.


After you've downloaded the file to your computer, upload the file to your hosting site by logging into the hosting manager -> File Manager -> Directory containing source code/ wp-content / plugins


  • Note: For the main domain (Domain name used when registering hosting) then Directory containing source code will Directory containing source code. For addon-domain or sub-domain then Directory containing source code will take the form or

Next you choose Upload to upload files to hosting


Drag and drop the file on the computer to the upload frame to upload


After the upload process is complete, click Go Back to to return to the file manager.


At the file management page Right click on the file just uploaded and chose Extract to extract the file

Screenshot_17 - update plugins for WordPress

Screenshot_18 - updated plugins for WordPress

Screenshot_19 - updated plugins for WordPress

So you've finished updating plugins for WordPress manually.


Through this article HOSTVN I have shown you two ways to update plugins for WordPress. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below. Also you can see more other articles about WordPress here.

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