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As you all know, at the present time, almost the whole world is facing the nCoV-19 epidemic, many countries are tightening the entry and exit, making tourism activities extremely limitless. preparations.

To help you stay safe at home but still have more information about the remote countries you are interested in learning, then in this article I would like to introduce to you "world tour world ”because I am the captain, I will take you to every part of this planet 😀

And on this first trip, you and I will set foot on the UK.

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#first. United Kingdom name

Before coming to our trip today, I need to say more about where I want to take you.

United Kingdom (United Kingdom) rather than United Kingdom (Kingdom of England) or England (England).

Specifically, the United Kingdom (United Kingdom) consists of 4 constituent countries: Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England (England).

It can be said that the United Kingdom is the most comprehensive name for the lands including the Kingdom of England or England. So don't be too surprised when you're confused between the UK and UK!

#2. The empire of the sun never sets

When visiting a country, the history of that country is one of the things that you cannot ignore, history is the basis for forming the culture and people of that country.

And when it comes to the history of the United Kingdom, we are referring to the once most powerful empire in the world, where there is never a lack of sunlight.

The reason why the sun can not set on the territory or rather the lands of the United Kingdom is because they spread throughout the world and immensely vast.

At its peak, the British empire had a colony of 35,500,000 km² (24% of the world's land area), and governed 413 million people (23% of the world's population). It is not an understatement to say that the British Empire is a place where the sun never sets.

Once the most powerful empire in the history of the world, the United Kingdom now has an area of ​​242,495 km², ranking 78th in the world, which is only half of the territory of Vietnam.

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# 3. Queen Elizabeth the Second

When it comes to the United Kingdom, no one is unaware of the most powerful figure, Queen Elizabeth II. It is not an exaggeration to say that the queen of the United Kingdom is also the most powerful woman in the world today.

In addition to being the queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II is now the Queen of 16 countries in the Commonwealth of Kingdom, and is the head of state in 15 countries (including major countries such as Canada, Australia, ..).

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With the enormous power holding, Queen Elizabeth II was, of course, the owner of the largest land area in the world.

With the head of 16 countries in the Commonwealth of Kingdom, the land area of ​​this Queen owns up to 29 million km², equal to 1/6 of the world area.

With such power and wealth, would you find another woman more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom?

# 4. The laws ... "ngáo"

Wandering Act (1824): It is strictly forbidden to ask for change for any purpose. If you commit violations you will probably have to go to re-education camp for a month about your behavior. So if you intend to set foot in the UK, please prepare your money fully and bring money with you wherever you go.

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Horse Act: In the Vietnamese opinion, only a human has a passport, but in the UK a different species possesses the same thing - a horse.

Specifically in the United Kingdom, all horses must have a passport, without a passport all transactions or use of horses will be considered illegal.

Suicide Act (1961): Before the suicidal law was enacted, committing suicide in the UK was a crime.

If the suicide fails, he or she will be prosecuted and risk going to jail. In the unfortunate case, their family members will be held responsible and there will be similar sanctions. This is true "Death is not alone".

There are also other laws such as forbidden to dress like military officers, not to get drunk at ... pubs 😂😂, not to stick / hang anything that has a queen's picture (treason), ...

To be Cotinue ... ..


What do you think about the interesting things in the UK, what are you most impressed with? Stay tuned for the following articles for more interesting information!

During the plague, please limit travel, if you want to travel, please find your articles to ensure safety for yourself and your society! ^ _ ^ !!!

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