Know how to nurture dreams

Dreams are always worth it

I'm sure we all had great dreams when we were kids. And the best dream when you are 5-6 years old.

In our day, often when asked by adults to want to do something, kids would say to be astronauts to have a long walk in space. When he wanted to be a doctor to treat many people. Sometimes want to become an actor or singer so people have to admire.

As a child, we are easily satisfied with what we have, and the greatest joy seems to be just a pack of sticky rice, a piece of candy, after every mom comes home.

At that time I always "thought" that I had a good voice, I was happy to draw a beautiful picture (but I'm not sure if people will recognize me singing and drawing beautifully). There will always be children who think that they can defeat dinosaurs, protect the planet, and return peace to the world.

Those are vague things that I can remember when I mentioned about my childhood dreams, I wonder if you were?

As a child, people used to wander around with dreams. Courage to desire and rarely fear dreams must be broken. Simply keep dreaming. The dream continues miraculously.

But the bigger, you recognize to yourself that the dream is getting smaller?

I hated it, but then growing up pushed me to a much more cruel reality.

Her childhood dreams were replaced by the burden of rice and rice. The people around you will influence your decisions and thoughts. It makes you doubt your true ability. Squeeze your dream like a lemon and end up with just a crust. How bitter and sour the juice.

Try asking yourself once, can we still live happily without dreams?

Will we live fully if we do what everyone around us desires?

In fact, we do this because one person is okay, the other says that there is a future, not because our heart really desires.

Time makes me realize, I can not continue to live like a soul-borrowed snail, just hiding in the wishes of others.

I slowly walked out to the old world, which is quite safe but small, just a shell.

Then I wrote these lines after reading through a lot of books, telling my heart to nurture my passion even though my life was so worn down to one layer of skin.

I realized that I will still live well, if my soul is full & blooming beautiful flowers.

Are we going to live as one stray, if we live the life of another?

Is it true that without passion we only work at factories, buildings, corporate offices just like a pre-programmed machine?
Have you ever thought that you have to follow your dream? Who do you want to be and what do you do to make your soul never again dumb?

I know it is very difficult after a long time to turn back, after a long, lost dream. But keep living and practicing like when you were a child. We will rediscover extraordinary strength. Be brave and courageous into the dream like a tiny ephemera.

It's time to give yourself a second chance. Do not live life as a sleepwalker.

For those of you who don't know how to regain your dream yet again:
- Do a lot of work then choose your favorite

- If you stop this job, your soul is okay

- Everyone is afraid of being wrong, but don't be afraid to dream again

And if resources or conditions around you do not allow you to fulfill your dreams. Then start with the first bricks, though small.

Borrowing from the book that I really love: "Just do your best, then life will replace you for the remaining good things".


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