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Hello passengers with the "crew" of the flight to the United Kingdom, operated by the Knowledge Sharing Blog exclusive airline 😀

In the last visits, I hope you have gained more interesting information about this land.

And today, I will go with you to the final journey to the UK with lots of interesting things waiting ahead. Let's discover it right away. Oh forget, if you have not read the previous 2 articles, you can review them here:

# 9. Chicken eggs and interesting facts

Chicken eggs are definitely a food that everyone of us know about, not only that I believe many people still love the dishes made from this material.

However, I will not mention the culinary problem because it has the characteristics of each region, but instead I will share the interesting things about the appearance of these very familiar eggs. .

Tim-hieu-vuong-vuong-quoc-anh-phan-3 (1)

You may not know, US chicken eggs are prohibited from being imported into the UK market, and vice versa, the UK cannot export chicken eggs to the US market either.

The reason for this is extremely "banana" when the cause comes from the shell of the chicken eggs.

In particular, chicken eggs in the United States due to being washed clean shells before being sold, so it can not be exported to the UK market, while chicken eggs in the UK are banned from import. Exports are determined by British farmers not to wash their eggs before selling.

In my opinion, the eggshell hygiene is not too much that makes a popular item like chicken eggs banned from import / export. And what do you think about this, whether you support the way of the country?

I'm more inclined to the United States then 🙂 it sounds cleaner ^^

#ten. Service "cry rental" in the United Kingdom

Are you a quiet introvert? Do you live closedly and have few friends? Or simply do you live "so well" that ... no one plays?

Yes, whether for any reason, subjective or objective, you worry that one day when you leave this world no one will visit you. If so, then you do not have to worry because in the UK there is a type of service to help you solve this problem!

Tim-hieu-vuong-vuong-quoc-anh-phan-3 (2)

In the UK, it is not difficult for people to come across websites that help you find people to "cry" for funerals. These sites will help "fill" your funeral with well-trained actors, to play the part of your soulmate.

To avoid having to go to such websites right now, you should try to live well to find yourself very close friends, the soulmate of your life.

And in the current epidemic, you are aware of the anti-epidemic and compliance with the regulations are simple things to help you not be alienated by friends, relatives or the whole society.

# 11. Interesting things about clock tower

In the previous articles, I also mentioned a lot of Elizabeth clock tower, or commonly known with the familiar name of BIG BEN tower. Here are the interesting things behind the United Kingdom logo:

Tim-hieu-vuong-vuong-quoc-anh-phan-3 (4)

In 1949, a flock of starlings (and possibly starches) came together on the minute hand of a clock face on the clock tower. And the result of this kicking action is that the watch is delayed by 4 and a half minutes.

At the time of launch, the BIG BEN watch tower was the largest and most accurate 4-sided clock tower in the world. Specifically, the watch face has a diameter of 7m, an hour hand of 2.8m, a minute hand of 4.3m long and a 4m long pendulum weighing 300 pounds operated by a mechanical mechanism weighing 5 tons.

Especially, the error of this watch is only 1 second per hour and can be adjusted by adding or removing coins on the pendulum.

The driving force of this huge clock in the British capital was created by manual rotation. Indeed, for the clock to work normally one will have to spin the engine frequency 3 times a week, and each time about 1.5 hours.

#twelfth. Some other interesting things in the United Kingdom

According to an 8-year study in the United Kingdom has shown that 17 million adults are unable to solve basic problems - problems suitable for children at the age of eleven.

In other words, a lot of English people are ignorant of Math!

In addition to the cheese race that I have introduced before, England is also home to a series of other muddy and pretty ugly contests such as: Bad face contest, Kick leg competition, Diving competition ditch, or the Worm Competition 😂😂.

Tim-hieu-vuong-vuong-quoc-anh-phan-3 (3)

Queen Elizabeth II is the only person who can live without an ID card, ride without a driver's license, or travel without a passport.

This may sound strange, but it is obvious that in theory, she has the right to issue all the above papers to all citizens in the United Kingdom.

Before the UK capital named London as it is now, the city had other names such as Plowonida, Lowonidonjon, Londinium, Londinion and Lundenwic.

I really feel like the current London name, because otherwise Vietnamese people like us sometimes have to twist their tongue to read the name of the UK capital, right 😀

So we have completed the last journey to the United Kingdom already. Do you like information like this? Let me know where you want to go by commenting in the comments!

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