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Welcome back to the 0 Dong tour of the Knowledge Sharing Blog for a world tour.

On my last visit to the UK I hoped you wouldn't feel dry about the history, the administration or the law, hoping that you wouldn't have thought the UK was a boring place. as you can see in part # 1.

And to prove the opposite, today I will join you to learn more about many interesting and difficult things of this land.

If you have not read the first part of your writing, you can read it here: Interesting information about the United Kingdom (UK): Part # 1

# 5. Interesting race

The race that I would like to introduce to you is like a race, when every player participates in trying to run to the finish line first.


However, what makes a race "interesting" or strange, even called weird, "is because the participants of this competition will run, drag, or even roll in a lump. cheese weighs up to 4.1kg

This annual race takes place in Brickwork village, Gloucester city, in Gloucestershire district of United Kingdom. Locals often call this competition's name Cooper’s Hill cheese-rolling and Wake roughly translated as the Rolling cheese contest.

The rules of this race are simple, the organizers will make a cheese in a round shape, then drop from the top of Cooper’s Hill.

Theoretically every player will try to chase to catch the cheese, and that is the prize of the competition.

However, due to the weight, the shape of the cheese and it was released before 1… seconds! It must be 1 second 😂😂 with a maximum speed of up to 110km / h, so most players will not try to do the seemingly easy but impossible idea. Instead, they will try to run to the finish line first.

However, due to the high speed and steepness of the hill, there are often cases when the race reaches the finish line, the doctor must give up. 😂

In the past, this race was only for British people but due to the attraction and popularity of the race, now everyone can participate. So if you are interested, and who is conditional, it is okay not to try participating nhỉ

# 6. Misunderstanding is world-class

When referring to the symbol of England in particular, or the United Kingdom in general, most people will think of the BIG BEN clock tower in London.

kham-pha-vuong-quoc-anh-phan-2 (1)

However, this is a rather wrong thought that most people in the world have to get involved with.

In fact, before September 2012, the clock tower was simply named CLOCK TOWER, then changed to ELIZABETH TOWER on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

The BIG BEN name of the tower is just the nickname of the biggest bell among the 5 bells with a weight of 13.7 tons.

But sadly than BIG BEN is also not the official name of this largest bell (Great Bell). Even the largest bell today is only the second version of the original bell that was broken in the first test.

And there you know, the world-class mistake you've been calling for long. Now you can confidently laugh at the faces of your friends when they mention the name of the tower that did not exist 😀

# 7. Special king

Now let's return to the UK's duodenal history a bit, but this time the topic is about a unique special character.

kham-pha-vuong-quoc-anh-phan-2 (3)

The person I'm referring to here is King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, the first king to ascend the throne and abdicate in the same year.

The reason for the abdication of this king is really "ngáo". Indeed, in addition to being the one who sympathized with Hitler when sending his 47th birthday card, this was not really the main reason that a king had to abdicate.

In fact, shortly after taking the throne, King Edward VIII invited the contemporary prime minister to meet to express his views on marrying Ms. Wallis Simpson - a widow.

And as a matter of course, the Prime Minister opposed this, and gave the king three options: First, to give up on thinking of weddings, secondly to organize weddings and face the risk of the Prime Minister announcing dissolution of parliament and eventually abdication and marriage.

Yes ! And you can guess the king's choice 😆.

#8. Mother of "line up"

Let's come across a more interesting topic like movies, and more specifically in Chinese historical dramas.

Perhaps you are no stranger to the "Aka" title contests in historical dramas, and if you find that the dispute is too fierce, I will send you to prove that. Still breathing easy.

With the "Aka" at most struggling with only a few dozen brothers for the throne, but in the UK to the throne, the number of people they have to compete up to over a hundred people.


In the United Kingdom, a list of more than 100 people with legal inheritance was prepared according to the order of the King.

And so anyone on this list, even the last one can win the throne when those above died.

The most obvious example is when the Prince of Wales, Queen Elizabeth's eldest son, has been waiting for 66 years and will become the oldest King of the United Kingdom whenever he can take the throne.

So you can understand if the last person on the list wants to wait for their turn to take the throne, how many years will they have to wait 😀

And here is the next interesting information that I want to send to you in the tour of Nomame airline, with the captain is me😁.

Do you like topics like this? Let me know in the comments below!

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