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Welcome to the "From the World View House" tour with just a phone or computer connected to the Internet.

On this journey, we will come to a country that is familiar to the majority of our Vietnamese people, when this country is located in the same Southeast Asia region. Yes, the country I'm talking about is Malaysia.

Although familiar like that, but I assure you that the things that we are going to learn the following will make you gasp in surprise (句 _ 句). Okay, now let's come to some interesting things about Malaysia.

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#first. Malaysia: Land or sea?

Malaysia is a country located in the southern part of Southeast Asia, and is the only country in the region that has both a land territory and a territory on an offshore island.

With a total area of ​​330,803 km2, Malaysia is the country with the 66th largest red book in the world, equivalent to the area of ​​Vietnam and Norway ...

Malaysia-Malaysia-1-5 (5)

More specifically, the land area is also known as Peninsular Malaysia (or West Malaysia) with an area of ​​132,156 km.2 - accounting for 40% of the total territory, the rest is part of the island of Borneo.

With a large area of ​​the island outside 198,447 km2 , accounting for 60% of Malaysia's total area, and about 26% of the area of ​​the island of Borneo - the third largest island in the world.

For those of you who want to know more, the rest of Borneo Island belongs to Indonesia with about 73%, and Brunei with less than 1%.

#2. Malay Viagra (Malay Ginseng)

Malayan Viagra - also known as Malay Ginseng - is the name of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia scientific name), a small tree with long straight roots that penetrates the ground, and is often found in the forests of Malaysia .

Malaysia-Malaysia-1 (3)

The name Malay Ginseng or Malaya Viagra is not actually an official name, the reason is that people consider the root of Tongkat Ali as a panacea that can improve the physiology and fighting ability of men.

Tongkat Ali is known in Vietnamese as Mat nhan, or Bach Hop, which is often used to treat dysentery, fever and malaria. Only a few connoisseurs know to buy the roots of this plant to use as a precious ginseng.

# 3. Army cycling

I must say that the friendly army that I am about to mention is not from the Malaysians, but it was formed on this "2-piece" Country.

Malaysia-Malaysia-1-2 (2)

On December 7, 1941, shortly after the world handed over the island in the face of the greatest bastion of human history in the Japanese military, attacking the US Pacific fleet at Chanzhou Harbor, it was in the city. Kota Bharu of Malaysia, the Japanese also suddenly landed and occupied to start the process of acquiring this country.

It is worth mentioning that in order to adapt to the conditions of the roads of Malaysia at that time, with mostly dirt roads, and can become swampy after just a few rains, the Japanese army almost stole this time. , stealing and possibly stealing every bicycle they can find in this Country😅😅. And that is the origin of the world's most environmentally friendly army ^ ‿ ^

After its establishment, this army marched day and night from Kota Bharu to Singapore within 45 days, a distance that today takes only about 10 hours by car.

# 4. Petronas Twin Towers - National tower

When it comes to Malaysia, the first symbol that everyone thinks of is the Petronas Twin Towers, 451.9 m high in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia-Malaysia-1 (4)

It has been the tallest man-made building in the world since 1998, after having usurped the 442.1-meter Willis Tower. And by 2004, this tower was overtaken by Taipei 101 to 509.2 mm tall and is still the tallest twin tower in the world to date.

Petronas Tower is considered a symbol of Kuala Lumpur in particular and the country of Malaysia in general, and it has long become a must-check place if you come to this land.

Some more information about Petronas tower is that at the time of construction this tower was the construction with the most terrible foundation in the world.

Specifically, people poked up to 104 concrete piles, with the longest being 114m, with 13,200 cubic meters of concrete to create a 4.6m long concrete block, and weighing 32,500 tons to support. on each side of the tower.

And despite the application of the most modern technology at the time, it must be admitted that one of the two towers was 25mm inclined during construction. And to fix this, the next 16 floors of the tower must be built in 20 mm.

A special feature of this twin tower also comes from the sky bridge (2 floors) connecting the two towers on floors 41 and 42, with a length of 58.4m and a weight of 720 tons at a height of 170m. This is also the highest sky bridge in the world!

Please note that this bridge is not attached to the main structure of the tower because it is suspected that the swaying of the two towers during storms can cause cracking or collapse of the bridge.

Yes ! Above are some highlights of Malaysia that I want to send to you. Do you like Malaysia country or not? There are many interesting things I will reveal in the next articles, so please read along.

I wish you lots of interesting and useful knowledge every day. Be sure to visit the blog when you are free to learn more

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